Threats to the Success of GitcoinDAO

FDD will be conducting a series of open workshop sessions to identify threats & weaknesses of the GitcoinDAO during the first couple weeks of October.

Please add your availability to this group scheduler to help us identify the best time to host the sessions. Times will be announced on Monday, 9/27 allowing for time to signup.

We ask that if you join a session, you are able to attend from the beginning to end. Each session will be 1.5 hours each. You do not need to attend all three, but are welcome. The content of each will be similar, but not necessarily the same.

Sessions will be facilitated by Disruption Joe. They will use Mural as a collaborative workspace. They will use modules from design sprint methodology. Much of the time will be “alone, together” where participants answer the same questions individually. We ask that participants respect each others time and follow the outlined agenda presented by Joe.

Here are some of the threats that are the type of ideas we would like participants to bring to the table.

Downward market pressure from workstream emissions
Fragility of multisig based DAO design
How to progressively decentralize workstreams

Whether or not you can make it to a workshop, please feel free to converse in the replies here!


This is an excellent thought and a needed discourse. Count me in for sure. Would it reduce downward pressure if we paid contributors in stablecoins?

Probably good to be familiar with Mural. I will share any good tutorials I find.

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