Gitcoin DAO - Week in Governance, Edition #13

This weekly post has the ambition to summarize what’s been going on in the Gitcoin DAO Governance. Topics, ideas, proposals, and votes will be listed with links for further reading and discussion. If there’s anything missing please reach out! :memo:

:robot: Meta-Governance

🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️ Workstream Discussion

Public Goods Funding / Treasury Management

  • First public goods bi-weekly ops call is coming up starting this Wednesday for those interested in joining the Public Goods Workstreams. These are the roles we are currently looking for. Check our link to learn more!
  • There is increasing interest in finding ways to run side rounds via Gitcoin Grants for independent ecosystems, discussions are taking place on how to do this in a way that maximizes benefit for the public good.
  • The public library has started to become a key place to jam on public goods related topics, the group is discussing starting a shared Mirror publication.
  • RFP initial winners and honorary mentions are set to be announced in the next week.

Public Goods Prototyping (Moonshot Collective)

  • Every Friday the Moonshot Collective gets together to show off their progress. Individual projects demo what they’ve been working on, and this week we had five projects demo.
  • Key demos include Open Signal, Tip Party, Tokenstream, Scaffold Directory, and the Figma Community Design Kit.
  • Demo videos for each project can be found on the YouTube playlist. Follow @MoonshotCollect onTwitter for frequent updates. Learn more by saying hello in Discord, or checking out our Website.

Decentralization Workstream

  • A new team member from the community has joined our team! This new member was found through a Gitcoin hackathon and built a prototype of the Curation Game.
  • dGrants has added compatibility for Polygon and has deployed the dGrants contracts to the Polygon network.
  • A closed demo is planned for the Moonshot Collective workstream this coming Monday where we will show off what we have built and ask for feedback over the next few weeks as we implement fixes and add polish to the dGrants product

:blue_heart: Fraud Detection & Defense (FDD-WG)

Merch, Memes, Marketing Workstream

  • The Budget Proposal Request for Q4 2021 is up for review and feedback on the forum. In order to move forward with the budget feedback from more Stewards of the DAO is needed.

  • The Steward Report Cards are live! The Steward Report Cards provides the most valuable metrics on engagement for each Steward in the Gitcoin DAO. The cards aggregate public data from Discourse, governance participation and workstream involvement and calculate an overall Health-score. The project will be explained in more detail in an upcoming forum post by the workstrea.

  • The second iteration of Memepalooza will take place in Discord on Friday. Memepalooza is not a contest - it’s a collaborative jam session and a celebration of meme lords and great memes on the topic of public goods, web3 and the values of Gitcoin DAO, and it’s super fun!

That’s it for this week in Gitcoin DAO governance. Feel free to join the discussions via the links above and on Discord, and visit the Gitcoin DAO Event calendar to keep yourself updated on what’s to come!

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