How should I change my delegations? [Q4 2022]

can’t believe its “that time” again! i think i saw somewhere that budgeting for S16 starts in early October, so i’m starting a thread to discuss my Q4 2022 delegations in advance of that.

medium/long term, i’d love to decentralize my GTC voting power among more community members. here is my post on that..

short term,

  1. because of my disaffiliation i am not aware of what up & coming talent there is in the DAO. thus far i’ve not been getting a ton of inbound on this form so my plan to decentralize my delegations is somewhat stalled.
  2. because of (1), i plan to mostly keep my Q3 2022 delegations in tact, but may make small changes to tweak here & there.
  3. id love to learn more about the up & coming talent in the DAO. please fill out this form if you have a recommendation to make.
  4. i’ll also likely delegate more to @J9leger from @annika because Annika is out for a few months. I plan to reverse that change when Annika returns.

feedback welcome

i would like to solicit feedback from you all about how i should change my delegations for S16/S17.

pls come to my office hours or fill out this form if you have feedback for me (anon responses ok). or if you can comment below as long as your comment meets the forum guidelines and code of conduct.

past delegation updates from me:


i’ve updated my delegations.

a few notes:

  1. the transfer to @J9leger is temporary while @annika is out; ill likely revert it back when annika returns.
  2. i remain interested in decentralizing my delegations further. you can start to see that in the reductions to kyle/kris + the increases to nate/chase/azeem/ben… but i need more recommendations to be able to fully decentralize my delegation decentralization goal
  3. please fill out this form if you have suggestions for whom i should delegate to!
  4. im v excited for grants 2 + gitcoin passport. woooo decentralization + modularlity!

Thanks for doing this, and for sharing the details on why the changes are happening.

I too dont plan to make any changes to delegation right now, but will post here when I do.

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