Gitcoin Citizens: What are you doing?

The Gitcoin Citizens Round #2 just came to a close with fantastic results. During our final space @carlosjmelgar made the great suggestion to create a post under which Citizens can regularly update us on what they’ve been working on.
This will allow the core team and Gitcoin Stewards to stay in the loop on all things Citizens, and inspire others to join the fun.

GG19 is coming up and we can’t wait to see what Citizens will be doing.

Note: In case you missed this Citizens are the bridge builders, educators, communicators, the unsung heroes who we want to reward more. You can read more on this here.

So without further ado, tell us Citizens, what have you been up to?


I will be keeping my eyes on this thread :eyes:


Learning Blender Atm …latest animation in the memes channel!
also working on a project in blender that will come out during GG19

Will keep you up 2 date
hope everyone is doing good


I have recently completed the translation and publication of an article on : Introduction to Direct Grants: How do they work?

And also opened a new Gitcoin section in our BanklessUA blog




Oh just seeing this new impact reporting project by @mmurthy :heart_eyes:
This might be an even better solution to keep track of all the things Citizens do (fyi @carlosjmelgar @umarkhaneth)

Go check it out here!

And of course this project in and by itself is a perfect candidate for the next Citizens RetroQF Round!


Not in any round but happy to report that I got a system message to say that I’m New User of the Month.

Have been devouring everything Ethereum since one of the first meet-ups in London at the Barclays Elevator space which included a presentation by Chief Ethereum Scientist Mr Vitalik. Gitcoin has always been one of those central pillars of Ethereum for me, enabling people to get funding for their work while it is still nascent.

Want to contribute much more to the Gitcoin ecosystem going forward. One thing I’d like to work on is highlighting how many projects have started with modest funding from Gitcoin, find pmf and go on to flourish.


Thanks @krrisis. We will be happy to add more features to meet the needs of your team and Citizens. Please let me know if there are problems you would like us to tackle.


This sounds like a fantastic idea, go for it!


Few updates on GrantsScope (AI utilities to help in grantee discovery):

  • As promised in this meme, got a domain for the project, and consolidated all the apps here.
  • Built a few custom GPTs using Open AI’s recent development from earlier in the week to assess if they would be a viable alternative to building chatbots from scratch - users of the GPTs requiring a Plus subscription to use the tools is a deal breaker.
  • So then, back to basics - I am working on the data plumbing to set up GrantsScope for GG19.
  • Also rabbit-holing into applying clustering algorithms on problem descriptions and solutions grantees are working on. Donors can choose where to concentrate or diversify their contributions if we can help visualize this in a 2D or 3D space. This might work even worse than how I am describing but too tempting not to try it out!

More like this :smiley:


Thank you :pray: team and @carlosjmelgar for the idea. good for us to have a place like this


I like this idea. great way to keep tabs on citizens and provide a feedback loop for both accountability and transparency.

3 Quick update from thinkDecade.

  1. Running an independent QF round focused on impact in Africa. Introducing Public Good Africa to Gitcoin

  2. Embarking on education workshops and campaigns to help inform and onboard people to the space.

  3. Helping projects apply for GG19 and helping potential donors set up passports.


We are really excited. Things are going very well with our pilot program on gitcoin and the response from everybody is very nice saying that optimism has provided a low friction UX to donate.

There’s also some other content that we’ve been making round to round on our YouTube channel…! It’s tough to keep up with everything, but we are trying our best to keep people informed. Spreading awareness about public goods and the gitcoin ecosystem is definitely an ongoing job. There are lots of aspects of the website that have been changing and evolving along the way to keep people updated on.

There is a lot to do and we will be releasing more content as soon as possible along with specific eligibility guidelines for the application process on our first mission coming up in January. Applications open January 1st. :heart:

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Here for an update.

I joined the “Greenpill Round Managers Cohort” an went through the lessons with Gitcoin leaders. We run a small round for “GG18 Underdogs” and had quite fun. Ended up giving out $72 each to two projects :slight_smile:

Ran another QF for EarthistDAO. In this round, we applied for Arbitrum Macthing Fest and got a %25 boost to our macthing pool.

Onboarded a local NGO to GG19

And some content:

Now we are in a “Rounder Manager Writers Cohort” and i wrote a “How to create a QF Round on Gitcoin Grants Stack” tutorial. Have a video too but not published yet.

20th Dec - Edit: published the video

Translated the Arbitrum Matching Fest post from Gitcoin Blog

Wrote a “How to create a Hypercert” tutorial, made a video and subtitled it for Turkish audience.

Made a video with tr subs for Owocki’s talk on “The State of Greenpill” at Greenpill Connect (Devconnect week) (not sure how relevant this is)

Every english content created here will be translated to Turkish also. Just found a good text-to-speech AI that can do Turkish :slight_smile:

Talking to more communities to get them onboarded :crossed_fingers:


Wow nice post, love all the entries and enjoy every diferent way to update your work :raised_hands:


Gm. We are launching a Mexican Round :smiley:


Hey Citizens fam, I’ve been working on bringing more people Onchain to web3, starting broadly and then gradually narrowing focus towards Scientists & Physicians. We’re a few episodes in ( DeID and Gitcoin Passport are relatively risk-free onboarding tools (as opposed to DeFi), and Gitcoin a solid Schelling Point for well-meaning newcomers. In our view, it’s important for the uninitiated to learn about Gitcoin & Public Goods - up there with primitives like BTC & ETH.

Gitcoin is also a great signaling tool for projects/protocols that are under the radar and poised to create value, so we’re skating to where the puck is going by priming discussions towards innovations in Elastic DeFi like the AMPL-SPOT Protocol. Naturally, this entails broader discussions about web3 values.

The Gitcoin Citizens project has been incredibly valuable and supportive, and we’d like to help it grow. AMPL has been staked in the Rollover Vault on the citizensofgitcoin.eth domain to help secure Inflation-Resistant Flatcoin SPOT. In our humble opinion, a Liquidation-Free stable asset like SPOT that doesn’t lose Purchasing Power is Public Good. As the Ampleforth protocol expands and value accrues in the vault, we hope Gitcoin Citizens will learn about the system and govern how the value should be directed towards Public Goods (very loosely, DAI is to ETH as SPOT is to AMPL).

With gratitude :pray:

Importantly, our focus is not on exclusively shilling protocols. We are also interested in raising awareness about engineering & design principles from Elastic Decentralized Finance. We believe the inversion of Price Elasticity into Supply Elasticity will be seen as a vital step for DAOs interested in securing their treasuries. After all, this is biomimicry.

Cc: @Accidentalpsych welcome to Gitcoin


I have made a separate post below on the findings of using clustering algorithms (as well as past donation data to drive personalized recommendations):


Just released a Dune dashboard on metrics and trends of Allo Protocol. You can check it out here =>

More news on new developments in the next days :wink: