Creating Transparency into Delegations

Top Down Transparency

I’m sure you’ve all seen it at this point but here is where I am delegating my GTC governance powers

After I posted this transparency report @kyle fast followed and posted where he is delegating.

Why do this?

I would like to make this a trend. Posting this information transparentyly makes it obvious to the afverage member of the DAO where and how the legitimacy of the consent of the governed flows in the DAO. It also invites a conversation about who else in the DAO is doing great work so that I can update my delegations to point to them. My take: This will be important as the DAO tunes Grants 2.0 to reach product market fit. We gotta have the people who are learning from the front and have the context having governance power.

Call to action

I invite other larger holders of GTC to post on a quarterly basis about where they are delegating their GTC.

Bottoms up Transparency

I would also like to show off that @ivanmolto built an amazingly beautiful report that shows the top HODLers and where they are delegating.

Check the report here.

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 11.03.22 AM

Perhaps someone could take this + go through the list of holders, point them to this post + ask them to engage in a dialgoue about to whom they are delegating to and why?


hey @ivanmolto i just realized the dune report doesnt show the ppl who haven’t delegated yet. for example the GTC timelock doesnt show up. could we get a dune dashboard that shows those addresses? would be great to reach out to top holders who haven’t delegated yet and ask them to get involved!

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Yes, of course @owocki . Will do. I will keep you updated here. Thanks

@owocki sorry I had to deal with personal things but here it is the query of the GTC holders not delegating Dune It has been included in the dashboard, too. Thanks

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Hi @disruptionjoe I would love if you can help me with a question or just pointing me to the right direction.

I did the explorations about GTC holders delegating and GTC holders not delegating and while doing the data sanity check I found that this address Proxy | Address 0xd4567069c5a1c1fc8261d8ff5c0b1d98f069cf47 | Etherscan which I have identified as FDD WS Main account was delegating their 47454 GTC to lefteris.eth

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with that. What I would like to know if this address is still a FDD Main account or it has transitioned to other roles or it is just a bug, etc. Much appreciated your help as I need to know about it to keep updated the dashboards. Thank you.

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