V2 of the Steward Council: Nomination thread and election RESULTS

ELECTIONS ARE NOW COMPLETE (post updated 12.06.2022)

Please take the post election survey: https://forms.gle/QkGjNEYsgXB6f4ef6

Gitcoin has elected the next cohort of members to its Gitcoin Stewards Council. The Gitcoin Stewards Council was created in March 2022 as a governance mechanism and has continued to refine the objectives, selection methods, and compensation of selected Gitcoin Steward Council members.

The objective of this new council is to be an externally connected strategic body that will help Gitcoin improve market sensing ability and to provide feedback on strategy, proposals, and challenges.

Also new to this cycle, Gitcoin, demonstrated a quadratically elected DAO Steward Council in a modified format of internal and external representatives. This new council will have one representative from each workstream and 10 externally active web3 leaders.

The newly elected council will serve its new term until June 3rd, 2023.

Gitcoin Workstream Steward Council members:

Member Workstream
@DisruptionJoe Fraud Detection and Defense
@ceresstation Public Goods Funding
@kevin.olsen Gitcoin Product Collective
@Krrisis DAO Operations
@Viriya Marketing Memes and Merch
@kyle Gitcoin Foundation

Quadratically elected Steward Council members:

Snapshot results:

ELECTIONS ARE NOW LIVE (post updated 11.28.2022)
As per the steward council v2 proposal, the vote for the next steward council is now live. For details on this process, please see the details below.

As we are using a new quadratic voting strategy, we created a new snapshot site where you will need to join and vote. You can find the vote: Snapshot

This vote will be conducted on Snapshot using “egalitarian quadratic voting” which means every registered steward will receive 99 tokens for which they can cast to any number of the 15 candidates using the Quadratic Voting methodology.

Voting period will close at 12:00 pm UTC on Monday, December 05th. This is a whitelisted vote, which means this vote is open only to registered Gitcoin Stewards found here.

Q: What is quadratic voting and how do my votes count?
A: See this quick explainer & simulator from The Economist

Q: I thought we only vote for 5 days - why is this listed as seven?
A: this vote will end over the weekend, which is not the full five “work” days - so we extend it over the weekend to make sure everyone has plenty of time to vote.

Q: Can I change my mind once voted if I see a certain candidate are (not) being upvoted?
A: Yes, Votes can be changed while the proposal is active

Q: Help - I get the error message “Oops, it seems you don’t have any voting power at block blahblahblah“ - what does this mean?
A: If you are a steward, this means the ETH wallet address you are attempting to vote from is not “whitelisted”. The steward addresses “whitelisted” were taken from the Introducing Steward Governance post.
A: If you are no longer using the address you listed as a steward, please contact @shawn on Discord shawn16400#5507 and he can substitute one address with another. If you are not a steward but do want to vote because you hold GTC, this is unfortunately not possible at this time: you can delegate your voting power here to one of the existing stewards.

Gitcoin Steward Council: Nomination Thread and update

This post is the official announcement of nominees for the Gitcoin Steward Council election. This post also outlines the nominations process and announces the representatives from the individual workstreams. Specific voting instructions for the Stewards will be published shortly. The new Steward Council will have a term of 180 days (v3 term: ~ 05 December 2022 to ~03 June 2023).

This post has four sections:

  1. Background on the Stewards Council & election process
  2. How nominees were selected appointed workstream representatives
  3. Announcement of the nominees
  4. What happens next

As we are piloting a new quadratic voting methodology, this post does not include specific voting instructions. Those specific instructions will be distributed shortly to the voting stewards.

To recall - this is our current voting schedule:

1.Background on the Steward Council:

In May of 2021 Gitcoin launched GTC, the native governance token for Gitcoin. Along with the creation of GTC, the governance of Gitcoin was handed over to the community via a group of individuals known as Stewards. Stewards are trusted leaders with delegated (including self-delegated) voting power to make decisions on behalf of the community.

To support a move towards more active and engaged governance participation, and recognizing governance took a significant amount of time, the Steward Council was created in March of 2022 and it consisted of the most active and engaged stewards as illustrated by the steward health cards found at https://www.daostewards.xyz

At the conclusion of v1 of the council, in October 2022, a proposal was made to 1) Update objectives and role of the Steward Council 2. Allocate a monthly stipend to council members and 3) Change the selection process for how steward council members were chosen

Documentation on those efforts can be found here:

2.How nominees were selected & appointment of workstream representatives

Following Proposal: V2 of the Steward Council, Gitcoin Workstreams identified 3 nominees per work stream and those nominees were reviewed by CSDO. Additionally, during this period, the work streams also identified the following representatives who will sit on the Steward Council their behalf. The appointed representatives are:

3.Announcement of the nominees:

The following steward have been nominated by the Gitcoin Workstream leaders to stand in this upcoming election:

Nominees are encouraged (but not required) to post a comment below with additional information about themselves and why they feel they would be a good addition to this Council. Voting Stewards are encouraged to ask questions here of the candidates, to read their original steward posts above, and check their participation history on https://www.daostewards.xyz/ . To note - some nominees are new and they may not show up on https://www.daostewards.xyz/ until later this week.

4.What happens Next?

  1. Nominees can post up additional information regarding their candidacy this week
  2. Gitcoin stewards will receive instructions on how to participate in the quadratic vote
  3. Monday November 28, the voting period for the steward council will open for 5 days
  4. Monday December 05 - the results will be posted on the forum

If you have questions contact @shawn16400

Discord: shawn16400#5507


Are workstreams the only entities that can nominate stewards? And are nominated stewards the only ones that are allowed to be voted on for the council?

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hey @chaselb good questions, thanks for that.

Yes, the proposal which was voted on stipulates the workstreams will nominate the council members.
This is done so that each workstream will find the leading web3/DAO thought leaders with relevant experience to their particular workstream domain and recruit those web3 leaders to help build this Gitcoin council. If done well - in time Gitcoin will have an exceptionally well connected council with broad experience across web3 from which to advise Gitcoin.
To the second point, yes you are correct that the nominee list is limited to those nominated by workstreams, and who can vote is limited to the 178 stewards listed here:

To note, I do not presume that in this iteration everything will go swimmingly, or that we have defined the final solution. We will send out a satisfaction survey and do a after action review to capture improvements for the next iteration in 6 months.


Ok I see. My concern, which perhaps was brought up in discussions before, is that not all stakeholders are workstream participants (for example, protocol users).


Appreciate the nomination from the GPC workstream. Since my departure as a full-time DAO contributor, I’d be delighted to continue supporting the Gitcoin mission through Stewardship.


I appreciate the nomination from my home workstream, PGF. As a previously full-time contributor who’s currently on parental leave, I’m excited by the prospect of continuing to engage with Gitcoin in a Steward Council capacity while I’m out.


Super grateful for the nomination from my workstream, MMM! I would be honored to support Gitcoin during our transition as part of the Steward’s Council.


I am honored to be nominated and look forward to serving if elected. I recently started a thread asking whether we might be over our skis in terms of spending too much which helped to spark a valuable conversation:
Are we over our skis?
This post is a good example of the depth and independence I plan to bring to the role.


Very excited to be nominated, I care deeply about how Ethereum can support public goods, and it would be an honor to serve on Gitcoin’s Steward Council.


I appreciate the nomination and would be humbled to serve as a steward. I recently wrapped up my work as an FDD contributor, but remain very passionate about creating sybil-resistant funding for public goods … and committed to the continued flourishing of GitcoinDAO through and out of the bear market!


change log:
11.28 ~1:30pm est: Updated post to include a link to the election - GO VOTE!


I am posting here just to explain my voting reasoning. There is many super cool candidates here. Very hard to choose. To keep it simple after some thinking I wanted to keep it down to 4. My votes were:

  • @griff 15%: Griff and I seem to agree on many things regarding crypto and Dao governance, especially on gitcoin. So I would really love to see him serve on the council.
  • @Pop 15%: Simona is amazing. Worked with her in gitcoin DAO in the past and with the previous counil iteration so it’s a no-brainer to vote for her.
  • @auryn 35%: Auryn is a crypto OG. Remember him from the DAO days and really love seeing his work both in gnosis, but also in the quadratic funding field with clrfund. The higher % is since he is lower in the list and want to help him.
  • @drnicka 35%: I have seen Nick around in the forums, and also in crypto twitter and valued his perspective in various matters. So when I saw his nomination for the steward council I felt that he would be a great addition! The higher % is since he is lower in the list and want to help him.

The election is now closed - results are posted above. We still have to execute the post mortem on this election to ensure we are running a fair election and we capture improvement points for next election.

Please take this 60 second survey so we can learn from this election: https://forms.gle/R2oxRDtAJwLjqmuu7

Link to election blog post: (here)
link to election results: (here)

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