Digest #42: 🔨 FTX fallout continues; why it’s (more than ever) time to buidl together

:hammer: FTX fallout continues; why it’s (more than ever) time to buidl together

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Bear Cycles Don’t Last Forever :bear:

However, the severity of recent events in crypto has some of us asking ourselves, “What is Web3 for?”, and “Is Web3 good for the world?”.

Our answer? The FTX debacle just further illustrates how much decentralization, transparency, and antifragility truly matter.

According to the Ethereum Foundation, these values are always what was intended for Web3.

While the events surrounding FTX and Alameda Research have had negative effects for most everyone involved in crypto and Web3, perhaps this needed to happen for crypto to flush out bad actors, and return to its original values.

Case in point: for Web3 to continue to exist, the future must be decentralized.

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