Gitcoin Proposal (Draft) Mini Grants Community Events -> Discovery of the Quadratics Lands!

Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing well!

Mini Grants Community Events


I am starting a Discussion/Post/Draft/Proposal for every community members, users, that would like to have a Mini Grants/Funding category initiatives to learn, get involved or improve the wider
Gitcoin community.


By organizing different activities with your friends, users, contributors (keeping in mind that Gitcoin, Gitcoin Ecosystems and Gitcoin Quadratics Lands are the main subject to speak about during these activities), we will successfully achieve some new ways to evolve around the Web3 and decentralization but not limited to.


There is a lot of motivation obviously behind this proposal so I will not cover every aspects since the overall subject is very large.
Still today many people dosent know anything about cryptocurrency or have never been able to use any, dosent know where to start to get some or what is possible to do. At Gitcoin, you can find some work, you can find some workers for your own project, (And you will find amazing people here by the way…) you can make some friends, connections, partnership, you can learn many things, you can earn some money as a form of digital currency, so I would like that other people could benefit from this. Decentralization is a complex process, by building and forming/training the next-generation of users, this is how we can make a difference.


Each projects or events, presentation, will be different, I cant give much details in this section but I will give an example of what could looks like an event.

A user could invite 5 to 10 to 100 friends at home or online, Zoom, TeamSpeak, Microsoft Team, just to mention these one, and create a tutorial on how to start to work on some bounties, how to submit your work, how to create your GitHub account and link your account with Gitcoin, how to register your wallet and your wallet address. There is infinite possibilities of what you can do.

Here is a “Getting Started” for organizing a successful event

This guide will walk you through the process of planning a meetup and link to resources developed by the community to help plan your event.


Here’s a list of steps to take when planning an event:

  • Decide whether the event will be physical or virtual.

  • Create an online agenda

  • Figure out the budget (Create a Word file) 50$ - 500$ - 5000$

  • Determine the time and location of the event

  • If the event will be virtual, be sure to find a suitable platform for hosting.

  • Coordinate resources to record the event

  • Create a plan for promoting

Once you have your meetup plan ready, speakers confirmed, the venue set, and the event promoted, it’s time to make it happen!


To get your audience excited for the meetup, consider:

  • Providing light snacks and beverages

  • Hosting a contest to provide the best explanation of #GTC in under a minute.

  • Providing art supplies and encouraging attendees to create graphics describing Gitcoin, Quadratics Lands, Decentralization, or any other aspect of the Gitcoin Ecosystems.

Event Day

On the day of the event, here’s what needs to get accomplished:

  • Send communications to all the essential parties early in the day.

  • Repeat promotional messaging across all relevant channels on the day of the event.

  • Arrive at the venue early to prepare and test the equipment.

  • During the introduction, describe the agenda, introduce the speakers, and talk about the key takeaways participants can expect from the event.

  • Be welcoming and informative.


The benefits in this case are invaluable, simply.
We cant really predicts or imagine an exact amount of contributor or value added to Gitcoin with this proposition or idea, but to expand and build a stronger community around Gitcoin we need to spread the word and this is a good starting point by doing community events and letting users build their own roadmap during these experiences to discover the Quadratics Lands.


One of the drawbacks that could happen is that Gitcoin could allow a budget for a specific event, and the user in charge could take the money and never do the activity.

Identification, reliability, project goal, will need to be verify by the person in charge.
(Gitcoin Lead)


There is no vote yet for this idea, it’s also not a formal proposal, fully open to discussion for now.

To be updated later…

Anyone is more than welcome to comment on this thread and give his thoughts.


Hi buddy,

I like your proposal very well, in special for the motivation. For Gitcoin, there are needs to let more people (especially buidlers) understand and join.

For the Drawbacks, maybe we could have process like reimbursement after events. E.g if someone hosted an online meetup with 10 people with $50 cost. then he/she could apply for $50 back.


One of the drawbacks that could happen is that Gitcoin could allow a budget for a specific event, and the user in charge could take the money and never do the activity.
Identification, reliability, project goal, will need to be verify by the person in charge.
(Gitcoin Lead)


Hi @bobjiang! Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate it!

Yes, this is a really good idea! We could also have some partial allocation from the total budged before, during and after.


More feedback would be appreciated, commenting to bump the discussion. We need more likes and interest from the community to bring it to a live proposal.

@owocki @ceresstation @tjayrush @DreadKnight @Luvlynj @walidmujahid


I like the idea. People could also use already established local meetup groups to discuss Gitcoin.

On the subject of drawbacks, it is hard for me to provide a suggestion. But I think whatever the solution is, it should not be a one rule fits all. So, @bobjiang suggestion of reimbursement would probably the top go-to option, but what if they do not have funds to set things up?

I would imagine this may not be a problem for virtual events, but rather for physical events. I think a good criterion for discrimination would be the route for this.

How well known is the organiser amongst the Gitcoin community? Does the organiser have a history of organising events -virtual or physical- or are they new to organising events due to specifically being encouraged by this Gitcoin community events idea? Does the budget they are proposing make sense for the country or location the person is in? How transparent will the organiser be in whatever steps they take?

And depending whatever criterion is put in place, the organiser/s could either get a full grant, partial grant, or simply reimbursement upon clear proof of effort.


Hey @walidmujahid! How are you mate :slight_smile: Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it!

Short story, when I really started on Gitcoin to hack some codes and as a “Software Engineer” (A Rookie!!) I was pretty poor… Ive made my very first money (Ethereum) from @owocki, I think it was like 40$ to fillup a Excel Spreadsheet, I was just so happy to be able to contribute to something and at the same time I was making a bit of money.

Another short " " is that I was allowed 500$ from MakerDAO to make a presentation at home, with Pizza, drinks, and my ultimate goal was to give between 10$ and 25$ to every participant so they could have their first Crypto Wallet.

To Mitigate the risk, the project plan need to be well established from the initial planned budged and certainly need a follow-up from a mod or a leader here or a community leader, we could add this role in a near-by future if needed.

This could work as follow:
Part 1: Initial release of funds 50%
Part 2: Second release of funds 25% During the Meeting (Could be a timed Escrow)
Part 3: Third and last release of funds 25% when the meeting is done and we have some video/picture from the recording event.


Or a Sablier stream :slight_smile:

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 I really do like this proposal, in fact I'm planning to create a grant which slightly relates to this in grant 11.

There’re millions of people who have a lot to bring into Gitcoin Ecosystem but unfortunately, they have not heard about gitcoin yet .

Just like me, the person who told me about gitcoin only told me about it as an airdrop platform, not until I discovered that there’s a lot going on here other than getting reward for one’s donation. People actually needs to know what “GITCOIN ECOSYSTEM” stands for.


The project should be something that aline with what gitcoin stands for, and also should be beneficial to people he/she is lecturing…it should be able to expand Gitcoin Ecosystem even outside crypto related.


It is true that a bad egg in a creat of many good eggs makes every of them looks bad, even so, we shouldn’t throw the whole creat away without checking them and of course one by one.

Someone may have a good project but no resources to execute it, such person will not be able to carry out the project and apply for funds later,

So I suggest, that let the reimbursement be in two installments, at least it will help set things up for a successful event.

In the means of identification,

I suggest let the project owner/team present a passport photograph and them holding it with a paper writing the title of their projects, date, and GITCOIN ECOSYSTEM on.

Secondly they can also be checked on their verified social medias, and as well can be asked to do a few minutes video of themselves .

Thank you.


Hi @Luvlynj :slight_smile: I hope you are doing well!

Thank you for sharing your opinion and your thoughts.

Yes, I really agree.

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I like this idea. I think helping people enter into the space is important and encouraging people to create educational/meetup-like events is one avenue. I would be concerned a bit about the administration of the funds. Who decides that a particular request for re-imbursed funds is a legitimate one? Any good design would very much minimize admin overhead, and, in fact, I might go so far as to say any admin overhead at all might stall the overall project before it gets started. I’d probably vote for this proposal if it was relatively small, but mostly as an experiment in figuring out new ways to engage new people.


yes , you are right…already established groups is good idea .


This is just too awesome and huge idea to get gitcoin to another level


Hey all!

We have done a first Video Call last week with @leonerichsen @gloria @Ajand and myself about what could be improved around Gitcoin community generally speaking and I did introduce this proposition.

We will have another meeting next week 4 August if anyone is interested to join you are more than welcome.

Will be present:


I will be updating this post after the dicussion.


In my mind the most important part of communicating Gitcoin and our common goal of growing and nurturing digital public goods is this: Legitimacy.

Hosting events, tutorials, meetups (in-person or virtually) implies that the host is directly connected to the community, and thus would have to communicate our values genuinely and legitimately. Case in point: Tupperware, Herbalife, Bitconnect (hey hey heyyyy…), you name it. We are not here to shill or sell, Gitcoin is for the BUIDLERS and funders of public goods, and that needs to shine through in every aspect. This is especially true if the events are to be funded with GTC.

I’m looking forward to the call to meet you all and jam on how a possible framework for letting legitimacy shine through could work.


I love what I read there @beist, I think you aim right at what need to be discuss further with the Gitcoin community. I hope to see you next wednesday!

“The top of the Icebergh”

Proof of Legitimacy, Proof of Realibility :slight_smile:

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How can I join this meeting and through which channel does it hold?

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Hi @Luvlynj,

We will use Google Meet, I see you are on Discord, can you send a message to @leonerichsen so he can add you on the list.
Or I will send you a link :slight_smile:

Send me a link on discord too. I wasn’t paying attention and missed the last meeting.

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Thank you, I will be waiting for the link… please do send it.

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Hey @Sirlupinwatson adding this as workstream updates item for August Stewards call happening today - August 2nd at 4pm UTC

Agenda doc

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