Better Impact Funding - The Greenpill/Hypercerts/Gitcoin combo move

The objective of this post is to describe an MVP of “better impact funding” enabled by a combo move of a few diff communities I’m involved with, and also how to achieve && Gitcoin-alignment.


  • What is Gitcoin Grants Stack? Gitcoin Grants Stack is a toolset for doing Capital allocation for community by community.
  • What are Hypercerts? Hypercerts are impact tracking NFTs. Think of them as “Carbon Credits, but (1) on-chain & (2) for any impact vector”.
  • What is is a network-society that exports regenerative digital infrastructure to the world, with active local chapters in 15 locations worldwide (India, Colorado, Japan, Suriname, West Africa, etc)

1. HyperCerts based impact funding

Hypercerts are impact tracking NFTs. Think of them as “Carbon Credits, but (1) on-chain & (2) for any impact vector”. You could have a hypercert for

  1. Walking 10 little old ladies across the st.
  2. Feeding 10 unhoused people.
  3. Cleaning up 10 lbs of trash.
  4. Planting 10 trees.
  5. Taking 10 tons of carbon out of the atmosphere.

Hypercerts (made by our frens at Protocol Labs) are a powerful primitive for tracking impact (and maybe eventually financializing that impact down the line).

Mint a Hypercert here:

  1. Hypercert Create
  2. Or here:

Arent hypercerts purdy?

IMO Hypercerts could eventually revolutionize impact funding. What if instead of spending ⅔ of their time running a giant grant application operation, NGOs and impact focused projects could just mint hypercerts for when they do good + be rewarded when Impact Funders purchase them! The goal is Impact = Profit and itd be HUGE for impact alignment :slight_smile:

My vision medium term is to integrate hypercerts into Gitcoin Grants Stack, such that when you’re browsing a grants round you can see how much provable on-chain tracked impact a Grant has!

This would help shift Gitcoin Grants funder contribution decisions in Retroactive Public Goods Funding Rounds from “gut feel, I like this grant” based decisions to “this project has x provable impact, and I’m weighting that highly in my decision”. Remembering, Repeating and Working-Through

Yay for more rational decisions with trackable provenance!!!

The above software is going to be built soon(™), but near term I propose that Greenpill Chapters start doing work in the areas of

  1. Local educational work, eg building their local meetups or hosting regen educational programs.
  2. Local humanitarian work, eg feeding the unhoused or skills based educational programs.
  3. Local environmental work, eg web3beach style trash cleanups + planting trees, etc.

And capturing lots of pictures + testimonials of their work, which will be uploaded into Hypcerts. Once the Grants Stack integration is done, we will be doing QF rounds with the Hypercerts displayed, but in the near term Owocki will agree to purchase the hypercerts directly off the Greenpill chapters! I have $3k in initial funding set up to purchase hypercerts + plan to raise more on a rolling basis in the future.

2. Gitcoin QF Street Teams

In an effort to amplify local impact, I’d be interested in seeing local chapters do their own QF rounds to activate members of their own local community towards creating Impact.

Here is what the flow of funds at scale could look like:

As more & more rounds are operated, the value creation by the would begin to grow iteratively over time (every quarter):

To do so, we would recruit 3-5 chapter leads and run them through a “Gitcoin QF Street Team Training Cohort”, which would comprise of

  1. Tutorials on how to use the software.

  2. Training on the logistics of operating a round.

  3. Training on how to market the round.

  4. People who pass the course will receive:

  5. Some initial funding to run a small round.

  6. A “Gitcoin QF Street Team Round Operator” certification NFT.

  7. Opportunities to earn $$$ to run Gitcoin rounds.

  8. Opportunities to earn $$$ to train future Gitcoin QF Street Teams.

To seed the network I could commit tobe running quarterly $5k greenpill rounds for chapters that are

  1. Spending 80%+ of their funds on impact

  2. doing

  3. Local educational work, eg building their local meetups or hosting regen educational programs.

  4. Local humanitarian work, eg feeding the unhoused or skills based educational programs.

  5. Local environmental work, eg web3beach style trash cleanups + planting trees, etc.

  • 20% 80

Supporting Resources:

  1. Fundraising 101: Tips from the Team | Gitcoin Blog
  2. Considerations for Marketing a Community-Led Grants Round | Gitcoin Blog
  3. Identifying High Potential Grantees | Gitcoin Blog
  4. Metacamp Micro-QF Round Wrap-Up/Review 🌊
  5. One-Pager on how Gitcoin Grants Stack can help you build an ecosystem growth flywheel
  6. Round Manager Explanations

3. Admin stuff


All of this is tentative/.

Q3 2023

  • $5k Greenpill QF round
  • $3k in Hypercerts buy backs


  • TBD Greenpill QF Round
  • TBD in Hypercert buy backs
  • Ideally this can be done on the new Hypcerts-enabled Grants stack!
  • We’ll do a podcast episode about our impact.

Learn, Evolve, Grow, Repeat until Impact = Profit worldwide

Who’s who?

Who’s doing the ___? ___

  1. Hypercerts tech buildout: Raid Guild
  2. Funding this all: Owocki’s NewCo
  3. Gitcoin Street Team
    1. Teacher: Owocki + Guest Lecturers
    2. Scheduling: Carey
    3. Artwork for graduation NFT: Octavian
  4. Writing a “How to QF guide”? Owocki + Gitcoin has already written some too.

4: Success Not Guaranteed

The above projects are bold experiments in creating better impact funding. Success is not Guaranteed!

We will be taking a leap of faith together. By learning to cope with this uncertainty, trust each other, sensing risks/rewards, and generally coordinate with each other, we can make them successful.

We can only do it if we all choose to coordinate.


Demo of the Greenpill Hypercerts minter:

Thanks Raid Guild for being my huckleberry on the build :slight_smile:


It would be difficult for me to be any more stoked about this idea.


Sounds great, awesome idea to coordinate some games and incentives !!! :smiley:


Wonderful explanation and ideas! This is exactly why I joined Web3 five month ago! Let’s groooooooooooow! :seedling:


Fantastic!!! Definitely great ideas here. I feel like hypercerts are hard to understand for some grantees. Happy to see the creativity when it comes to creating Green Pill chapters and learning exactly what we can do to prepare ourselves for the future of working together with public goods related projects.


Love this idea! I’d be interested in helping out with the training and logistics side of operating a round


Thanks ill probably hit u up about this

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This is really exciting to see.

I like the way you’re presenting this. This eliminates lots of the red tape associated with impact certs like carbon or plastic credits the same way GG eliminates the funding red tape for small projects without a legal entity. Something like “walking to little old ladies across the street” makes it clear that impact is impact no matter how small it is. If you live in an area with a large population of seniors, this would be very impactful.

I ran a mini grants program in 2022 and remember thinking it would be great to do a QF round instead. This could have grown the amount distributed and given participants more visibility - making them more excited about executing on their proposals. It’s great to run it back with QF and support from GPN for the next one. I think it will coincide with the Gitcoin Citizens round so we can piggy back on that.

I haven’t gotten around to onboarding these communities to hypercerts, this is a great opportunity to do so now that some of them have participated in GG18.

Will continue experimenting with all of these tools and integrating when/ where possible. Thanks for making all of this happen.


I love this idea and vision for where it could go! Ultimately we need a multiprong approach to funding public goods, so this model looks exciting. I know on a small scale the GPN Ottawa team is launching a rooftop garden program while continuing to run onboarding and educational workshops. We want to help people unlock the power of crypto for the average person and realize that often showing over-telling works.

We will keep this hypercerts and local QF plan in mind.

I know some issues in this space are always around balancing funding what is proven and what has the potential to be. Down to participate in this experiment and get our hands dirty!


Thanks so much for sharing @owocki. Looking really forward to implement this with our chapters. It’s an incredible way to visualize the impact they’re creating and ensuring alignment simultaneously.

I’m particularly excited about enabling chapters to run local QF rounds. This will lead to simplified explanations, especially in local languages which will reduce barriers to onboarding. Ultimately, it will encourage local NPOs/projects (to begin with) to participate and leverage the mechanism, paving the way for substantial real-world adoption.


Just got onborded to the Greenpill network repping Kenyan chapter @sejalrekhan thank you for sharing gitcoin gov and for the smooth onboarding process @carlosjmelgar great to meet you here after the interactive twitter space for ETHsafari cant wait for the IRL meetup and the launch of the Kenyan chapter LFG… interesting vybes


Welcome David @mortech Love your energy! Excited for GP Kenya!

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GM GM everyone,

Thrilled to share that GreenPill Hypercerts Minter and Attestation app is readyy! Below is the demo of how simple and straightforward it is. Thanks to @owocki and Raid Guild team.

Would be awesomee to get some feedback and love on this. Link below


I just minted my first hypercert for Ottawa GPN and it was very easy. Only takes a couple of minutes to fill out and create. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.


After going through the minting process, I think this is a good way of keeping track of impact which can directly be used on GS!! I’m sure with the proper brand valued implementation, this process will go far!


Great to hear :slight_smile: Can you ellaborate a bit more on ‘proper brand valued implementation’, I’m trying to gather feedback and see if we can deliver a few of those feature before the next major GR.


@bitbeckers In terms of “proper brand valued implementation,” could you be more specific? Off prima facie, I would state that the implementation can vary from group to group or brand to brand, depending on the group/brand’s core values. An example is shown here on Hypercerts for the Local Level.


hey @bitbeckers @sejalrekhan @owocki ! Now that GG19 is live would be great to drop the link to the app here so that people can check it out and use it!


Thanks @meglister

We are doing the GG19 GPN round on the forked version with Hypercerts integrated. We still have 2 days. Would be awesome to get everyone’s support here