We Need Your Voice: Help Improve Gitcoin Passport

Hey everyone,

We’re working on making the Gitcoin Passport better for all of us, and we’d love to hear from you. There’s a short survey up on Pol.is, and it’s your chance to let us know what you think.

Here’s why it’s important:

  • Simplifying Things: How can we make it easier to use your stamps?
  • Understanding Scores: We’re curious about your thoughts on the Humanity Score.
  • New Ideas: Got suggestions for new features or stamp improvements?
  • Your Likes and Dislikes: What’s working and what’s not?

Your feedback is key to shaping the future of Gitcoin Passport in a way that truly reflects our community’s needs.

Join the survey here: Share Your Thoughts

Spread the Love: If you could also share this with your friends and on social media, we’d really appreciate it. The more input we get, the better we can make the Gitcoin Passport for everyone.

Thanks for helping us make our community stronger and the Gitcoin Passport something we’re all proud of.



I avoid links at all costs so will reply here.

The most simple way to use Passport is to not use it at all, not even connect your wallet to a site. Don’t make users take steps A-Z when all they want to do is step Z. This should be automated as much as possible and the workload absorbed by whatever platform wants to integrate it. The metrics should be accrued from platform usage, not user claims.

The new Ethereum Stamp scoring is very esoteric. I’d rather see tiers being detailed like,

Eth Enthusiast - You may be human, but you’re a pleb.
Eth Pioneer - Dang, you’re old.
Eth Advocate - You’re an OP Badgeholder, you’ve received OP RPGF and add value to the ecosystem
Eth Maxi - You’re a core developer and solo staker. Also spent lots of eth.

If the goal of Passport is to prove humanity, a KYC stamp should suffice. If the goal is to corner the DID market, make Passport valuable to hold so it’s worth jumping through so many hoops. Staking yield multipliers, airdrop eligibility, reduced fees on platforms, access, etc would be cool to see. This would require a significant BD lift from people who use products across networks (power users) and are able to identify and tap into strategic narratives.

Like this idea: https://x.com/kbw/status/1757236428595920914?s=20

Passport is yet to solve for DID issues within the Gitcoin ecosystem so it’s difficult to solve for the DID space as a whole. Projects like Worldcoin and QuarkID are doing a great job at thinking outside the bubble. Argentina, Brazil, and California are a few of the places teaming up with these teams to create real world solutions. I also know of small teams working to create solutions in Kenya, Tanzania, and other African nations.

My personal feeling is that Gitcoin Passport doesn’t solve for humanity because the team lacks human perspective and favors technocrat beliefs.

Suggestions: Allow users to merge wallets under one humanity score. Having a humanity score tagged to a single wallet does not represent a realistic crypto user. This change would allow Passport to gain traction across important niche areas like social, gaming and even QF.

Aim to run the next OSS round using only Gitcoin Passport without additional anti-sybil support. This would make the case for Passport being a real DID solution for its biggest customer and avoids creating issues for integration partners and friction for their users. For example, a human restakes 32 eth on EL from a fresh wallet and is excluded from their airdrop because Gitcoin Passport says this person is not a human. Maybe this human doesn’t want to risk 32 eth on a wallet they use for day to day activity? (wallet merging fixes this)

Is it Ethereum DID or is it DID? Venture beyond EVM (ties into merging wallets).
I’ve seen a few projects take QF across chains, I suspect other DID projects are aiming to do the same.