Gitcoin DAO - Week in Governance, Edition #9

This weekly post has the ambition to summarize what’s been going on in the Gitcoin DAO Governance. Topics, ideas, proposals, and votes will be listed with links for further reading and discussion. If there’s anything missing please reach out! :memo:

:robot: Meta-Governance

🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️ Workstream Discussion

Public Goods Funding / Treasury Management

Public Goods Prototyping (Moonshot Collective)

Decentralization Workstream

:blue_heart: Fraud Detection & Defense (FDD-WG)

  • The vote to ratify the Fraud Detection & Defense - Workstream budget request for Q3 2021 is now on Tally with voting to begin 8/28.
  • Coordination
    • Contributors
      • Armand Brunelle to coordinate Anti-Sybil substream community involvement.
      • Task claim system showcased in Monthly Community Call (See Video)
      • Onboarding flow has been automated and we have sent invitations to 112 applicants to begin onboarding calls on 8/30
    • Accounting
      • dRewards started accruing 8/23 pending budget passing vote
      • dRewards mechanism design spreadsheet to be finalized this week
  • Anti-Sybil ML
    • Model Training
    • Model Supervision
    • Feature Pipeline
    • Human Evaluation
      • Recruiting contributors for three squads
  • Data & DevOps
    • Data Operations
    • Dev Ops Management
      • Github & GCP orgs started for the DAO - All workstreams can participate
    • Reporting & Analytics
  • Research & Policy
    • Open Science Program
    • Grant Approvals & Disputes
    • Appeals & Sanctions
    • Legal
  • User Support
    • Knowledge Base
    • Discord Support
    • Localizations
    • Ambassador Program

Merch, Memes, Marketing Workstream

  • Preparations for the upcoming Memapalooza, that will be held on Aug 31th, are taking place. The event will be a cross-workstream collaboration between MMM and Moonshot Collective early beta testers of MC’s Season Zero projects and tools.
  • A new developer group from the Moonshot Collective Workstream has been formalized to implement the Steward health cards. The cards will display valuable information on engagement and interactions from each Steward with the DAO and assist delegators make informed decisions.

That’s it for this week in Gitcoin DAO governance. Feel free to join the discussions via the links above and on Discord, and visit the Gitcoin DAO Event calendar to keep yourself updated on what’s to come!

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Starting out on Monday, meetup with Lawrence and Eric from Omni Analytics! I’m pretty exited!
Thanks for the mention @ceresstation, I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for writing those @ceresstation

A small update:

  • The funding is in snapshot voting: Snapshot