[Workstream] Public Goods Funding and Treasury Management

Hey all!

Over the last few years, Gitcoin has been building solutions around how we fund the public goods we care about, most successfully using quadratic funding, a novel mechanism designed by Vitalik, Glen Weyl, and Zoe Hitzig in 2018.

The way this mechanism works is simple, projects in Ethereum can list themselves as public goods in need of funding, and participants can democratically allocate funds from a community managed matching pool by donating some of their own money. By its design, quadratic funding incentivizes every member of the community to fund the infrastructure they want to see in direct proportion to how useful it will be to them, providing a possible solution to our digital tragedy of the commons.

Given the interest we’ve seen so far from an amazing group of stewards, and some of the recent heated debate we’ve seen around what to do with AKITA, I’d like to propose a workstream around how we think about best leveraging quadratic funding, and in particular how we decide some of the operational details of the Gitcoin Grants matching rounds we run each quarter.

Some ideas for what this workstream might address include:

  • Best practices for managing the Gitcoin Grants matching pool and multisig by proposing round sizes, themes, and parameters for stewards to review and vote on
  • Creating policy regarding what is/is not an acceptable grant (what counts as a public good?)
  • Deciding on what a fair dispute resolution process for grants might look like
  • Helping to manage the broader GitcoinDAO treasury and push forward positive-sum, multiplayer games through inter-DAO collabs like token swaps

If you already know this is a workstream you’d want to be part of and you’ve already stated your intent to be a steward here, just fill out this workstream-specific Doodle so we can find some time for a first call:


If you’re not sure if this is a fit but don’t want to message publicly, feel free to DM me on our Discord server:


Thanks for charting the course @ceresstation I am excited to be of use to the community that has brought me so much purpose. Gitcoin Quadratic funding has been the spark of many project I’ve been involved in and I’m looking forward to watching those sparks catch fire to something much bigger :fire::fire::fire:

I’m especially pumped to be a part of memeing “Public Goods” into mainstream consciousness, I have worked with UNICEF previously and other non-profits to help them visualize how crypto mechanisms could factor into their impact strategies and I believe together we can find the right partners to grow the pool and allocate capital in the most powerful way.


I agree with you,it is good idea


The Community is as important as the project itself
so anything that’s done (cost-effective though) to keep them around is surely not a lost cost

:blush: love makes the :world_map: go round



I agree with you. This is amazing project.


Good to be here.
Thanks for leading the way @ceresstation, @Yalor & @ken.


Great!!! i will follow this thread


sounds good, follow up! :grinning:


This idea sounds good to me :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your suggestion.

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Like this idea we can go forward with it.

I agree with you. Good idea.

I’m excited about this workstream and filled out the Doodle for the first call. Looking forward to brainstorming!


Looking forward to this project.

Thank you @ceresstation + @Yalor + @ken,

I have worked for both the Dutch government and NGO’s. And I think for both governemental agencies and NGO’s alike,it would be very helpful to visualize how crypto mechanisms could factor into their impact strategies.

As a strategic policy advisor at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with a background in IT, public procurement and law (LLM in commercial law) I’d be most interested in contributing to creating policy regarding what is/is not an acceptable grant and building a framework for a fair dispute resolution process for grants.

Can you DM me the details on the onboarding process?


Hey @DeFiWell sounds like you have some great experience in this field, first head over to #governance-meta and make your intent to become a Steward post here 🧙🏻‍♂️

Then just fill out the survey linked in the post above and add your email. We will send you an invite to be part of the first session.

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Hola soy nuevo en este proyecto me pudieras decir algo sobre esto,por favor :kissing_heart:

Very good project. Looking forward to have some more news in a near future. I’ve just discovered it and looking to catch max info on it.

Good, I agree. Public goods should be part of the mainstream consciousness.

Thank you for starting this. As Gitcoin Grants become more popular, we’ll be seeing more questionable/spammy grants submitted and establishing best practices now will save a lot of headaches.

Looking forward to helping out here.