[Workstream Suggestion] MMM - Merch, Memes, Marketing for Public Goods + Gitcoin + GitcoinDAO

M-M-M - Workstream Discussion - Details

TLDR - details about Merch, Memes, Marketing Team, why it is unique, who it can include, and some questions for the community about what we care about and what we may need help with.

What is MMM?

M-M-M is a small creative team operating in service of Gitcoin / GitcoinDAO, it’s wider community and it’s values and goals

MMM will have it’s own projects (starting with some new types of merch) but the projects exist to promote gitcoin organically and the process will be shared transparently internally and externally

Using merch, memes and marketing MMM will create uniquel public goods, new projects, fun stuff that generates curiosity and hype around public goods, Gitcoin, open source software

We want to expand the definition of public goods so that more people can relate and understand the potential here and in the larger Web3 space

Team Structure

MMM team will be made of Gitcoin Stewards at first, but we of course are open to the community and the GitcoinDAO changing this, more specific roles will be discussed and decided here on discourse / discord channels and shared out in a simple way.

MMM will develop its own way of working (over time) but will likely learn and borrow as we learn more about what has been done before and as we meet more of you.

Team Process → MMMerch Team

MMM will create original products that hopefully appeal to a wider audience, treating tech “swag” as unique, well made, affordable products

We are aware of the sweet existing merch and we think it’s great and people clearly do love it - we just want to expand the definition of what merch could be.

Merch releases will experiment with new mechanisms, mini-events and drops (ex: Unisocks, Sacks, Bonding Curves, MSCHF, IRL live stuff etc.)

Items will be created with a focus on sustainability from start to finish, artistic inclusion and general care (without making this a big deal, we would rather it be experienced than shouted)

To help us make things “mindfully” we have some questions (these are not aimed at the rad, existing Gitcoin merch, these just questions to start conversations about what we as a group value)

*+Where do the materials come from? Are they ethically sourced? *
+Can we use deadstock/2nd hand materials for this?
+Where are the garments manufactured? Are the workers paid liveable wages? Do they work under safe conditions?
*+Is this vegan? *
*+What sizes of the clothing are being produced? Do they account for a range of sizes of bodies? xxs-5xl? *
+Can we work with an artist or small business to make this product?
+Are we shipping using recycled/sustainable materials?
+How can we produce this with the smallest carbon footprint? Can we participate in a carbon removal program to neutralize emissions?

*this can potentially be super artisanal and high quality goods ie: https://www.helenkirkum.com/ https://www.instagram.com/helenkirkumstudio/

We don’t think this level of detail is always necessary but MMM believes it is important (especially given the valid criticism of crypto / NFTs contributing to climate change and excess energy consumption)

Overall roles, and proposed process for MMM →

MMM is lead by a few of the Gitcoin stewards (Chris Martz and Brittney Scott with oversight and guidance from Scott and few others) but that can change, depending on the projects we concept, and on participation from the community

MMM provides creative support for Gitcoin on Discord + Discourse + Social → think of it like a small in-house creative studio but for public goods and Gitcoin as the “client” or “product”

Using existing community tools, we can rally the talent on our discord / this governance forum / social channels + bring new types of people into the ecosystem gradually as we make more stuff and share it with the world.

We want to create a very lightweight way to work with Gitcoin that allows people to make things and get paid fairly for it with the least amount of friction

We think that sharing ownership over creative things should help people feel more involved, help confused new people understand “What Is Gitcoin?” and hopefully make new people feel welcome.

Eventually this could be a MMM creative “path” someone could take:

A person learns about Gitcoin via a meme, product or online
→ they follow us on social channels / check out the Gitcoin site more and are curious
→ They become an active community member
→ they start making creative things with MMM via discord
→ they become a very active MMM contributor, lots of their stuff is getting shared and funded, they are also doing larger bounties now and have grant ideas too
→ they start to help lead projects, events, help with workstreams and eventually can steward other people into the org

Inititial Projects

A - Visualizing Workstreams - Header art and visuals

B - Merch - Ongoing process - first step will be to engage the community in a merch mini-bounty

C - Map of Workstreams, Quadratic Lands, Gitcoin - TBD


Rough Initial Timeline and Goals

  • (June 15) Grant is posted MMM

  • (June 21) Today, this post :slight_smile:

  • (June-TBD) - Sketches and specific plan for workstream visuals, onboarding project, kickoff first merch project with community.

Thanks for reading all of that, we are super thankful for the support, we will be posting more concrete ideas and ways to help or be helped ASAP

Talk to you soon,

:m::m::m: Team


Hey MMM, I love the idea and the energy here. If you add another M for https://www.metafactory.ai/ you can count me in, we have seen a lot of success with their limited edition drops in the past and they have a slew of creative designers and fashionista’s looking to help us level up our Merch game !


Thank you @Yalor - 4 M’s is a lot of M’s but we will see how it looks lol.

And yeah! we were just shown Metafactory by @ceresstation - it seems really cool and like a great partnership for us this, great suggestion.

Hello :wave: I just discovered gitcoin, and I would love to be a part of this! I’m a art director/designer, and I love making cool swag (especially if there’s robots on it). How can I get involved?

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hey jordan!

thank you!

this is the right place + discord and twitter , can you DM me the best way to reach you?

im on twitter, telegram, and here the most

there will be a clearer outline posted for this project soon


I’m a graphic design, I would like to handle this project graphic design aspect

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If you join the Gitcoin Discord - Gitcoin

message geckochris#0949 on there

Be sure to check back here often for more - we will have specific things to help with soon!