$SACKS - Tokenized Hackey Sacks

Hey all,

@austingriffith and I are running the public goods funding experiments workstream ( Workstream Suggestion: Public Goods *Prototyping* ), and I am happy to say that I’ve now frontrun the workstream by launching a new public goods funding experiment.

$SACKS is a tokenized hackey sack branded with the Quadratic Lands logo on it, there will only be 250 of them.

Hackers love hackey sacks! They are a great colorado-native way of meeting others at HACKathons. :thinking:

To get one, go to uniswap v3 + get $SACKS from 0xa6610Ed604047e7B76C1DA288172D15BcdA57596 (all proceeds go to the Gitcoin Grants matching pool)

If you have a $SACKS token, to get a hackey sack:

  1. burn it to 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead
  2. fill out this form https://forms.gle/M2Cwc9VkhpfmLTs49
  3. success!

The SACKS LP position has been transfered to the @gitcoin community multisig, where it can be subject to GitcoinDAO governance.

I hope that you all have fun with this experiment. Whats fun about it is that no coding skills were required at all. I hope that inspires future members of the public goods funding workstream Workstream Suggestion: Public Goods *Prototyping* to experiment more in public goods funding!


Awesome way to contribute to gitcoin Grants

This is a fun and creative way to raise some funds, congratulations.

Nice donation to open source and to the Gitcoin community