GitcoinDAO Digest #21 2022

Happening now: Gitcoin Grants Round 14! Until June 23rd you can have your dollars multiplied by quadratic funding! Don’t miss this!

:point_right: Key actions for this week:

  1. Contribute to your favorite builders! Gitcoin Grants Round 14 is live! :tada:
  2. Highlight your favorite grants by sharing your collection on social media!

:fire: Hot Topics:

  • Get all the details on Grants Round 14! We have over 3 million available in matching funding, split across:

  • Kyle provides an update on the Foundation established to represent GitcoinDAO. The Foundation has a draft of bylaws that define GTC token holders as beneficiaries of the Foundation and empowers a board of directors to execute DAO resolutions. In addition, three subsidiaries of the foundation have been formed:

    • one for holding intellectual property (trademarks, software),
    • one for operations and payments, and
    • one for Grants Multisig custody to handle KYC and AML requirements.
  • Elliot from Llama provides May financial statements for the DAO showing we claimed ~19M GTC from our time-locked vester account.

  • Kevin Olsen proposes we implement a carbon neutral policy at Gitcoin and shares a working doc from the team at KlimaDAO. The document estimates our “total on-chain emissions to date, representing all trading of GTC, all donations made during our grants rounds, and our grants payouts across Mainnet, ZKSsync, and Polygon.” This amounts to 2068 tCO2e, but “less the amount already offset and in the treasury, we have 1862 tons to purchase. If we do this with NCT our offset for Phase 1 will cost $4.52 * 1862 = $8416.24.”

  • Simona Pop writes and shares a reflection on DAO governance that quickly received over 150 retweets. In the article, Simona says “Evolving DAOs feels like building a house on quicksand. During an earthquake. In the rain. It’s all about balance. It’s an extreme exercise in balance above everything else." Simona also points out four key pillars for maintaining balance in a DAO:

    • having standards of information flow,
    • holding space for engagement,
    • seeking equilibrium between extremes, and
    • requesting responsibility.
  • Schelling Point NYC is happening in just two weeks! Protocol Labs is hosting FundingTheCommons and we will be running an unconference track! Don’t forget to submit your unconference topic proposal!

  • Owocki shares how and why he’s delegated GTC among stewards and asks how he should change his GTC delegation in preparation for season 15.

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

Snapshot polls GTC Holders and Tally performs on-chain actions. Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, need to be approved on Snapshot before moving on to Tally.

:man_mage::woman_mage: Workstream Discussion

:seedling: Public Goods Funding

  • We’re hard at work on GR14! We’re keeping our communications lively, making sure projects get tagged appropriately, and keeping the whole machine moving.

  • Keep an eye out for upcoming live events about GR14! The next one we’ll be hosting on our Twitter is: June 14th @ 7 PM UTC: GR14 Climate Round Panel w/ Ayowecca Uganda, Holly Grimm, William of Helios

  • We’ve worked with our partners from Llama to put together a v1 framework for a mutual grant with Radicle. This grant would swap 500k GTC for an equivalent value of RAD to make each DAO a top 10 delegate in the other’s governance. This framework proposes that each DAO create a 3-person committee (of 2 DAO members and 1 Llama member) to focus on metagovernance and voting.

:rocket: Moonshot Collective

  • Gitcoin Passport: Partnering with Grants 2.0 workstream, we completed our MVP and launched it in time for GR14. We’re continuously making UI/UX improvements as we learn from the feedback we’re receiving.

  • Governance Operations Scaling: We’re working on a draft post to share on the governance forum and seek feedback from our community. We’re currently researching governance implementations and brainstorming prototype solutions.

  • Operations: We completed moving our contributor payment processes to Utopia Labs to simplify payment flows. We implemented a new, clean weekly progress format in our Notion.

:blue_heart: Fraud Detection & Defense (FDD)

  • Grants Intelligence Agency: We are super busy with GR14 but still approving grants in under 48 hours! We are using Ethelo to coordinate checking grant eligibility for GR14 side rounds.

  • Data Operations: We’re running our Sybil Account Detection model to keep GR14 as safe and secure as possible.

  • Community Intelligence: We’re analyzing grants based on the wording and sentence structure to identify common patterns among those engaging in fraudulent behavior.

  • Operating System: We passed a governance proposal to expand the group of people (“outcome owners”) who have voting rights within the workstream. We did some spring cleaning of our Discord and Notion to keep ourselves looking and feeling fresh.

:art: Merch, Memes & Marketing

  • We kicked-off GR14 with a live DAO Vibes, a video tweet thread, and a recorded Twitter space for diversity, equity, and inclusion grants. We will continue to be super active in our engagement channels to amplify this grants round and #ReFiSummer

  • We’re working to evolve our content strategy and developing a content strategy handbook.

  • We’re running peer reviews among our most active contributors to gather feedback for improvement.

:sunny: DAO Operations

  • CSDO: This week we discussed reworking the DAO’s purpose and essential intents, not needing to spin up a formal workstream for Schelling Point, and the season 15 budgeting process based on the season 14 budget retrospectives.

  • Loie and Saf wrote a Compensation Commitment advocating for transparent salaries, U.S-based market benchmarks, approval requirements for core contributor salaries, and stablecoin denomination.

  • We are piloting Gilded Finance for financial reporting and will share our reflections

:hammer_and_wrench: Grants 2.0

  • Gitcoin Passport: Together with the Moonshot Collective, we launched at in time for GR14! We completed the final stamp, for BrightID, and are making UX/UI changes as we gather feedback. We have a video demo live.

  • Grants Hub: We have built out all of our high-fidelity mockups in our dapp and are about 90% of the way to hitting our MVP milestone. Our latest demo is available

  • Round Manager/Explorer: We finished fleshing out our smart contracts and tested deployment on Goerli. We have a steel thread UI that we will begin connecting to contracts next week

  • Find more details in our weekly update thread.

:date: Upcoming community events

  • Drop in on our weekly DAO Vibes on Wednesdays at 4:00 PM UTC on Discord! We have been seeing great attendance and engagement and we would love for you to join us.

  • Community Onboarding Call! New to Gitcoin? The next event will be Monday, June 20th from 5:00 to 6:00 PM UTC. We’ll tell you all about how we’re organized and how you can become an active contributor. If you haven’t applied, do this first!

:wave: New to GitcoinDAO?

Thanks for reading! Now go donate to your favorite grants!

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