DAO Digest #2 2024

Shoutout to @gaoa97 @rohit @quaylawn for coordinating this Digest!

:fire: Hot Topics

:rocket: Gitcoin is launching its Citizen Grants program, split into Citizens Retro (Retroactive Funding), Citizens Innovate (Citizen Proposals) and Citizens Forward (RFPs), to continue fostering innovation and community participation.

:brain: Grantee discovery remains an unsolved problem and @rohit is proposing prototypes for solving it. Learn more about his early results and provide feedback for Personalized Grantee Recommendations.

:handshake: DeveloperDAO has allocated 500k CODE tokens to Gitcoin in line with our partnership agreement. These tokens are currently held in the Safe, playing a key role in uniting our communities and leveraging our combined strengths to support the growth of the web3 space.

:man_running: Can we create more value for Gitcoin by Rapid Prototyping in highest value areas? @owocki proposes a new workstream to create alignment among stakeholders that can act as a 0-1 booster/assist for 0-10 product workstreams.

:new: Grants Managers can create and run rounds on either Base or zkSync Era via Grants Stack Manager! and similarly, any builders can also choose to create a project profile on those chains via Grants Stack Builder.

:end: PGN will be sunset (lights out) in June of 2024. In the meantime, the plan is to disable bridging onto PGN, and users are encouraged to bridge assets off PGN as they need them.

:bar_chart: Explore Allo Protocol multichain metrics and trends with data sourced from Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, Ethereum, Fantom, Optimism, Polygon, and zkSync.

:earth_asia: GCC, in collaboration with Mask Network and Metapool, orchestrated a symphony of support, amplifying the impact with an estimated $19,710 in matching funds. Learn more about Gitcoin’s Global Chinese Community.

:green_circle: It’s Impact Season! Get up to speed with the latest season of the Green Pill Podcast.

:red_circle: Meet EasyRetroPGF.xyz - a new tool to allow anyone to do Opimtism style RPGF.

:mortar_board: Student Blockchain Club GG20 Rounds: @sejalrekhan presents an initiative to expand the reach and understanding of crypto and its underlying mechanisms to a broader audience.

:nerd_face: Calling all intellectually curious theorists, program designers, and data scientists to contribute to the RegenLearnings.xyz research group started by @owocki and @ccerv1.

:star2: Read β€˜A North Star for Gitcoin (and the decade-long path to get there)’ to learn more about our current course towards the north star, and how your work can support reaching it.

:ticket: Find out how to get a FREE ticket for ETHDenver 2024!

:open_book: Freshen up on essential Gitcoin Vocabulary.


ETH Denver Alpha – Keep an eye on our β€œGitcoin @ ETHDenver Calendar” for more details on where we’ll be for the week – below are the ones not to be missed :arrow_down:

  • Feb 27 – Web3 Grants Summit with Metagov, featuring bespoke programming for grantees
  • Mar 1 – the inaugural Ecosystem Growth Summit hosted in collaboration with Electric Capital at Green Spaces. Volunteers are needed to make this a special first time experience for all, apply here to volunteer
  • Mar 2 – Schelling Point Sessions is back with ImpactPlus leading the programming for a half day on Impact Reporting.


Read this gov post to get the full lowdown on what 2023 held for Gitcoin :love_letter:


:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

  • Snapshot polls GTC Stewards. Tally performs on-chain actions.
  • Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, are approved on Snapshot before moving on to Tally.

:bar_chart: Active Proposals:

  • [Vote on Snapshot before Jan 31] Budget Request for ETHDenver Activation
  • [Vote on Snapshop before Jan 31] Lower GTC Voting Thresholds on and off chain
  • [PROPOSAL] Gitcoin’s Citizen Grants program
  • [PROPOSAL] Budget Request for ETHDenver Activation
  • [PROPOSAL] Adding oSnap for Gitcoin treasury distributions


:date: Events Updates

Gitcoin Community Call – Updates to the community call or open to suggestion – have your say on X/Twitter here.

Catch up on recordings of recent X conversations here:

Gitcoin Pulse – Weekly episodes covering a few of our top happenings at Gitcoin followed by short interviews with active contributors to better get to know the Gitcoin community and the projects they are working on. Listen to the latest episode here.

:wave: New to Gitcoin?

Explore the future of Gitcoin at our new website, and check out Gitcoin Community Hub for key resources and events. Thanks for reading!

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