[Workstream] Public Goods Funding and Treasury Management

Good idea, great project,Come on!

I am an explorer and practitioner of new organizational models and have many years of experience in blockchain project design and would like to participate in this work stream。


Great idea. :smiley: Good suggestion :+1:

There is lots of what-to-do to increase crypto awareness for public goods. Let’s begin…:rhinoceros::earth_africa:

Policies play a vital role as to how each project will impact the society and this community, I suggest more time is given to fine tuning these policies.

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Keenly following the happens… I most confess gitcoin idea is very a brilliant one so I won’t mind partaking any reasonable project the community agrees on.

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Hey folks, would love to help out on this workstream where I can! Is it a requirement to apply as a steward in order to participate? Already filled in the doodle.

I’ve worked on a few projects in the public funding space (including with some of you on this thread :slight_smile: ) and would love to see further engagement and development. Hope to see you all at the first meeting!

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I am working on a trading card project which will do well for ecosystems, is this something that can be brought here for gitcoins ecosystem?

I also think education on what is public good should be important as well, when I joined gitcoin I don’t really understand what that means, since it encompasses a lot of things IMO.

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It’s very important to determine what counts as a public good in order to minimise abuse.

Looking forward to this project.

I propose to develop measures to punish various fraudulent actions in the gitcoin network

You need to create a video that shows step-by-step how new users can use the gitcoin platform. The easier it is for new users to learn, the faster gitcoin will enter the mass consciousness.

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Filled in the doodle. Will be an interesting session!

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Owocki is a fan of quadratic funding, but it has big deficiencies:

  • Many people do not know that they need Hilbert spaces theory or molecular biology very much, word processor users don’t know that they need a reliable optimizing compiler that is in turn may be based on dependent-types lambda-calculus research, etc. and they won’t fund it. Especially science and software libraries public goods suffer severe underfunding when funding quadratic, because every funder cannot know every science topic.

  • When doing quadratic funding it inevitably goes much random - some projects are funded too much and some are severely underfunded (among other reasons, because well-funded projects can buy SEO of their ads).

  • Anti-sybil is improving but it can’t be perfect.

  • If some important text or software is buried on the 100000th position of Google, the world gets stuck: nobody knows that the missing component is a problem and therefore nobody fixes the problem.

So, we need a much more objective mean of funding. Ideally funding amount should be calculated by an algorithm, not by stupid us.

We don’t yet have an algorithm capable to predict the future of the human work. The solution is to use a prediction market to predict a future algorithm results. So the market decides.

Traders (when motivated by money) are much more careful, hard working, and through than some random quadratic voter. Traders are therefore multitudinous that much reduces randomness and bias. They are to follow an objective algorithm that motivates them and so the market is striving for objective results.

So, I provide a software that “forces” traders to “calculate” how much which project to fund.

There will appear a new profession: people that search for underrepresented public good projects and do SEO for them. That’s important.

It should be in addition to quadratic Grants. Users should have choice where to pay.

This software is almost fully implemented (and there is a little outdated pull request to integrate it into a GitCoin page).

The proposal:

  • Pay for quality audit of the smart contracts.
  • Assign me to finish integrating it into GitCoin site.
  • Do a good design.
  • Deploy on production.

Here is the PR and more details:

We need both quadratic funding and this thing.


Happy to collaborate here. :grinning:
Regarding your concerns about quadratic funding: Buying ads to win more votes, i.e. funding is wasteful and should not be allowed.

Regarding your concerns about quadratic funding: Buying ads to win more votes, i.e. funding is wasteful and should not be allowed.

Is that a joke?

There is always a way to pay in such a way that it appears as a noncommercial staff.

I am looking to try and find more time to look into the details you’ve shared. The description you provide looks like this is a desirable outcome. This should have more support considering the work you’ve put in. I’ll study and get back to you with feedback.

Could we have something beside Doodle? Its completely filled with advertisement panels.

UPDATE: Wow. That Doodle thing really sucks. Signing up selects all the available slots by default. . :no_mouth:

I very much agree that such a vision will inevitably have a great future. Filled in the doodle. Will be an interesting session!