Student Blockchain Club GG20 Rounds: Announcement + Call for Sponsorship


We are thrilled to announce the sponsorship of Quadratic funding rounds for student-based blockchain clubs. This initiative marks a significant milestone in our mission to expand the reach and understanding of crypto and its underlying mechanisms to a broader audience.


  1. Foster Education and Innovation: By focusing on student-based blockchain clubs, the initiative aims to nurture young talent and encourage innovation in the public goods space.
  2. Expand Crypto Adoption: Through these funding rounds, we aim to demonstrate the real-world applications of crypto, taking it beyond its traditional boundaries and showcasing its potential in public goods funding.

Funding Rounds

  • Selection of Clubs: We will select 6 student-based blockchain clubs for participation.
  • QF Rounds: The funding rounds will be conducted using Grants Stack during GG20 and sponsored by @owocki.
  • Community Contributions: In addition to Owocki’s sponsorship, we invite the broader community to contribute to the matching pool, enhancing the scale and impact of these rounds.


This is a step towards a future where crypto and blockchain are integral to public goods and innovation. Join us in this journey to explore the potential of this space and take them beyond their current boundaries.


These rounds will be run in a cohort based model, similar to the Quadratic Avengers GG19 rounds, by selected Round Manager trainees.

Call to Action

Space is limited! We will accept only 6 blockchain clubs for this pilot.

Apply today:

  • If you are a student at a blockchain club, please fill out this application form.
  • If you are interested in sponsoring, please reach out here.

I have been invited as guest speaker to the UCD Greenacre Sustainability Hub, as part of the Convene lecture series for the “Design a Digital Future module”.

I think the students there would be a great match for this and so I’ll try to inspire a cohort to apply :slight_smile:


I think this is a great initiative but number of colleges to receive the grants however could be increased as there are a lot of blockchain clubs popping up in universities worldwide. Asia itself has been seeing a significant rise.


the limiting factor is funding. if you know of anyone who wants to fund these rounds, please introduce us!

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Yes sure. I think we can structure this proposal initiative a bit more to make it more focussed rather than generic. This will make it more approachable to chains and protocols I have a few ideas in which this could be designed and make it more inclusive for the blockchain clubs that will be ultimately chosen with action plans post the funding round. This will make it more streamlined and easier to track metrics and set a baseline for subsequent/similar rounds in future.

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Just adding to this, I’ll be joining a spaces targeted at students and will be shilling this initiative.

If anyone has some more talking points or suggestions for me, please let me know


I want to bring this topic up again: is the Community Round going to happen, or was it canceled due to funding issues?