DAO Digest #3 2024

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:fire: Hot Topics

:new: Gitcoin is Entering the End Game, shifting its focus to grants, forming a dedicated business unit, shutting down unrelated projects, and aiming to distribute $1 billion through its grant platform in 2024.

:postbox: Take the short Gitcoin Passport survey to improve its usability, scoring, features, and overall experience! Your voice matters!

:large_blue_diamond: Gitcoin Grants is doubling down on OSS (Open Source Software) funding in the Ethereum ecosystem by improving efficiency, focusing on high-demand areas, and transitioning the community rounds to a governance-led model.

:handshake: We are accepting self-nominations for the GG20 Community Council for reviewing and voting on Community Rounds. Members will be selected by February 23rd via a Gitcoin DAO vote lasting 3 days. Apply here.

:wave: Following Gitcoinโ€™s restructuring, the MMM team will conclude operations by end of February, utilizing remaining funds of over $300,000 to cover expenses, with any surplus returned to the Gitcoin treasury, while commemorating their journey with a Memepalooza event on March 13.

:test_tube: The Grants Lab, a new Gitcoin unit focused on product development and adoption, aims to increase total grant value through Allo platform usage and prioritizes product, developer relations, marketing, and grant operations.

:balloon: Ecosystem Collective updates will include governance structures and budgeting, with plans for upcoming events in Brussels and ongoing marketing efforts for GG rounds.

:face_with_monocle: Gitcoin proposes a new โ€œmatching on matchingโ€ program offering up to $25k in additional funding for community-led grant rounds meeting specific criteria, subject to review and approval by the DAO-elected council.

:bulb: Allo v2 could shift from B2B to B2D (business-to-developer) strategy by offering pre-built, easy-to-use capital allocation contracts, creating a network effect similar to OpenZeppelin and attracting more developers, ultimately making Allo the go-to resource for this functionality.

:nerd_face: The Zuzalu round came with valuable insights for streamlining future processes.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Passport growth is substantial, with over 100,000 new unique passports and 300,000 GTC staked in the last month.

:eyes: Integration with zkSync Guilds is driving engagement, with scores determining eligibility for Discord roles and airdrops.

:loudspeaker: Denver plans include the Ecosystem Growth Summit with volunteer opportunities available. More can be learned on the Citizens space this week.

:rocket: Gitcoin is launching its Citizen Grants program, split into Citizens Retro (Retroactive Funding), Citizens Innovate (Citizen Proposals) and Citizens Forward (RFPs), to continue fostering innovation and community participation.

:new: Grants Managers can create and run rounds on either Base or zkSync Era via Grants Stack Manager! and similarly, any builders can also choose to create a project profile on those chains via Grants Stack Builder.

:end: PGN will be sunset (lights out) in June of 2024. In the meantime, the plan is to disable bridging onto PGN, and users are encouraged to bridge assets off PGN as they need them.

:ticket: Find out how to get a FREE ticket for ETHDenver 2024!

:open_book: Freshen up on essential Gitcoin Vocabulary.


Read this gov post to get the full lowdown on what 2023 held for Gitcoin :love_letter:


:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

  • Snapshot polls GTC Stewards. Tally performs on-chain actions.
  • Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, are approved on Snapshot before moving on to Tally.

:bar_chart: Active Proposals:


:date: Events Updates

Gitcoin Community Call โ€“ Updates to the community call or open to suggestion โ€“ have your say on X/Twitter here.

Catch up on recordings of recent X conversations here:

Get ready for ETHDenver: โ€“ Keep an eye on our โ€œGitcoin @ ETHDenver Calendarโ€ for more details on where weโ€™ll be for the week โ€“ below are the ones not to be missed :arrow_down:

Gitcoin Pulse โ€“ Weekly episodes covering a few of our top happenings at Gitcoin followed by short interviews with active contributors to better get to know the Gitcoin community and the projects they are working on. Listen to the latest episode here.

:wave: New to Gitcoin?

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