Proposal to adjust Code of Conduct WRT Airdrops

Hi everyone,


I’d like to propose adding the following section to the Gitcoin Code of Conduct.

Airdrops may come, but you are not entitled to an Airdrop.
Over the course of time, Gitcoin Grants has become a significant pillar of the ecosystem - in which more & more projects are reliant for support. Because Gitcoin Grants has had 1mm+ lifetime crowdfund contributions, it has become a source of data about which projects the community values, and who in the ecosystem is supporting these projects.
Any Airdrops that come to Gitcoin contributors have been on a “don’t expect it, but be thankful if it comes” social norm.
We expect that community contributors are informed about, and participating in, the process through which governance passes proposals. We expect that community members are graceful in accepting airdrops, but are not acting entitled to them unless a governance proposal passes that specifically entitles them to an airdrop at a specific time. Any disrespectful, harassing, entitled, or trolling behaviour related to airdrops is against the code of conduct.

motivation 1

The motviation for this proposal is based partially out of this post from Vitalik (the architect of Quadratic Funding), in which he outlines the following spectrum through which what types of motivations for contributing to grants are within the design target for QF instances:

motivation 2

The second motivation for this proposal comes from my experience in interacting in the public channels of the Gitcoin Discord, in which several members have confessed to me that they are there to receive airdrops. And would not otherwise contribute to Gitcoin Grants.

In some cases, these conversations have become combative. Conversations have become heated when contributors feel entitled to an airdrop on their timetable, without going through the ratified Governance process and the Gitcoin Stewards or Gitcoin team cannot deliver.

By formalizing this policy in the CoC will make it clear to these contributors that their efforts to contribute only to receive airdrops are not worth their time,



feedback welcome

I welcome feedback from any community members in the GitcoinDAO.


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for reporting this behavior. I feel like I have been stuck with multiple user asking for an airdrop since a few months or since the launch of the GTC and so many conversation turn around having or not having received an airdrop… (On this forum also)

When I joined Gitcoin about 2 years ago, we were tipping each other, sending Kudos, learning/creating some quest, I was also trying to contribute to some grants or project that seemed to be great like BanklessDAO Newsletter not only financially but also commenting his newsletter and reading his stuff.

There was no airdrop, we were not hoping for an airdrop also, just having some fun and trying to build up the future web3.

I think It make lot of sense that you add this to the Gitcoin Code of Conduct


Huge support. Especially in the instance that the troll is unwilling to share their gitcoin username under the stated fear of “you are just going to ban me”. They should provide their username to any member of the community because verifying your actions in the community is what makes the community great. So many have done so much to build the ecosystem and they are who we all serve. Each other. If you are unwilling to share your Gitcoin username with the mods, that should be a boot from the server! imho


I agree too, I think people have this mindset to get immediate compensation not seeing bigger picture. I think you have to enter with a good mindset and intention to the blockchain ecosystem because we are working on the same mission.


Hi Kevin,

Agree and support you 120%.
I received a lot of asks about the airdrop in forum and also Discord and Chinese channels.

There are some people threatened no more any donations without airdrop.

I would like to state some core values/definitions as following:

  • donation, from the definition of donation, when you donate, you shouldn’t have pay back expectations.
  • give first (for public goods, not private), is essential. When you’re contributing to public goods, you help to grow the better society and world. And MAYBE you’ll get rewards for your contributions.

If anyone is expecting airdrop without contribution, you’re not welcome in Gitcoin community.


May I suggest banning airdrops entirely? The first airdrop was fine because it took people by surprise so there was no chance of certain negative behavior being “incentivized”.

However, every airdrop that occurs after that initial airdrop is going to lead to negative incentives. This will happen regardless of whether someone states their true motives or keep them concealed. Far better for us to give up the idea of airdrops, period. If you don’t want people to contribute because they want airdrops, then get rid of the airdrops.


Thanks for Sharing Here. I am the one Who Contributed To grants in Gitcoin round 10. And I had also a conversation in Gitcoin Discord Server regarding airdrop. I was also expecting for airdrop but Admin Told there will be no Airdrop and I have to follow it. And Also I will contribute to community whether I will receive Airdrop or Not. But the matter is that I cannot run/Contribute whole community. There are majority people (Nearly 80%) waiting for airdrop and they still think They will Recieve airdrop.

I prefer you to enter with a good plan that is the only thing that can be helpful for all people contributing To community.:+1:


Big time support. FYI edited out two little typos out of the proposed addition. Left ‘graceful’ bcs I didn’t know if you wanted to say that or say ‘grateful’. i think the latter but I like both :slight_smile:

This sentence “If anyone is expecting airdrop without contribution, you’re not welcome in Gitcoin community.”

People who contributed to grants in round 10 didn’t received any airdrop.
According to you only those people who can contribute to Gitcoin Community will recieve airdrop and are welcomed I Gitcoin community.

Then why not airdrop for Gitcoin Round 10.

Hi @owocki
I prefer you to give airdrop to people who donated to grants in Round 10. Put airdrop amount less like 1 GTC but give to everyone.

Some people are planning something Big act wisely otherwise you will loose whole community.


Hey @Tokyo,

This sentence might just have been wrongly formulated since @bobjiang English is not “Perfect” if I can say this politely.

The “Airdrop” was way to say Thank you to many contributors, it just can’t last forever. If Gitcoin would be doing an “Airdrop” every rounds, they would be probably running out of funds soon.

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Admin statements hurt people a lot and it’s impacts will be on Gitcoin Community. First on discord now here.

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Please, stay respectful on this forum.

If you want to speak publicly, do it with a convenient and civilized approach.

You are literally one of the user who did ask me some money… And I did send you some…
Why are you doing this now then?


Sorry to hurt you but sir this is truth. That is the only thing hurting users. If Gitcoin will tell people at once no airdrop and will never be in future. Instead of telling them these sentences hurt people a lot sir.
BTW if you are Hurt I am sorry . You helped me with a tip and I appreciate it :heart:
Looking forward to serve Gitcoin Community but Admins should show postive approach instead of putting users in dilemma.

@Sirlupinwatson Check Below Something :+1:

I will not respond to terroristic threats. If you think you can shake down the community stewards for GTC airdrops, you are wrong.


Joe must have misread the question. Only GR10 GRANT OWNERS will receive GTC, per this proposal Snapshot


@owocki I know and I accept it.
But I was just telling Admin should be clear these statements make noise everywhere.
Am I wrong??
If yes Then I am sorry for posting harsh words and I highly Apologize :expressionless:

The Gitcoin team cannot and will not promise any airdrops. The initial GTC allocation was done to people who actively participated in the Gitcoin ecosystem and to bootstrap the process of decentralizing Gitcoin. People were funding public goods before any airdrops of any kind, and we’re confident they will continue to do so well into the future.

Gitcoin has a mission, and GTC has a purpose. No misinformation has been provided, there were not any lies. If any further GTC allocations/distributions are to occur, they must be approved by the DAO after going through the governance process.


Hi Kevin, i see it in your way. Altruistic is the best way to donate. and thats also a part of my donations, the rest is more idealistic, because i am thinking its so important to change the world with these projects. i did also donations for some of my family members, because i was so excited when i told them about gitcoin, to support these project and a s.load of other projects. what it means to support open source, help devs to become independently,… decentralize work, decentralize stress (i like your quote from the bankless interview.). and for one of my no-coiners (i will fix that in the future, directly when i have a time leftover), the motivation to spend some money was more related to the personal crisis related to covid. these person was maybe 50% altruistic. i described it in a way like a funder, who gets in anyway a win win situation. but i also said, there is no guarantee, because, hey man, its a donation, and a donation is nicer (or a donation is a donation…), if you do not to expect anything. but hey, gitcoin is an amazing project with nice ethics, and in the end, it seems that they take care of their people, and we will see. thats it. i had love to get more involved in some workstreams or other things, but i am still try to improve my skills (and get some time leftovers), so for me it was these way to support the community. became a supporter in these way. maybe also a way to decentralize stress? in my actual timeframe its the only way to support GC. btw, i made a s.load of small donations, because the influencers (i saw) said in their channels, its better to spend only $1 to their project than more. Maybe misinterpretation of qf? Maybe there needs some more information? i am not so sure if it was good to split my donations in so much small little pieces?

did i expect an “airdrop” - no.
would it be nice - for sure.

Some channels i saw before gr9 recommended GC because they got something back from gr8 donations. and i think, things like that made some expectations to the donations and a lot of people used it mainly for these reason and forgot the altruistic idea of donations? Should GC be altruistic with these persons? i trust in GC and his values to make a good decision.