[Workstream] dApp *Prototyping* (the Moonshot Collective)

( Watch the video of the Moonshot Announcement at ETHcc 2021 here - Kevin Owocki : It's all Coordination - YouTube )

Hey hey hey Gitcoin community,

We are Austin Griffith and Kevin Owocki - both BUIDLers and frands from the Colorado ecosystem.

Austin and Kevin have worked together in a few diff capacities in the past.

  • Austin and Kevin met through the EIP 1337 working group back in 2018, where Austin built the first MVP of EIP 1337 which was later part of an early Gitcoin Grants Prototype.
  • Austin worked at Gitcoin for about 6 months, as the lead of Gitcoin Labs a now defunct “R&D for busy developers”. (OK Let’s be honest, Gitcoin Labs was just a vessel to git Austin working full time in the space)
  • We co-hosted a Boulder blockchain event where all the drinks were purchased with burner wallets.
  • We both got finagled into volunteering at ETHdenver in 2018 and 2019.
  • Austin became the first Quadratic Freelancer on Gitcoin Grants in 2019, someone funded by Gitcoin Grants for working on public goods.
  • Finally, Austin won the keyboard that Kevin built Gitcoin MVP with (affectionately named clacky) at ETHDenver 2020.

Clacky, I miss you. Please come back. - Kevin

I keep Clacky on my ETH2 node! - Austin

We have worked together in a few diff capacities in the past, but today we are going to try something new. Today we are inviting you all to join us building public goods funding prototypes via a proposed Public Goods Prototyping Workstream.

In many ways, this is an extension of what Austin and Kevin are already doing. Austin has been funding builders via :european_castle: buidlguidl.com and mentoring developers with :building_construction: scaffoldeth.io. Kevin has been funding bounties and grants of builders who are building public goods on Gitcoin. We both have a deep reverence for the builders in this space and want to see them 1) enter the space, 2) work on something impactful 3) stick around.

We also want to see the ecosystem flourish with the creation of new tools, tutorials, and prototypes for funding public goods on Ethereum.

To do that, we need to route projects to developers and developers to projects. This workstream will do just that.

The dApp Prototyping Workstream (since we’ve since rebranded to the Moonshot Collective for more memeability) will meet once a month to guide builders, and give out grants on a quarterly basis to builders in the community.

This workgroup will be comprised of 15-20 builders focusing on finding ways to build dApps that govern and grow funding for public goods. Help rally the community around funding our collective infrastructure, define key details of matching rounds, and help us find new categories of public goods we might have missed!


Count me in. I’m a builder, and feel most at home in the early / idea stage of things.


ACK. Excited to be working on this !


i wonder if any of the submitters to PITCH COMPETITION BOUNTY - Fund Public Goods using Etherum Technology · Issue #214 · gitcoinco/skunkworks · GitHub are any good / we should involve in this workstream


count me in, i’m very interested

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I’d love to be involved and see how https://coordinape.com/ and https://yearn.finance/ can help.


Glad to be a part :slight_smile:

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How does one get involved please?

Glad to see what you do. Very nice project to be a part

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Dont to help in whatever way I can. Thanks for your awesome eth.build tutorials @austingriffith


Count me in. I am a full stack programmer, know C/C++, Javascript, WebRTC pretty well.

Count me in I’m super interested by the idea.

Count me, I’m a software engineer. I have few ideas about how we can implement NFTs for houses purchasing and renting

Would love to be a part of this.

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ready to work with you as a developer

Hey @austingriffith, I would be really grateful to join this workstream. How can I participate?

Hey guys! I’m going to build a prototype of a site that tracks stats on Stewards and lets Stewards speak/chat to their Delegators using p2p WebRTC.

I’m in! Ideamarket can be used to fund public goods.


looking forward to contribute , thank you learned lot using scaffold eth

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nicee one . hope this more good