Recap of Global Chinese Community (GCC) Round and Our Plan for GG20

In the dynamic arena of Gitcoin Grants (GG) 19, the “Global Chinese Community (GCC) for Public Goods” once again showcased unwavering support for 28 groundbreaking Chinese public goods projects. A staggering 1,008 contributors lit up the stage with a collective contribution of $5,377. With Gitcoin’s quadratic funding model as the backdrop, GCC, in collaboration with Mask Network and Metapool, orchestrated a symphony of support, amplifying the impact with an estimated $19,710 in matching funds.

The funded projects, a kaleidoscope of innovation, spanned Ethereum infrastructure, DeSci, Security and anti-fraud, Education and policy advocacy, and the captivating world of Decentralized Public Governance. What sets these endeavors apart is the ripple effect they create across the entire Chinese-speaking community, transcending geographical boundaries to leave an indelible mark on the broader Web3 ecosystem.

Dancing in the spotlight of funding glory were projects like, a visionary creation incubated by the illustrious UpChain Community. It stands tall as an open, non-profit decentralized learning and skills certification platform. Joining the limelight are Metopia, the virtuoso of blockchain-based certificates and incentives, and Minibridge, the nimble maestro orchestrating low-cost cross-chain transfers – all gracefully securing significant matching funds.

Breaking into the scene for the first time in this community round were Web3Event, Thunderchat, z2o-k7e, and Nextme, all receiving noteworthy donations.

GCC, the Universal Digital Commons of Global Chinese Community, comprises the GCC Fund and GCC Open Community. The GCC Fund, a beacon of open Venture Grants, strives to overcome the challenges of limited participation and funding in the Chinese-language blockchain public goods sector. With a commitment to verifiability and a dash of radicalism, GCC passionately supports and donates to global Chinese-language digital public goods.

This marks the fourth grand act where GCC has orchestrated a donation round for Chinese-language public goods through Gitcoin Grants. Despite the undulating waves of market dynamics, the unwavering support from industry participants underscores the resilience and diversity of the entrepreneurial landscape within Chinese public goods projects.

Now, as the curtains fall on GG19, the stage is set for the grand spectacle of GG20. The upcoming “Global Chinese Community Round” promises an even more thrilling blend of excitement and impact. The spotlight will remain on fostering innovation in Cryptography technology, Anti-censorship, Public Goods Staking, Funding Mechanism for Public Goods, Network State, etc.

GCC at GG20 - Igniting the Global Chinese Community for Public Goods. Get ready to be a part of this electrifying journey! :rocket::earth_asia:



Great to see that the Chinese Gitcoin community is making progress.


LFG! Exciting to see the continued progress of GCC.

I would love to grab some time to connect with you and work on some ideas on how we can help to continue the trend for GCC going into GG20.