Gitcoin Citizens: What are you doing?

Well today i’ve posted the results for my > first GGR, sponsored by Talent Protocol and myself. Now we are looking to start the next round in February 9th for builders and developers to help us with tools to have a better on chain signature in Arbitrum.
Also translating and being active on boarding people to Gitcoin.


This round was awesome! Start with an budget and at final of round, We’ve 300% more of donations.
The Latam and Mexican people love Gitcoin and We’re lined with the philosophy and values of web3.
#LetsGrow :green_circle: :shamrock:


I successfully completed the Greenpill Round Managers Cohort and am now engaged in further training with and the Regen Data Bootcamp to improve my analysis and content, focusing on funding what what matters for portuguese-speaking audiences


A quick update here. After many challenges due to the plans to sunset the PGN network & allo v2 update we have had to shift the schedule for our grants program from January until April. We will provide another update once the v2 contracts are available so we can deploy our round and begin the application over for our current round on Optimism network.

It’s unfortunate that PGN is shutting down.


Gm, Gm, we made an Arbitrum round
You can see it here: