Decentralize Gitcoin - Workstream Budget Request

Hey team!

Over the last three months, the Decentralize Gitcoin Workstream has made great progress toward decentralizing Gitcoin Grants.

Progress & Work

To ensure transparency on what we are building and to encourage participation from the community we operate openly.

  • Decentralized Grants code is hosted on Github here
  • Issues can also be found on Github here which contain:
    • Discussion posts → where a problem statement is explained and the team arrives on best path of execution
    • Tasks → once the clear has been defined , a task issue is created so that whoever form the team / community picks knows exactly what changes are expected to mark the issue complete
  • The team has discussions on the Gitcoin Discord which is open to everyone
  • Additionally we also give in high level updates here

Decentralized Grants V0.1

The Decentralize Gitcoin workstream will deliver a working prototype of decentralized Grants which works end to end. This will be tested by partnering with Gitcoin and running a Grants CLR round with a limited number of grants.

From the dApp standpoint, users can

  • Create GrantRound (this will be done by Gitcoin to start)
  • Users can create a Grant via UI (Grant Owner)
  • Users can contribute to the Grant (Grant Contributor)
  • Grants Owners can view the contributions received
  • Users can view the grants on the Grants Round
  • Users can view details about the Grant
    Once the round ends
  • CLR matching distribution being determined based on the contributions
  • Grant owners being able to receive / claim their funds based on the above distribution

From the development standpoint

  • Working dApp to ensure
  • Solidity contracts with good test coverage
  • Automated Tests + CI to enforce code quality while PR are raised
  • Documentation on how to contribute + build the dApp

In the short term we intend to:

  • Blog Post Release (share proposal docs, announce call) (done)
  • Begin involving those that have signed up to contribute
  • Workstream Call (intro dGrants, Q&A w/ panel) (scheduled)
  • Release Overall Spec for Review
  • Hold discussion around protocol creation (and what we have so far)
  • Announce protocol definition & facilitate feedback
  • Release minimal working prototype with simple UI running a side round for Gitcoin Building Gitcoin with up to 10 grants


Through this proposal, the Decentralize Gitcoin workstream would like to continue its efforts and is formally requesting a governance reward budget of 41,300 GTC to be deployed over Q3 2021 in the following areas:

  • Team
    • Budget: 37,000 GTC
    • Detail: Covers Workstream Lead & Project / Product Management, 2 Senior Developers, 3+ full time community contributors (or more with less time commitment)
  • Infrastructure
    • Budget: 1,800 GTC
    • Detail: Hosting for testing & convenience layer, Decentralized Storage
  • Tools
    • Budget: 300 GTC
    • Detail: Build & Test Services
  • Security
    • Budget: 2200 GTC
    • Detail: Smart Contract Audit

The funds contributed will be managed by a public 2 of 3 Gnosis Safe multisig which you can see here: 0x931896A8A9313F622a2AFCA76d1471B97955e551. Additional signers will be added selecting from active members of the community and workstream. Over time we plan on moving more in the direction of a sub DAO and even launching sub DAOs within our workstream.

We welcome your feedback and thoughts on this draft prior to submitting for official vote!

and the rest of the Decentralize Gitcoin workstream team!


This looks great. I wonder if the sc audit should be higher?


Potentially. I imagine we will do a quick audit prior to the first round we run then a much more in depth audit a few iterations after that so we let the dust settle on the contracts before putting too much in. Cost with those audits can creep up however so it might be smart to bump this up a little as you suggest.


This is up for vote on currently here. Please cast your vote before we move to the next stage!


So excited about this!!! Got my vote!

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