Gitcoin Digest #18 2023

:moneybag: Citizens Round #2:

  • Rewarding the community: Are you contributing to Gitcoin’s success? This round is dedicated to celebrate and recognize the bridge builders, educators, dune wizard, communicators, the unsung heroes who deserve to be rewarded! Citizens are the ‘public goods of the public goods web3 community’.

  • Applications: September 12th to September 26th

  • Donations: October 10th to October 24th

  • Matching Pool: 15k GTC

  • Chain: Public Goods Network (PGN)

  • Focus: New or ongoing work, full eligibility criteria here

  • Live round: here

  • Official launch post by @krrisis here

  • GG18 Flashback

    • Funded by Gitcoin? Check out the gorgeous badge available to successful grantees here :green_heart:
    • Applied for Gitcoin Grants 18? Claim your exclusive CharmVerse space and enjoy a 1-year FREE sub scription.

:fire: Hot Topics (Ecosystem Headlines):

Learnings from GG18 and continuous improvement for Grants Stack

  • @megLister joined Gitcoin ~3 months ago to lead product for Grants Stack. Grants Stack launched publicly in May as a new dApp for grants managers that Gitcoin’s PGF team also used to run GG18. Check out her insights and Product Reflections :sparkles:

Better Impact Funding: Gitcoin :handshake: Green Pill Network

  • @owocki proposes an MVP of “Better Impact Funding” enabled by integrating multiple regenerative communities, describing how to achieve && Gitcoin-alignment through HyperCerts based impact funding and Gitcoin QF Street Teams :seedling:

Setting Guardrails and Best Practices for Partnerships

Embracing decentralised integrity: from Founder to Contributor in a new cycle

  • Asking “What is Gitcoin’s endgame?” means asking “what is the realistic vision, strategy, and roadmap going forward?” @Owocki is still figuring out how to contribute productively to Gitcoin and will be having conversations with various people associated with the DAO, around what needs to be done and where he can help out. Reach out if you have any feedback :handshake:

Learn how to stay safe with @BoringSecDAO

  • Join our Security Class on Tues Sept 19th, organized by Umar Khan. In this session you will learn about Wallets and Seed Phrase security; Operational Security and Risk mitigation; Common Scams and how to avoid them :lock:

Get the full lowdown on what August held for Gitcoin by checking out this gov post :love_letter:

:compass: Weekly Workstream Update

No video available this week, the livestream erroneously wasn’t captured :pleading_face:

:house: Housekeeping:

:rotating_light:Async updates are due next week :rotating_light:

Please update the weekly slides and youtube video:pray:

@deltajuliet & @quaylawn are watching

What’s new?

V2 documentation (WIP) is available here :slightly_smiling_face:

Major Season 19 Initiatives: 1) V2 audit and mainnet deployment. 2) App integrations / integration tools to help builders on Allo. 3) Bootstrap the profile registry with cGrants data so that products can tap into an initial trust and verification layer.

Product Roadmap Updates – we are ahead of schedule :muscle: hot in pursuit of 3 types of partnerships:

  1. Funder partners for continued growth
  2. Core product integrations with the likes of BuidlBox and Impact Stream
  3. Complementary product integrations

Other updates

  • Developer Lead Gen Form – Introduced a developer lead generation form, fostering collaboration and contribution.
  • Strategy Library – Introduced a comprehensive strategy library encompassing both “Production-ready” and “Proof of Concept” strategies, fostering modular innovation.
  • Marketing – Allo brand book plus exported new assets can be found here and the refreshed slides have also been shipped.
  • GS v2 Migration Support – Actively aiding the migration of the Grants Stack to Allo v2, ensuring a smooth transition.

What’s new?

Release Notes are here :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Fantom Wallet Integration – In light of a recent hack and to avoid deterring users, only valueless GTC vote tokens will be used during testing phases.

  • Direct Grants Integration – Still in research mode, however, the team is exploring how to bring less crypto-native communities into the Gitcoin ecosystem. The plan is to enable the Gitcoin Grants Program and PGN engage with more ‘normie’ philanthropic communities.

  • Notable L2 Integrations – Deploying GS to Arbitrum, with potential integrations with other L2s coming soon

  • Other Updates – Updated Grants Stack One Pager & GeoWeb Case Study Brief in progress

What’s new?

Checkout the new brand identity here :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Onchain Passport – Gitcoin Passport holders can now move their Passports onchain. This means that your reputation built with @GitcoinPassport will now be able to be read natively via smart contracts in the Ethereum Ecosystem, enabling you to access high quality, trustworthy onchain opportunities over time.

  • New Branding – Redesign of the Passport branding and dashboard for improved usability and visual clarity, ensuring alignment with the mission and vision while presenting a compelling identity.

  • Historical Scores Planning – Strategically planning to capture historical scores for analysis, offering insights into Passport usage patterns over time.

  • ComposeDB Upgrade Planning – Planning an upgrade to ComposeDB to optimize performance and provide a robust foundation for future Passport developments.


  • Gitcoin Twitter/X List – Drop your name in this Notion table if you’d like to be added to a Twitter list so it’s easy to find and follow you and other Gitcoiners

  • Brand Book Updates – Allo & Grants Stack, Passport brand books complete

  • Under Construction – @Gerrit is assembling a team to audit or analytics and needs buy-in from Product & Website owners to drive this forward. Meanwhile, @mathilda is crafting a checklist to drive future partnership announcements.

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

  • Snapshot polls GTC Stewards. Tally performs on-chain actions.
  • Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, are approved on Snapshot before moving on to Tally.

:bar_chart: Active Proposals:

:date: Upcoming events

Marquee event attendance

Gitcoin Community Call – foregone the week following GG18’s conclusion (w/c Aug 28th). Weekly discussions due to recommence on w/c Sept 4th, taking place every Wednesday @ 12 pm ET.

Catch up on recordings of recent conversations here:

:wave: New to Gitcoin?

Explore the future of Gitcoin at our new website, and check out Gitcoin Community Hub for key resources and events. Thanks for reading!

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Is there any plan to introduce wallet which will auto validate Gitcoin passport holders when connecting with third party dapps, I bet that will be a game changer.

Not that I know of @gulliverz. If it is not listed in the DAO Digest as an item, it is likely not being worked on (or even being scoped).

Right now Gitcoin is squarely focused on several products and ensuring their success (and only their success): Grants Stack, Allo, Passport, Gitcoin Grants, and PGN.

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We have started talking to Metamask about potentially incorporating Gitcoin Passport into MM Snaps. In this scenario a dApp could read a Passport score directly from MM Snaps. Is that along the lines of what you’re thinking?


Somehow, It relates actually. However, I was thinking more expanded like in Layer3 tasks, whenever any task is completed or not, they can verify it just by connecting a wallet to their site.