How should I change my delegations?

not sure how many ppl saw it, but i recently posted about my delegations in GitcoinDAO :point_down:

i would like to solicit feedback from you all about how i should change my delegations for S15. pls fill out this form if you have feedback for me (anon responses ok). or if you can comment below as long as your comment meets the forum guidelines and code of conduct.

for other ppl who have over 20k (ish) worth of GTC:, id love if you posted a similar transparency report about who you delegate to and why. i thikn doing so will create a proactive conversation about how we give feedback, cultivate leadership (esp what we look for in leadres), & decentralize power at gitcoindao (and probably prevent help hone some delegations)


I am really glad to see this post here! Why? Because, as a newbie in the space, what’s been very surprising for me was the realization that there seem to be about < 10 stewards with delegated GTC >1M and additionally about +/- 10 active stewards with <1M && >100k. The story of Gitcoin being driven by “whale-ish stewards” manifested in my head.

So, yes, I would love to see a more “quadratic-ish” distribution (within reason!) since the quadratic approach is built into the DNA of Gitcoin and internally I d advocate for taking this point of view into account when making delegations.


This is a phenomenal request. Thank you for doing this and starting the trend! There has been lots of discussion amongst DAO contributors about this topic. Seeing it addressed directly is nice.

I think we all hope for Gitcoin to one day use Quadratic weighting for our governance voting, but we don’t have that level of sybil protection yet. Soon this will be possible, but while we are on that path, this kind of transparency is greatly appreciated.