[Workstream Suggestion] Governance *Prototyping*

Hey All!

Aaron (@amsos) and Auryn (@auryn) here, great to see the Gitcoin community coming together!

One of the most spoken-about topics in this space is Governance. We talk about it with regards to tokens, we talk about it with regards to DAOs, and with regards to the entire ecosystem. Lucky for us, people have been experimenting with governance for ages, using everything from religion, to the feudal systems, to roman republics, to modern democracies. Now in Eth land, we’re able to build on lessons we’ve learned from the past and take governance to the next level.

We want to propose a workstream that focuses on Prototyping Governance. Similar to the Prototyping Public Goods Workstream, we want to create a group of builders that:

  • Prototypes new governance ideas
  • Reviews old models to be revamped/updated
  • Discuss existing and review existing governance solutions used by active protocols

This is something that we’ve both been working on at Govrn and Gnosis now for a while and want to expand it with the GTC community. (For more information on our work in governance, check out our proposals here and here).

The goal is to meet once a month to review ideas we’ve all been working on, give guidance to builders in the space, and give out grants on a quarterly basis to the builders and leaders making the best contributions (again following the prototyping public goods model).

Our goal is to have an active community of 15-20 builders, with a much larger casual contributor and observer group. Come join us and help build the governance systems we choose to live in. If you’re interested in either role please comment below!


Really excited for this.
One thing to point out is that there is probably some overlap between this workstream and some of the others, like decentralize gitcoin, public goods funding, and treasury management.

+1 I love the concept here but to start it might be worth checking out the first session @austingriffith is running and seeing if you all might be able to collab there. It does feel like at some point it might be possible for builders to break out into their own smaller working groups though as time goes on!

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Makes sense - down to start there and see if the two workstreams align!

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