Digest #43: Gitcoin x Unicef partnership, Alpha Rounds, upcoming Twitter Spaces and more! 🦃

Digest #43: Gitcoin x Unicef partnership, Alpha Rounds, upcoming Twitter Spaces and more! :turkey:

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As we head into Winter, GitcoinDAO looks to 2023, with upcoming “Alpha Rounds” and hackathons, a grants protocol launch in Spring, and an exciting new partnership with Unicef!

Gitcoin has partnered with Unicef to run an Alpha Round to fund projects that address gaps in financial access, education and literacy, environment, and public health. This round will be the first of five test rounds run on our new grants protocol (currently in closed beta) as part of Gitcoin’s Alpha test season.

There is a Twitter Space happening on Tuesday, 12/6, to kick off the Alpha Round with Unicef. Follow the Gitcoin Twitter account here.

In DAO news, we recently approved five-out-of-five budget requests for GitcoinDAO workstreams.

With the bear market, some Stewards and community members have expressed concern over the DAO’s spending, and have expressed the desire for the DAO to reign in costs as we go into 2023, an indefinite bear market, and a looming global economic recession.

With the acceptance of all workstream budget requests, the DAO will continue to operate as usual in S16, preparing for the launch of our upcoming Alpha Test Rounds, and continuing to build grants protocols.

Additionally GitcoinDAO continues to support Web3 builders via hackathons and initiatives, including:

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:sparkles: DAO Happenings This Week

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These are the top posts from this week in the Gitcoin Governance forum. See the latest here.

:studio_microphone:Latest Episodes from the Gitcoin Community

:ballot_box: Gitcoin Governance Overview

Snapshot polls GTC Holders and Tally performs on-chain actions. Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, move on to Tally after being ratified on Snapshot.

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Next Friday (12/2):

Tuesday (12/6):

  • 2p ET – UNICEF Round AMA – Join us in welcoming the 10 grantees in the UNICEF Round into the Gitcoin ecosystem! Our hosts Azeem Khan & Ben West will share more on the participating projects and their intended impact, followed by Q&A.

For up-to-the-minute updates on Gitcoin events, check out our Events Calendar!

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thanks @alexdwagner this is a great summary - and likely makes you the best informed Gitcoiner :slight_smile:
(can I say “gitcoiner”?)



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lol thank you, shawn! I am always trying to learn more, and trying to improve at broadcasting what’s happening in the DAO.

Give me a shout if you ever want to talk about the Digest, or have an event or a CTA you’d like us to include! :blush: