Gitcoin DAO - Week in Governance, Edition #3

This is the third edition of our weekly post with the ambition to summarize what’s been going on in Gitcoin DAO Governance. Topics, ideas, proposals, and votes will be listed with links for further reading and discussion. If there’s anything missing please reach out! :memo:

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🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️ Workstream Discussion

Public Goods Funding / Treasury Management

  • A proposal discussion authored by DisruptionJoe asks Community Stewards to ratify the GR10 payout amounts as being correct, fair, and abiding to community norms, including the judgements and sanctions made by the Anti-Fraud Workstream.

  • The website app by Austin Griffith that lets Gitcoin approve certain amounts of Akita to be sold at the current market price has been tested to burn and sell ~6% of total AKITA

  • UBIpromoter started a discussion around how grant matching estimates during Grants rounds can be improved to display more accurate numbers. Owocki shared data on how match estimates changed over time during GR10, by round.

  • Yalor gave an update In the thread on a second claim window for GTC stating that discussion “has not garnered enough support to even get to a proposal stage”.

  • A community call was held on July 6th to discuss the stablecoin introduced by Lior. The ICHI team has begun working on a TL;DR-version of the value proposition of oneGTCto the Gitcoin community. A Telegram group chat has also been created for further discussion.

  • Spugpow proposed ways of implementing regular opinion polling of grant contributors that would allow contributors of grants to signal whether they are satisfied with how the project has used their donation or not.

  • Shreyas is continuing to push forward a holistic treasury management strategy for review.

Public Goods Prototyping (Moonshot Collective)

  • is live and we are collecting emails for our first meeting which will be after EthCC. Kevin and Austin are “announcing“ the MoonshotCollective at EthCC

  • Initial components and starter kits are also being hacked on so they can have some good examples at the first meeting

Decentralization Workstream

  • Development on the prototype has begun. You can see the beginnings of the GrantRegistry and GrantRounds contracts in the contracts directory.

  • Frank Chen has joined the workstream and will be taking on some of the project and product management responsibilities.

  • We are tightly scoping the first iteration of the prototype build project in an effort to enable wider and more decentralized contribution.

  • Richard Schumann has joined the workstream and is kicking off designing the UI for the Decentralized Grants dApp.

Anti-Sybil Workstream

  • BlockScience published a post that evaluates their Anti-Fraud Results for Grants round 10. One of the results presented is the improvement around fraud tax: “The fraud tax for Gitcoin Round 10 was $14,400, approximately 2.1% of the total matching funds of $700,000. (…) The fraud tax in Gitcoin Round 9 was $33,000, or a total of 6.6%. (…) We have many iterations and improvements planned for the sybil detection pipeline between now and the start of Gitcoin Round 11.”

  • The thread on Gitcoin Disputes by tjayrush sparked a discussion on ways to improve the mechanisms used to identify and settle disputes.

Merch, Memes, Marketing Workstream

  • The deadline for the Gitcoin Meme contest has passed and the process of picking the winners is currently underway. Winners will be invited to join a meme squad for public digital goods.

  • Steward Report Card designs and a general map of the Gitcoin DAO ecosystem are in progress.

That’s it for this week in Gitcoin DAO governance, feel free join the discussions via the links and on Discord!

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It looks like you need to enter a passcode to watch the recording of the steward meeting. Does anyone know the passcode, or is the recording posted elsewhere?

Hi! The access passcode for the recording is: Dbx#yrq6

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