Gitcoin DAO - Week in Governance, Edition #6

This weekly post has the ambition to summarise what’s been going on in the Gitcoin DAO Governance. Topics, ideas, proposals, and votes will be listed with links for further reading and discussion. If there’s anything missing please reach out! :memo:

:robot: Meta-Governance

  • The third Gitcoin Monthly Steward sync was held on August 2. @Anett provided the agenda and notes from the call. A recording is coming through soon!

  • The DAO calendar continues to be updated with relevant workstream events, if you see anything missing please suggest it!

  • @Anett proposed an initiative that was brought up on the Stewards call #3: “The idea to host unconference sessions is to meet stewards & friends and have informal chats together, share memes, share whatever we want. The outcome should be to build relationships as the DAO moves faster when people know each other and it helps create a more friendly atmosphere.”

  • Illustrations were added to the v1 governance post and a new mapping of the GitcoinDAO ecosystem was published by @Zargham. “The goal of this document is to provide a preliminary mapping of the critical operational functions of the GitcoinDAO pursuant to GitcoinDAO’s stated purpose, and in particular the interplays between the various stakeholders.”

  • The budget proposal for the Public Goods Funding Workstream has been put to vote and passed, making it the first workstream allocation confirmed by stewards.

  • The vote to ratify the “oneGTC: A $GTC Backed Economy”-proposal did not pass. The proposal thread has received a lot of feedback and input from the community. Yalor closed the topic as the deadline for the voted passed.

  • @Sirlupinwatson hosted a call on possible ways to improve the Gitcoin community with a discussion around the Mini Grants Community Events proposal.

  • The discussion of a Second Claim Window for $GTC was closed by @Yalor due to inactivity.

🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️ Workstream Discussion

Public Goods Funding / Treasury Management

  • The budget proposal for the workstream has passed and action has been taken to push forward on a formal on-chain vote
  • @HelloShreyas and @AcceleratedCapital continue to make progress on a treasury vision and strategy document
  • Grassroots efforts for onboarding have been started with the help of @Yalor, @Fred and others
  • @James has begun brainstorming with community members on how to push forward on GR11 round sizes

Public Goods Prototyping (Moonshot Collective)

  • The next call with @austingriffith and @owocki is 8/23. Sign up at to join.
  • A members directory with a list of new projects is being created in Notion, so that we collaborators can get to know each other and find folks with relevant skills
  • The first moonshot build is active! We are building a tool to reward moonshot collective members p2p for their work. Join Telegram: Join Group Chat to learn more

Decentralization Workstream

Fraud Detection & Defense (FDD-WG) former Anti-Sybil/Anti-Fraud

  • Community Monthly Tuesday 8/17 at 3pm EST

  • Name update to encompass the full responsibilities of the workstream. To be ratified by workstream board in the first board meeting

  • Confirmed MultiSig Keyholders (MSK) to function as the board and coordinator roles.

  • Gnosis Safe 4/7 setup with the following keyholders

  • MSK represent the different functions within the workstream and all stakeholders:

  • @DisruptionJoe - Coordinator

  • @Zargham - Data Science

  • Angela Kreitenweis - Communication & Coordination

  • @tjayrush - Data Operations

  • @bobjiang - Community Contributors

  • Andrew Penland - Academic Oversight

  • @lefterisjp - Gitcoin Users

  • Budget Proposal

    • Move Blockscience contract from Gitcoin Holdings
    • Hire DisruptionJoe full-time to DAO
    • Provide funding for decentralized rewards for contributors
    • Proposal to be posted early next week for voting to begin by 8/15
  • Mapping the workstream gov forum post by Jessica Zartler

Merch, Memes, Marketing Workstream

  • Visuals on some of the Gitcoin DAO Governance Process v1 parts were shared by @seedphrase with more to come. A broader map of the Quadratic Lands is in the works.

  • The website for the Workstream is under construction

  • Onboarding designers and contributors,

That’s it for this week in Gitcoin DAO governance, feel free join the discussions via the links and on Discord!

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We updated the FDD-WG open call date to 8/17! I think we got that update on here after the post went up

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I just added details about the first Unconference session to the post.

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