Request for Proposal: Decentralize Gitcoin Kudos

Hello DAOfrens,

This is request for someone to come up with a new decentralized experience for managing @kudos | Gitcoin

As we progressively decentralize Gitcoin, the Gitcoin Holdings company is interested in decentralizing the Kudos experience from our centralized codebase to a decentralized frontend.

NOTE: Kudos is already a ERC-721-style NFT with a smart contract, so the bones are already in place.

An ideal candidate would be have the following principles:

  1. Simplicity - products that do ONE THING and do it WELL.
  2. Antifragility - Well-documented Decentralized products that our community can run without the centralized company.
  3. Modularity - products that easily unix-style interoperate with each other.

Gitcoin Holdings will provide a database backup of any centralized information (Kudos Images, metadata) needed to make a great Kudosexperience to a winning proposal.

Would any of you be interested in developing a decentralized Kudos? If so please submit a proposal by September 15th 2021.

Use cases to include in the proposal:

  1. view kudos on marketplace
  2. send a kudos (xdai or mainnet)

Use cases that are NOT important for the first build out but could be built out later.

  1. bulk airdrop of kudos
  2. view who else holds a Kudos
  3. indirect send of kudos
  4. new kudos creation form

Please include

  1. Who are you
  2. What is your proposal to build this
  3. What is your timeline to build this
  4. What do you need (funding, etc)

Please submit your proposal as a comment on the gov forum thread.


Who Are You

Heyo @owocki and fellow Gitcoiners! I’m Paul Gadi, co-founder and CTO at OPGames. We’re bridging game developers to Web 3.0 by building the open-source tools to make it as simple as possible for them to start integrating with the blockchain.

We’re calling these tools Game Legos: in the same way that Money Legos was able to bring about the DeFi renaissance, we feel these Game Legos will be instrumental in bringing about the coming NFT Game revolution.

Game Legos are also perfectly in sync with the goals of this RFP. We’re building them open-source and as simple, robust, and composable as we can.

What Is Your Proposal to Build This

Same as our PFP proposal, we believe this should be built as a Game Lego on top of @austingriffith’s scaffold-eth. We believe Scaffold-eth is not only the framework with the most solid foundation but is also the fastest way for developers to get started in Web 3.0. It also has a strong community of builders behind it that we could tap to continue improving the project.

To increase antifragility and modularity we’re considering building the Kudos on top of Rarible’s new open-source and cross-chain protocol.

What Is Your Timeline To Build This

The first version will focus only on the marketplace integration and minting + sending kudos.

First step would be to create the new smart contracts on the Rarible protocol. Next would be to test and migrate some of the current kudos to a testnet, perhaps redeploy the assets into decentralized storage, and then make sure they appear on all the supported marketplaces. Finally we can then create a sample UI on scaffold-eth for minting kudos and sending them to other wallets.

An estimate would be about 1 month, barring any smart contract compatibility issues.

Enhancing the Kudos Experience

We also have some ideas on how to improve adoption of Kudos which also address the future use cases.

  1. Minting scripts should be created for not just xDAI but also other layer 2s to give minters the lowest cost options possible.
  2. An open-source widget should be created to allow builders to easily integrate Kudos into their games or apps, something similar to Opensea’s Embed Collection Feature.
  3. We should also take a look at non Web-3 projects that have broad usage of kudos-like functionality, such as Reddit and Steam Awards, and create code to allow builders to quickly do this.

Perhaps something to allow us to give out Kudos here on Discourse? Example steam award below:

What Do You Need

  1. Being able to consult with Kudos development team, so we can more easily address any issues with migrating over the code and also write solid documentation
  2. OPGames can assign a team of developers on it for 5 ETH to build the initial version
  3. We’d be interested in collaborating and exploring how to make the project sustainable even after the RFP

Thanks for reading, we’re open to suggestions and comments!


hey all, pls get your proposals in by September 15th 2021 ! I will aim to hire someone by end of month.

one migration plan i’ve seen mentioned is that we may want to migrate Gitcoin Kudos to POAP. i’d be interested in seeing proposals that explore this path.