Introducing Stewards Governance

Over the last two rounds of Gitcoin Grants, we’ve brought in a number of grantees and contributors in the community to help us think about how to better fund digital public goods and serve the web3 community, whether by stopping sybil attacks, improving grants discoverability, or more precisely defining the kinds of public goods that can be funded.

Through those conversations, we’ve learned a lot about what we’re doing well, and what we could improve on. One comment that came up frequently was that although we regularly seek feedback from community members and strive to be credibly neutral, we’ve historically had the final say in how Gitcoin Grants operates and have a decent amount of centralization debt.

Now, we want to pay down that debt, and empower the community to govern and to act.

What are stewards? :thinking:

With that in mind, I’m excited to propose the creation of a new stewards program as the first (hopefully of many) meta-governance proposals. While we want the community to have the final say in even what stewardship means, here are a few key areas we’ve identified that we need support from the previous roundtables we’ve held:

  • Setting grants round categories and sizes (how much funding should go to a matching pool for core infrastructure as compared to community or media?)
  • Determining what kinds of public goods we care about (e.g. is an open source project with VC funding still a public good?)
  • Defining what kind of behavior counts as a sybil-attack or collusion (when is collusion just squads vibing)
  • Finding credibly neutral ways to display grantees so that everyone has an equal shot at being funded

How do you know if this is right for you? If the problems above sound interesting, and you care deeply about finding better solutions to fund our digital infrastructure, you’re in! That said, being a steward will definitely take some time, and you should probably be prepared to block off at least an hour out of your week (4-6 hours a month) to sync with other stewards and check out what’s new as this forum grows.

Here are a few of the other duties / workstreams we think stewards might want to consider based on some of the problems we face (synthesizing the areas we identified above):

Meta-Governance: How we define organizational processes for Gitcoin with the community

Public Goods Funding: Helping rally the community to fund public goods, setting criteria for matching rounds, and finding ways to get Gitcoin involved in funding new digital public goods we might have missed

Anti-Fraud and Collusion Detection: Analyzing Gitcoin data and brainstorming long-term identity and mechanism design solutions for Sybil-Resistance

Progressive Decentralization: Finding ways to modularize and simplify Gitcoin’s architecture for the community to use in perpetuity

Special Projects: Finding ways to use Gitcoin’s new architecture to build interesting / novel solutions around public goods funding

These are just ideas, this post is a first step and we have many more to take. If you have any other ideas for these kinds of workstreams feel free to suggest them as a thread in the governance-meta category!

Introducing Yourself :wave:

Just so we can gauge interest, please write a short post below and make sure to include the following:

  • Gitcoin Username
  • ETH Address
  • Discord Handle (optional)
  • Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
  • Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

Next Steps

Once we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll add you to our Stewards Health cards so people can start delegating to you, but that’s just the start! Read up here on the next steps in the onboarding process and join our Discord.

My own nomination for reference:

Gitcoin username: ceresstation

ETH Address: ceresstation.eth

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

I believe that the true potential of web3 is to completely change how we coordinate value, in particular around our digital infrastructure. In the metaverse as many are now calling it, our identities are a core piece of that infrastructure, and so we have to ensure we maintain their integrity collectively, and continue to evolve them in an interoperable way.

This doesn’t only mean funding goods within the ENS ecosystem. There are so many builders in the Ethereum ecosystem that have brought us to where we are today, and that will help us find a path to where we need to be tomorrow. Our task as a working group should be to identify those builders, and the mechanisms that we can use to sustainably fund them.

By helping to steward this workstream, I commit to helping us do that in a transparent, accountable way, alongside any and all ecosystem partners who want to help us on this journey.

Together, we can create a positive-sum world .

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I have:

  • Actively participated in the Ethereum ecosystem since 2016 (and surprisingly, started a DAO project back then as well)
  • Co-founded Gitcoin which has funded nearly $50m in Ethereum public goods to date
  • Helped push forward one of the first Digital Public Goods Alliance communities of practice
  • Served as a volunteer committee member in a variety of community grants programs including Ethereum Foundation Grants
  • Helped provide guidance to a number of public goods projects throughout web3 including ENS / Optimism

Excited to start collaborating more with you all, onwards to decentralization.


Count me in for this @ceresstation :star_struck:

Gitcoin username: YalorMewn (

ETH address: 0x66b1De0f14a0ce971F7f248415063D44CAF19398

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining: I’m interested in participating in Gitcoin Governance because I find the values of Gitcoin align strongly with my own values: self-sovereignty for workers, transparency between the platform and the community, Impact driven innovation, and a focus on distributing the value captured more effectively to all those who are helping to build the future of work. I believe that Gitcoin will play an essential role in empowering online and open source communities in the near and long term future and I want to help guide and support the best outcomes for the community by being a Delegate/Steward.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I Have: My experience working in Ethereum over the past 3 years has earned me a lot of trust within the various communities that I have helped create, from executing events that expand the reach of Ethereum to organizing working groups that solve difficult issues inside DAO’s and Crypto companies I’ve been around the block and will continue to show up where-ever people feel that they are stuck. Some of the various groups I’ve worked with and co-created are Giveth, DappNode, MetaGame, MetaCartel, RaidGuild, DAOhaus, WhalerDAO, Panvala, MetaSpace, STAKEhaus (xDai), nfDAO, Matic, Fork The World, Hack For Freedom, Intercon, and I’m sure many other little things I’m forgetting.

Most of my Involvement in the various governance initiatives be found in Discord, but I’ve link the Discourse forums of a few below for transparency:

  • For MetaCartel, you can find my posts in the Forum and on-chain here.
  • For RaidGuild, things happen mostly in Discord internal chats and on-chain here.

For all DAO related activities on chain you can find my activities here.

Personally I’m really excited to play a role in Progressive Decentralization and Meta Governance as my experience tracks well with organizing groups of people and helping them drive towards defined outcomes.

Gitcoin has been at the heart of so many great initiatives, not mention on stage at my very first crypto conference in Prague 2018. It’s been a constant source of inspiration and innovation in public goods, fund raising, and economic empowerment for many around the world.

I believe with the right people helping to guide and steward the process it has the potential to 10 even 100x the impact it’s already made, so here’s to many more amazing experiments on Ethereum and beyond !


Gitcoin username: Anett Rolikova (

ETH Address: 0x16D2AD8Cc04888b537bB7B631715335a901B57cA

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining:

I’m interested to join Gitcoin Stewardship program and governance processes as I find super interesting Gitcoin pursuing more decentralised and mainly community owned way to be govern. Giving the Community Members, and Gitcoin OGs to help out narrowing path of the Gitcoin is where my excitement aligns with the goals of Gitcoin being a Town Square for Ethereum Devs. I been around the Ethereum Community and close to Ethereum Devs since early 2019 and I’m fan of Gitcoin since I found about it which was very early on my crypto path. I believe that as a Community we can drive Gitcoin’s mission about Open Source development further, find more opportunities for new-coming developers to learn by filling out Quests, find their first gig by participating on Bounties, later on by fund-raising via Gitcoin Grants.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I have:

My experience with various crypto communities has earned me trust in the community. I have been working mainly around events, operations, community building, social media management, copywriting with various Ethereum projects. Educating Ethereum Meetup organisers, being the the magic wand holder in Ethereum Magicians supporting the community, and lately working on herding the cats around NFT Standard research. Some of the projects that I helped shine: Ethereum Magicians, Superfluid, Bitfwd, Sigma Prime (ETH2.0 Lighthouse client), dHEDGE, and a couple of smaller contributions here and there in other projects.

Most of my involvement in various projects is in giving insights to projects, helping simplify the operations and processes, taking notes from calls and helping where ever I see the opportunity to contribute.

Personally I would love to be involved with Gitcoin as I helped give some of the Governance questions regarding governance, stepping up and contributing to Open Source Development has been my passion since I have entered the crypto rabbit hole.

Gitcoin has been deeper in my heart since they launched Kudos and I managed to snag the most of the kudos NFT that were in Friday’s giveaway. Thanks to Gitcoin Ethereum Magicians are able to run their activities and supporting the community.

I believe, with the mind oriented towards community, decentralisation, collaboration we can guided Gitcoin’s road to become fully community owned protocol and improve the processes on the go. I love the impact that Gitcoin has on the Open Source Community and Ethereum Ecosystem, looking forward to get spot in the Stewards Council.

Thank you Gitcoin Team for making Open Source more accessible :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey all,

Lefteris here.

Gitcoin username: @lefterisjp | Gitcoin
ETH Address: lefteris.eth

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining:

My intention in joining this program is to make opensource sustainable. I have seen gitcoin evolve through multiple rounds creating new highs in funds donated to projects in each round.

I have also not been shy in criticizing things when I saw either behavior or a system choice that I considered unfair. My values are simple. I want opensource to become the standard because I strongly believe that this field (and any field for that matter) can only progress through knowledge sharing and collaboration that opensource code brings.

One of the main problems that I see gitcoin trying to address is funding opensource and this is what I want to help with since it’s a goal really close to my heart.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

I am a senior backend dev and founder of rotki. I have worked in ethereum since before the launch in a variety of technical roles. Contributed to the solidity compiler, the C++ ethereum client, wrote the DAO, white-hacked the DAO, cleaned up after that mess, wrote most of the code for the raiden network and wrote most of the backend for rotki.


tl;dr: YES

Gitcoin Username: @simona-pop

ETH Address: simona.eth

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining: Other than the fact that Gitcoin has been a constant in my web3 journey - from Bounties Network days to Grants funding and working together on funding rounds for Black Lives Matter, to mentoring in the Kernel programme - we also share a common goal: level out the playing field in terms of access. Access to resources, to community, to web3.

Finding new and better ways of doing things tends to be my modus operandi so ensuring funds flow towards worthy causes, in the most accessible way and deliver genuine IRL value is incredibly aligned with my broader mission in web3.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills: IYKYK…

In serious news, starting from most recent: Heading up community strategy at Status, mentoring in the Kernel programme and a series of projects in the ecosystem, NFT aficionado, steward and scholarships lead at ETHDenver & Devcon, member of various DAOs, :fire: event organizer, cofounder of Bounties Network and general crypto based plate spinner.


Gitcoin username: @linda-xie | Gitcoin

ETH Address: 0x5e349eca2dc61aBCd9dD99Ce94d04136151a09Ee

Statement of Intent: I’m interested in participating as a Gitcoin Steward because I want to support digital public goods and help Gitcoin move towards complete decentralization.

Qualifications: I have worked in the crypto space for the past 7 years. I have funded dozens of crypto projects both through my fund Scalar Capital and as an angel investor. I was previously a product manager at Coinbase and I am currently an advisor to 0x. I was a mentor for the past 2 Gitcoin KERNEL Blocks. I am especially passionate about educational work in the crypto space and have written many educational posts and helped host numerous educational events including the SF Ethereum Developers Meetup.


Gitcoin username: amsos (@amsos | Gitcoin )

ETH address: 0x58f123BD4261EA25955B362Be57D89F4B6E7110a

Statement of Intention / My Values & Reason for Joining: When I started my journey down the crypto rabbit hole, Gitcoin was one of the places I landed. What drew me in then is what draws me in today. Gitcoin builds more than “just the tech”, it also creates a community of builders who jointly believe in building a better future. Further, by looking at projects fundraising on Gitcoin I was able to build a learning roadmap of all the best concepts and projects in the eth ecosystem. The steward’s program allows me to participate in a community I very much believe in.

On top of that - I want to join the stewards program to work on and contribute to the Governance space of Open Source communities (specifically that of delegated authority, republics/representative democracies, and liberal democracies.) So far, we’ve only experimented with a few limited governance models (direct democracies, benevolent dictators, etc). It’s time to understand how we can leverage more modern concepts and models for crypto governance. When these newer concepts are combined with crypto, we can test what “open source governance” looks like.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I Have : I’ve been actively working in the Ethereum space for about three years and have been on a journey of learning. Currently, I’m the founder of Govrn (a decentralized and Open Source Politics startup) and a RadicalxChange Fellow. A few communities I contribute to are Metacartel, Raid Guild, WhalerDAO, DAO Book Club, DAO Rush Week, and Panvala. I also run the Federalist and Anti-Federalist book clubs, as well as the San Francisco Decentralized Governance Meetup Group.

Ultimately, I’m a governance fanatic that spends his weekends learning game theory, political philosophy, politics, and skiing/hiking. My goal is to study and experiment with how to take the advancements in Web3 Governance (specifically Meta-Governance, Public Good Funding, and Progressive Decentralization) and see how we can apply it to governance over local governments.


Gitcoin username : Muskan Kalra(@muskaankalra24 | Gitcoin )

ETH Address : 0x4Bc519F0b7b348FaE780Afb2DD4aa76841bA8e9e

Statement of Intent: I am interested in participating in Gitcoin Governance because I love their mission to push “open-source forward”. Gitcoin has onboarded thousands of developers to the Web3 world and has added immense value to the Ethereum community. They play a pivotal role in growing Web3 and open source communities, and I would love to support them in their mission by being a steward.

Qualifications: I have been part of the Ethereum community for the last two years, leading developer relations at Polygon for a considerable time now. I have helped organize many hackathons and developer grant programs to onboard developers to the Ethereum community and have always supported their growth.

Some of the groups I have worked with apart from my role at Polygon are nfDAO, MGD, Panvala, and Metacartel.


Love this initiative! Stoked to put my hat in the ring on behalf of :fire: _ :fire: (Fire Eyes DAO)

Gitcoin username: @fireeyesxyz

ETH Address: 0xD23aff9aD562C445BCaB03321CBfE63bf4b0BcF2

Statement of Intention:

:fire: _ :fire: works across the wider Ethereum ecosystem to build bottom-up communities which support positive sum games. As long time donors and participants of the Gitcoin ecosystem, we’re excited to participate and explore ways in which Stewards can further propagate the support of public goods.

We’re passionate about the core tenants of true community ownership and look forward to using the Stewards program as a way to increase voter turnout and have more engaged conversations around key cornerstones of Ethereum like Gitcoin Grants.


:fire: _ :fire: is one of the most active protocol politicians in web3. Having passed on-chain proposals for Aave, Balancer, and Rocket Pool, we strive to be active in and engaged across all projects pushing the governance needle forward.

We were a partner in the latest Funder’s League and have worked closely with a vast majority of the communities that have thrived thanks to Gitcoin-based activations like Grants, Hackathons and bounties.

Our members - Myself, Lucas Campbell, James Waugh and Callum Gladstone - have all lived and breathed web3 for the past five years and now find ourselves in a strong position to relay exciting developments, trends and ideas to strengthen Gitcoin’s foothold.

More concrete skills include strategy, communication, community development and incentive design.

We look forward to being a part of the Gitcoin Stewards!


Gitcoin username: @mrbrucespringsteen

ETH Address : 0x5BA02f4Ff6Af1d9d2Af8774D10fD32Eb57d4E2E6

Statement of Intent : Gitcoin is an amazing project and a pillar of the community. I’m interested in being a Steward to assist however I can. My expertise and interest is closest to the areas of Public Goods funding (including special projects) and progressive decentralization, perhaps specifically helping with incentives around sunsetting/transitioning projects.

Qualifications :

  • Sr. Engineer - Behavioral Mechanism Design at BlockScience and Planck founder.
  • Econ MSc and PhD / Organization Theory nerd
  • 2018 essay on NFTs for public goods was NFT canonized.
  • Contributor to, notably helping engineer a Schelling Point attack to end a $12m Ponzi.
  • Speaker at e.g. TokenEngineering and NiftySummit, most recently spoke at the 2021 OGNFT conference, where I conducted a live experiment alongside Austin Griffith to illustrate mechanisms which promote trust in a public goods context.
  • Volunteers mentoring blockchain projects at Columbia University and Warwick.

Gitcoin Username: @pet3r-pan

ETH Address: 0x68898B237823448475bd50EA0BB6E4A20B71FF63

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

Gitcoin’s culture of live experimentation gives it a real serious chance at solving some of the core fundamental problems around open-source funding that builders struggle with today. My intention is to represent 1kx as a steward to ensure that it continues towards this outcome.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

  • Passionate about community building and DAO coordination
  • Community builder by trade and craft (see my writing here)
  • Managed and distributed over 40+ grants to dapps over the last 3 years
  • Summoned MetaCartel DAO and Venture DAO (MetaCartel Ventures)
  • Currently investing in early stage token networks at 1kx

Gitcoin Username : trent_vanepps

ETH Address : 0x4C0a466DF0628FE8699051b3Ac6506653191cc21 trent.eth

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

We’re witnessing the opening moments of a multi-decade shift from legacy hierarchies and institutions to grassroots value networks. Ethereum has been and will likely remain the epicenter for this shift - however, our network will need its own mechanisms to maintain Public Goods. Over the past few years, Gitcoin has demonstrated its uncompromising commitment towards this vision. I’ve been happy to contribute DAI each round, as well as offering consistent feedback to the team. Joining as a Steward means I get to directly participate in the evolution of Gitcoin - an incredible opportunity to build the machine that builds the machine. There are few things more exciting than framing our collective future in Ethereum, working side by side with the rest of you :pray:

I’m most interested in Meta-Governance, Public Goods Funding, Progressive Decentralization, and Special Projects.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

  • Ethereum community membership since 2015
  • Participated in the original DAO, the EIP 999 and ProgPoW debates, and helped shepherd EIP-1559 to mainnet
  • mod of r/ethereum
  • regularly engage with the broader Twitter community: @trent_vanepps
  • ran several Ethereum Dev onboarding sessions in 2020
  • helped run 4 ETHGlobal hackathons and many summits (2019 - 2021)
  • projects like the Eth2 Open Grant, as well as the soon to launch Beacon Book
  • I’m engaged with a broad range of ecosystem stakeholders, including: POAP, r/ETHFinance, ETHStaker, ETHGlobal, ETHR&D Discord, MolochDAO, Flashbots, Eth2 Researchers and Implementing teams, Eth1 client teams, Eth1 & Eth2 infra, the All Core Dev Call, Ethereum Cat Herders, Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians, the team, a number of DeFi (eg. Maker, Uniswap) and web3 teams (eg. Mirror, Zora)
  • Past positions include Fission, Whiteblock, ETHGlobal - currently at the EF as Ecosystem Person
  • Gitcoin Username: AnneConnelly

  • ETH Address: 0xA30Ab83e693Ad49F3F651085DaD11d049c818923

  • Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

    • I have dedicated my career to creating social impact. I started with work in the humanitarian sector with Doctors Without Borders, doing field work in Central Africab Republic, running a fundraising team, and sitting on the board of directors. Since getting into blockchain, I have been focused less on supporting existing organizations, and more on supporting models that break the structures those organizations are built on. That is why I am passionate about Gitcoin. I have both contributed to, and received funds from Gitcoin grants, have mentored at the Kernel incubator, and I am currently working on an adaptation of Quadratic Funding with the Gitcoin team called Quadratic Trust. I would be honoured to take on a more significant role in the governance of Gitcoin.
  • Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

    • I have been in the blockchain space since 2012, working at startups including Decentral, Ledger Labs, and ixo Foundation. My recent focus has been on education - I am Faculty with Singularity University, teaching entrepreneurs how to use exponential technologies like blockchains to solve problems that impact 1 billion people. This summer, I will be teaching a course on Blockchain-based Business Models for Social Impact at the Questrom School of Business. This year I published “Bitcoin and the Future of Fundraising”, a book to guide charities through setting up crypto donation programs. I have mentored and judged at EthDenver, am part of MGD DAO and have spoken at crypto events around the world.

Thank you for your consideration to have me as a steward.


gitcoin username: @nkennethk

ETH address: kennethng.eth

statement of intent:
Organizing decentralized governance communities and managing these processes can be extremely overwhelming. At the very least, it’s shown to be much more difficult than any of us have anticipated when it comes to facilitating fruitful debates or coordinating proposals & voting. My goal is to help coalesce highly engaged community members around activation events where people can functionally discuss progression (definition & how-to) so that decisioning happens more often than the status quo.

web3 qualifications/skills:
I’ve been involved in helping steer public goods funding from several facets (EF, EF->gitcoin, UNI grants, and more). I have also been a longstanding mentor for grantees & kernel projects, but recognize that my skills are not as expansive or critical as others in the thread above me! What my expertise does lend itself to is helping to see things from a different perspective and help to empower people in different ways.


Gitcoin Username: Philip Silva @ubipromoter

ETH Address: 0xd9ffaF2e880dF0cc7B7104e9E789d281a81824cf

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining: I deeply believe that the web3 tech and governance stack we are building has the power to reshape the world in better and more just ways for all people. I would like to join the Stewardship program because I see Gitcoin as a shining example of how we can start making these changes and I want to help it succeed. The mission, ethics, and shipping of the Gitcoin team are inspiring and I hope to spread this ethos and its impact far and wide.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills: I began my crypto exploration in 2013 and have been living in the rabbit hole of the Ethereum ecosystem full time since 2018. My biggest focus has been working with the BrightID team to bring privacy preserving proof of digital uniqueness to the Web3 world. I built a deep appreciation for the Gitcoin team while building out the BrightID integration for Gitcoin Grants with them.

I am a founding member of a bunch of DAOs including BrightID, The LAO, Flamingo, and WhalerDAO and a member of many others. In these DAOs I focus largely on governance, community, and mission. While I sadly lack the technical skills of the amazing builders around me, I have had success acting as a translator helping people understand and appreciate the tools we are building and the potential we are unlocking. I am all about inspiration, collaboration, decentralization, and changing the status quo.


Gitcoin Username: Thomas Jay Rush (Jay) @tjayrush

ETH Address: trueblocks.eth

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining: When human beings find themselves in a brand new country, one of the first things they do is blaze trails through the forest. Future generations follow those paths which eventually become the country’s roads and super highways. Web 3.0 is a brand new country. I’d like to help blaze the first paths through the woods. Open source funding is a particularly thorny patch of the landscape, so I’m attracted there clearing this patch is of paramount importance to the future success of the entire space. My specific area of interest is promoting a deeper understanding of and involvement with the data being produced by these system – for the community, as opposed for the developers.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills: I’ve been engaged with the crypto world since first encountering Bitcoin in 2013. I got deeply involved in Ethereum in late 2015 / early 2016 when I first heard about “The DAO.” Since then, I’ve been working on TrueBlocks, a project investigating methods to help communities permissionlessly acquire and analyze their own data without the need for a third-party, including the developers of the community. I was a 2018 recipient of an Ethereum Foundation grant for my work and continue work on the same project.


Gitcoin Username: @makoto | Gitcoin
ETH Address: matoken.eth

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

I am interested in participating in Gitcoin governance as a way to give back my experience as both grantee and grantor of various Ethereum based ecosystem program. I believe that I have a good understanding of what ecosystem support developers seek through my experience of participating in various hackathons and receiving grants and bounties.

Also as an ENS team member, I would like to take this opportunity to strengthen the relationship between Gitcoin and ENS.

At ENS we are considering ways to give some of ENS registration revenue back to the community and would like to increase our alliance and collaboration rather than re-inventing many things Gitcoin has already built.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

  • The organiser of London Ethereum Codeup since March 2016
  • Core dev team member of ENS since May 2018
  • In charge of running the ENS workshop for the last 4 years.
  • Co-founder of Kickback which has been used at various social events and hackathons including EthNY and EthLondon
  • The summoner of OrochiDAO, event sponsor as a DAO.
  • The co-organiser of Osaka Blockchain week in 2019
  • The recipient of various grants from Metacartel, MakerDAO, and Consensys
  • Have been both grantee and grantor of Gitcoin grants program
  • The various hackathon/bounty winners including EthGlobal, EtherPunk, Gitcoin hackathon
  • Dev Skills: Solidity, JavaScript, Ruby, Data analysis and visualisation(TheGrapher, Dune Wizard, Covalentist)
  • Experience building outside of Ethereum L1 (Flow, xDAI, Polygon-xDAI-BSC through Connext)

Gitcoin Username: @andytudhope
ETH Address: thebluebook.eth

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

I am not very interested in governance. I am very interested in responsibility. What public goods we should care about and what kinds of behaviour we should promote are both fascinating, open-ended questions. Maybe it’s not about finding answers, but rather engaging in productive p2p dialogues? I have some experience seeding such things and I am happy to play a role on this particular stage.

Credible neutrality is equally critical. It requires a unique mix of technical nous and a total lack of ego. The most reliable way I know towards both is service and I am honoured to be given the chance to practice that here.

What Web3 Qualifications / Skills I Have

I’ve helped in some communities since before Ethereum, written some stuff over the years, designed and implemented a unique token curation system for DApps, worn some really colourful pants and generally helped share a good deal of rainbow unicorn love.


Gitcoin username: @adamstallard
Eth address: 0xdC0046B52e2E38AEe2271B6171ebb65cCD337518

My vision

I want working for the open internet to be a reality for more people. Funding public goods occupies more of my world-changing thoughts than anything else, and Gitcoin has been an inspiration to me.

How I’d like to help

I’d like to help integrate any innovations in sybil protection that come from BrightID into Gitcoin, and help steward our community toward greater decentralization, following some of the lessons learned in the past year from


Gitcoin Username: @jordanlyall

ETH Address: jordanlyall.eth

Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining

I’d like to participate in Gitcoin governance to support progressive decentralization, help fund public goods, and give back to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Your Web3 Qualifications / Skills

  • Building products and communities on Ethereum for 4 years
  • Creator of the $MEME protocol and co-founder of Nifty’s
  • 2 years at ConsenSys building DeFi tools and services
  • I advise several web3 startups and DAOs