How should I change my delegations? [Q2 2023]

i am posting this thread to be transparent my Q2 2023 delegations.

(for those of you dont know me, im kevin owocki - one of the original cofounders of Gitcoin. i started Gitcoin in my basement in 2017 and (along with early hires) took it from nothing to a brand that Joe Lubin/Vitalik Buterin have endorsed with $50mm+ in GMV from 2018-2022. in 2022, to embrace decentralization of leadership, i disaffiliated from the DAO’s leadership last summer. if you check out my discourse profile or public speaking history you can learn more about me.)

here are my delegations as they currently stand:


  1. removed delegates who were inactive or disaffiliated from gitcoin.
    • linda xie has announced she is stepping down as a steward so i undelegated from her.
    • undelegated from jodi for the same reason.
    • janine is still involved as a steward, so keeping delegations to her as long as she is still involved in stewardship.
  2. i delegated heavily to product/tech leaders like kyle + olsen because Gitcoin is in a place of change into a protocolDAO + product/tech leadership is needed there.
    • if other product/tech oriented ppl sign up for stewards governance i’d love to delegate to them too.
  3. now that gitcoin has products/protocols in market, i see value in increasing delegations to marketing/partnership delegates.
    • short term that means more delegations to @azeem @CoachJonathan @Viriya . medium term, i’d love to elevate a broad swath of up and coming talent in that category.
    • if other marketing/partnership ppl sign up for stewards governance i’d love to delegate to them too.
  4. i had to refactor how i do my delegations recently and as a result some of the smaller delegations from Q1 got unwound. i am planning on re-delegating them.

feedback welcome

i would like to solicit feedback from you all about how i should change my delegations.

my biggest self-criticism is that my delegations are not spread out enough. medium/long term as the protocols ossify, i’d love to decentralize my GTC voting power among more community members. my goal is to get each delegate below 10% of my delegations. here is my post on decentralizing delegations..

one practical consideration here is that i am not usually aware of what up & coming talent there is in the community. so please help make me aware by filling out this delegation recommendation form or DM me on discord (Owocki#1337) with your recommendation. or if you can comment below as long as your comment meets the forum guidelines and code of conduct.

how can we get transparency from other large holders?

i’d love to not be the only large GTC holder who posts transparency reports like this. how can we stimulate more transparency from large holders?

past delegation updates from me:


If you want 2 support a more “contrarian” and independent delegate that is not getting paid by the DAO(and is not afraid to speak his mind in a nice, but direct way)and has only Gitcoin DAOs best wishes at hearth you can delegate 2 me ser :robot:

I officially stepped down from the FDD( was Grant Eligibility lead) in November. As the dude that handled over 3000 reviews and saved at least 250-500k by investigating grants empirically during/after the round(which I advocated to be introduced during GR13) I’ve always had Gitcoins and the grantees best interests at hearth…otherwise I couldn’t have kept the pace for so long :rofl: Still quite interested in the long term success of the DAO. I would consider it a great responsability ofc :saluting_face:

Ah, and I was number 4 on the list of the top 10 stewards for [2022] (Gitcoin Outstanding Steward Award | Gitcoin Blog)

Cheers :four_leaf_clover:

P.S. I would also recommend delegating to @epowell101 because he’s clearly value aligned and has a tons of start-up experience + the data driven experience to back it.


I would love to see @ZER8 and @epowell101 with some of your delegations. Great idea @ZER8.

I will make some nominations in your form @owocki :slight_smile: I also submitted a form entry detailing why I think there should be some more external whales created – maybe aligned with the Steward Council nominations coming up?

The tl;dr is that I think this would force CSDO to act more like a team as we would need to all align and report to our whales. Having disproportioned power at CSDO is creating a lack of safety amongst the members, in my experience. This, of course, is mostly a culture problem and not a token delegation problem but I do wonder how culture might be affected if token delegations were more equal across CSDO (if not the DAO as a whole).


I just replied to the stewards governance thread. I would like to be more involved.


Thank you so much Viriya for considering me and I’m glad you like the idea of delegating 2 people that know the ins/outs of the DAO, but are not getting paid from it atm. This is a more purist approach :four_leaf_clover:

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oh boy this made my day - thank you!

tbh I’m wondering whether day to day I’m spending too much time on steward stuff given other web3 passions (shout out to OpenData Community)

I keep ranking near the top in terms of steward ratings and yet I have not been good at gathering delegations

anyway - so any boosts help me stay engaged in the many calls, budget reviews, GCPs and otherwise…