Gitcoin stewards unconference chats

We meet over on the internet, occasionally at events and conferences. For humans is important to stay together when we can’t - meet in metaverse when in person is not possible.

The idea to host unconference sessions is to meet stewards & friends and have non formal chat together, share memes, share whatever we want. The outcome should be built relationships as the DAO moves faster when people know each other and create more friendly atmosphere in DAO.

Time: Once a month on Wednesday evening probably every second Wednesday in month ?

Platform: Zoom or

Ideas and suggestions for time of this chat welcomed

This idea was mentioned on Stewards call #3

I will post link with joining details later


The first unconference session will happen on Wednesday August 18th at 6pm UTC

Zoom link

Drop your email address bellow (or DM me) if you want to get google calendar invite.

This call will be added to GitcoinDAO events


This is awesome, definitely a huge fan of this idea. As @cryptowanderer and others have described, governance is inherently a social function, and I would add we will only be able to coordinate with each other to the extent we know each other. Excited to see more informal sessions like this taking shape!


I’d love to join this unconference and also get invited for the Gitcoin stewards call (if anyone could send me the link:

The issue is that most Wednesday calls happen exactly when Meta Gamma Delta weekly calls are happening, which is a pity… (8am California, 11am EST, 4pm UK/Lisbon, 5pm CET).

What time on Wednesday would that be @Anett ?

Appreciate the initiative, you have my support.

Hi @Anett
would you share the invitation? I didn’t find the schedule.

Hey, just sent you invite :slight_smile: Looking forward to chat with you soon

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Hey Bob, I just edited the post with information about the upcoming call :slight_smile: Please share with me your email address if you wish to get google calendar invite

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I’d love to join the call


Hello everyone I really like the work of the Stewards, so I want to join at tomorrow’s meeting too!

1 Like I enjoy the Gitcoin program and I hope to see many projects funded.

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I’m interested too if this is still happening :slight_smile:

My email is

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