GG20 [Proposal] Eth-Tribe University Club

Gitcoin Proposal

Title: Eth-Tribe University Club

Gitcoin Grant Application - GG20

  1. How many times has this round been run during a Gitcoin Grants round?

  2. How big is your team that will run this round? Who is your team?
    Team size: 3
    Hawwal: Team lead and founder:Blaqk Stereo & Tribe Club - In
    Timi: Project Manager - In
    Benny: Community manager - In

  • Hawwal Ogungbadero is the founder of Blaqk Stereo, an all-round creative and a Guinness world record champion for the longest recording session with multiple artists which was an initiative to provide a platform for young upcoming music artists in his community to showcase their talents. He is a crypto enthusiast and has been actively building in web3 for 4 years across networks. He’s committed to his one goal of providing sustainable life changing solutions through the use of web3 based technologies.

  • Timi is a crypto entrepreneur and trainer who has trained various aspiring builders in Africa for the last 3 years positively impacting the African web3 ecosystem.

  • Benny is a community manager who has a degree in mass communication and has actively been involved in the web3 space for about 4 years now and has modulated for various web3 communities and DAO’s in the African ecosystem.

  1. How does this round align with Gitcoin’s mission and essential intents
    Tribe club for Universities is a public good that is designed to educate University students with the essential information required for them to explore various Gitcoin’s products which will promote adoption and adaptation where students can also build and integrate projects into the Gitcoins ecosystem. Our intended mission is to educate and nurture the university community to become fully knowledgeable of the Gitcoin ecosystem enabling them become Gitcoins next line of potential builders.

  2. What do you anticipate the size of the matching pool will be (either fundraised from partners, raised independently through your connections, or a combination of both)?

    • We will be raising 25,000 USD Matching funds in a private grant from Prezenti of Celo.
    • Eth address: 0x6C62279e73f6483247D56844B641903F594b7FAB
  3. Who will be advisors for this round, if anyone?

  4. Please describe the eligibility criteria you envision for this proposed round.
    The Tribe university initiative is designed to create educational material known as the course material about the Gitcoin ecosystem, provide funds to grantees who require funding to hold events within their schools and also educate providing resourceful streamlined materials that smoothens the learning curve empowering, students with the right materials to learn, grow and strive as they build within the ecosystem.

  5. How large is your community approximately?
    2000+ active online students across social platforms which includes: Instagram, Twitter, TG, TikTok

  6. What type of projects would you like to fund?
    Education events and materials (as indicated on “the Cell” initiative banner below)

  7. Approximately how many grantees do you believe will be eligible to apply to this round?
    With the estimated requested funds, This project will grant out to a minimum of 30 student grantees.

  8. Impact Assessment: If and how do you intend to assess grantee impact over successive rounds?
    Reports :- Reports will be presented by school tribal leaders on a monthly bases for follow-ups and to see better approaches and implementations Also, most of our grants will role out based on Retrospective events, also we’ll be incorporating Deresy to monitor how events projects are running. (see details picture below with table of various programs and their payments plans).

  9. What we intend to accomplish with a round in GG20
    We are a non-profit association and As grantees, We intend raising funds with our matching funds of 25,000 USD for our educational purposes which are expatiated in the brief below.

  10. Is there anything else that community members should consider when voting for which rounds to focus on in the upcoming GG20 grants round?


Eth-Tribe University Club is a distinguished Web3 social club for universities, dedicated to empowering individuals through meticulously crafted course materials that offer a comprehensive understanding of the Ethereum blockchain. Our mission is to foster knowledge, innovation, and community engagement within the ecosystem, ushering in the next line of aspiring builders and founders.


In the last 18 months we have built various training programs across blockchains, holding over 30 events across schools in west Africa and recently created a meticulously crafted course material for the Celo blockchain which students have used to learn about web3 in the simplest and most relatable way and from our statistics, it has increasing the interest and learning rate by 30%

We have 20 Tribe clubs across various schools in West Africa and we have large community of students with about 2000 online active members across social platforms.

We’ve empowered students with the autonomy to host club meetings within their school, partnered with school organisations / faculty, supported and won a departmental league game which attracted thousands of students, developed our website alongside, open our various community channels, lastly, introduced engaging video courses derived from our meticulously crafted course material.

This is what we intend bringing to the Ethereum blockchain by creating a streamlined course material with the needed information students can use to build and grow in the web3 space.

Relevant traction links:
Video courses

Multisig Wallet:

hawwal - 0xB6Bb848A8E00b77698CAb1626C893dc8ddE4927c
Benny - 0x997f965f4155Ef86EAD287b3DBBE86B12e8e0B21
Timi - 0xe29B0cb7C18C83c6FAd21b4b4fAA14E31c0EF7eA


We are pleased to present our initiative called: “The Cell”

The Cell:
The Tribe Club’s ambassadorship program, known as ‘The Cell,’ offers students worldwide an opportunity to earn by educating their peers about Celo using our specially crafted course materials. These student ambassadors are recognised as ‘tribal leaders’ within the program.
Below is a yet to be published banner to activate the “Cell program”:


Total costs: 55,000 USD

Milestone 1
Cost: 4000 USD
Delieverables: Development of Eth Tribe course material
Specification: course material tailored to entice and educate aspiring builders

Milestone 2
Cost: 40,000 USD (to be broken into 10,000 USD monthly instalments)
Delieverables: Hosting of frequent school events and clubs meetings.
Specification: Initiation of the Cell program.

Milestone 3
Cost: 5,000 USD
Delieverables: Social management for duration
Specification: Social management for month cost 1,000 USD

Milestone 4
Cost: 6,000 USD
Delieverables: Video course materials for course material.
Specification: Creation of video contents from course material

Metrics and KPIs:

  • Development of Eth Tribe course material
  • Hosting of frequent school events and clubs meetings.
  • Growth on community channels across platforms
  • Creation of video courses in languages: English, Spanish, French, & Portuguese
  • Partnership with school faculties and governing organizations

School schedule:

Tribe monthly curriculum Schedule
School activities:- weekly/monthly meetings will hold as they discuss weekly topics in the course outline.
Competitions:- These will hold monthly depending on their school syllabus and school activities.
Events:- These will be organized monthly by students with catchy themes each month.
Reports:- Reports will be presented by school tribal leaders on a monthly bases for follow-ups and to see better approaches and implementations.


  • Gnosis Safe
  • Snapshot
  • Deresy

Hi @hawwal! Thank you for your proposal but it does not follow the template needed outlined here so I cannot accept this proposal as is as it does not meet our eligibility criteria. Please amend it before the deadline to reflect the template and criteria if you wish to still be considered for GG20 in April.

It’s also unclear from your proposal whether you are applying for a round in GG20 as your duration is 5 months. Thanks so much!

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Hello @MathildaDV Thanks for the swift review. I have just done the necessary update as requested, please check and do let me know if there is anything else I should crosscheck. Thanks

Are you coming with matching funds? There is no minimum but you need to raise some funds yourself to be eligible. Matching funds can’t come from donations. Where are the other funds coming from and and how much are you raising?

  1. Please describe the eligibility criteria you envision for this proposed round.
    We fully understand the eligibility clauses from Gitcoin ad this project does not in any way or manner violates or the rules of engagement.

I’m also missing clear eligibility criteria for this round. You need to include those in your proposal to be eligible.

And just to make it super clear to the council who will reviewing and voting on rounds, I would only include what you intend to accomplish in the round in GG20. Or could you be more specific around what you’re trying to accomplish with a round in GG20 specifically? I understand your roadmap but I don’t yet see what the round in April will be driving forward.

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I have just updated the proposal with the required information. Please let me know if there are any other information I need to provide. Thanks

Hi. We have reviewed the following proposal and information, and we will unfortunately not be accepting this proposal for GG20. There are other funding opportunities in the space that will be better suited for your needs that I suggest you check out! The Student Blockchain Club might a good option. Thanks again for your interest.

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