2023: Year in Review

As the year comes to a close, it’s time for our annual reflection on the incredible journey we’ve embarked upon together. Please join us on a trip down memory lane as we celebrate our favorite moments from 2023. For more highlights, please visit 2023.gitcoin.co.

1. A Warm Welcome Back: Firstly, we joyously welcomed back Kevin Owocki. His return has been a source of great joy and inspiration for the team and community alike.

2. Deep Connections and Improved Communications: This year marked the inaugural Gitcoin Citizens round, a significant step in deepening our connections. We’ve made considerable strides in improving communications with our grantees and have diligently tracked feedback to enhance our processes.

3. Rapid Innovations by Grants Stack: Grants Stack deserves recognition for rapidly iterating and implementing key improvements that have significantly enhanced our collective experience of web3 grants.

  • Launched GS publicly
  • 68 rounds run on grants stack
  • Won UAGP, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, GMX, Arbitrum, zkSync
  • Multi-round checkout
  • Explorer redesign and new branding
  • Launched direct grants

4. The Strength of Allo Protocol: Allo Protocol continued its impressive growth, launching its v2 mainnet and making substantial contributions to funding public goods, especially in Togo. Additionally, the launches of SeaGrants and record sign-ups at @sherlockdefi and @buidlbox are testament to its increasing utility and popularity.

5. Sybil Defense Transformation: Built on new infrastructure, Gitcoin Passport has been instrumental in exporting institutional knowledge to combat bots, securing various projects effortlessly.

  • Created infrastructure from scratch and launched APIs
  • Growth from 80k to 750k Passports
  • Launch of onchain stamps
  • $75k+ revenue
  • Hired 2 data scientists
  • Dramatic UX improvements & rebranding
  • From 7 to 35 partners

6. Restructuring of PGF: The Gitcoin Grants Program (PGF) has been restructured, forming two specialized arms: the Grants Program Team (GPT) and the team dedicated to Getting Stuff Done (GSD). This restructuring has facilitated prompt payouts and efficient allocation of over $7.6M USD.

7. MMM Powering Brand & Communications: The tireless efforts and creative innovations by the MMM team have significantly elevated the brand presence and outreach across communities, aligning closely with our strategic objectives and community needs.

We are grateful for your continued support and participation. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!