Gitcoin DAO - Week in Governance, Edition #4

This weekly post is geared towards summarizing what’s been going on in Gitcoin DAO Governance. Discussions, proposals, and key initiatives will be listed with links for further reading and review. If there’s anything missing please reach out! :memo:

:robot: Meta-Governance

  • Simona Pop alongside Ken and Toby authored a thread on the suggested Gitcoin DAO Governance Process v1. The post is intended to fill in details from v0 and kickstart discussion around the different roles, flows and pathways so that we can ensure the effective and smooth operation of everything we do in this community. Please comment if you haven’t already!

  • Yalor put forward an initial workstream budget for the Public Goods Funding workstream in line with the v1 governance process

  • A proposal by amsos presents ways to improve Gitcoin governance with Outcome-Based Donations (OBDs) to “enable a bottoms-up governance model and creates a positive-sum game where Stewards and Stakeholders work together.”

  • Bobjiang shared an update on the Gitcoin Chinese Ecosystem after their second meeting.

🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️ Workstream Discussion

Public Goods Funding / Treasury Management

  • Public Goods Funding Workstream Call #2 took place Monday to review some of the recent decisions and plan next steps. If you’d like to be on the next one, please send a message on Discord!

  • A vote to ratify the results of Grants Round 10 and request the community to payout matching allocations was put forward and passed!

  • A secondary GR10 vote to reward the first “Building Gitcoin” round participants with GTC was moved from forum discussion to Snapshot vote after the 5 day window by James Waugh.

  • The discussion on $oneGTC - a stablecoin for the Gitcoin community continues to be active with Lior diving deeper into the details on how the stablecoin would work.

  • Sirlupinwatson shared a proposal draft for Mini Grants Community Events to “learn, get involved or improve the wider Gitcoin community.”.

Public Goods Prototyping (Moonshot Collective)

  • Kevin and Austin will be announcing Moonshot Collective at EthCC in Paris next week. Sign up at that site to be involved!

  • Several eager new workstream members have already been onboarded after showcasing initial prototypes they’ve been working on

Decentralization Workstream

  • Automated testing has been added to the dGrants repository in order to provide faster feedback and ensure high quality code
  • GrantRounds contract has been created and merged. We are beginning work on a factory contract.
  • Wireframes for a bare bones UI are being created independently of the current existing minimal UI
  • The workstream is adding two developers from the Gitcoin Engineering team at 50% capacity

Anti-Fraud & Collusion

  • Reformatted data in Gov Forum post to be easier to read in response to questions from stewards.
  • The adjustments made for sybil defense are to be ratified with the current vote on snapshot. At this point, there has been no increase in users reporting issues with their accounts after 1366 sybil accounts deactivated from matching.
  • Policy definition considerations for the platform and Ethereum ecosystem are being drafted for review & discussion by stewards to be ratified into policy prior to GR11.
  • A post by parobov_p goes into detail on ways to turn Gitcoin into an identity provider. The post goes on to explain that Price of forgery “gives the ability to quality control human verification methods with market forces. It is unbiased, precise, and responsive to new exploits.”
    • In progress
      • Comms
        • Forum post to create context of “Highest Level of the DAO” mapping where this workstream and substreams interact.
        • Welcome page for new contributors
      • Tech
        • Web service infrastructure for human participation in ML pipeline
        • Automations for community participation in workstreams via “working channels” in Discord

Merch, Memes, Marketing Workstream

  • The 10 winners of the Gitcoin Meme Contest have been selected and are invited to form a working group that will continue to meme for the public good and expand the reach of Gitcoin DAOs values and mission.

  • Workstream headers, flow charts, infographics and other helpful visuals on various parts of Gitcoin DAO are being worked on.

That’s it for this week in Gitcoin DAO governance, feel free join the discussions via the links and on Discord!

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