Gitcoin Monthly Recap: August 2023

gm supporters, builders and champions of public goods :saluting_face:

We’re excited to share what’s new!

We’re back with our monthly update for all things Gitcoin: Gitcoin Grants, Grants Stack, Gitcoin Passport and Allo.

Gitcoin Grants 18(GG18) completed this week! The round was live from Aug 15 - 29, and had a total $679,938.87 donated, with 328,660 total donations and 47,513 unique donors. Next up, the team will do Sybil squelching before the results are posted and opened up to a discussion, followed by a vote to ratify the final results.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Funding What Matters. GG19 will happen before the end of the year, and the Gitcoin Citizens Round is around the corner! Stay tuned for more details to follow.

GG18 was the biggest round ever run on Grants Stack! New this month:

  • We shipped Multi-Round Checkout, which enables donors to check out projects participating in different rounds across different chains, all in the same cart – a big win for the user experience on web3, so thank you all for your feedback.
  • Check out our case study on the inaugural Citizens Round, where we used retroactive QF to vote on and reward the contributions of Gitcoin Citizens
    • TLDR; “Out of 60 applications, 33 were accepted and projects received $82,968 from over 17K donors. This amount amplified our matching funds by ~400% - a new Gitcoin record!”
  • Check out our latest Release Notes, updated weekly!
  • Want to schedule a demo? Sign up here to be contacted by a member of our team.
  • Want help building a successful round? Check out our Manager Toolkit – it has everything you need to run a successful QF round.

Big moves this month for Allo.

Next stop for us is Berlin Blockchain Week where we’ll be at Funding the Commons on September 8th & 9th. Come say hello!

We’ve been busy improving and adding stamps to Gitcoin Passport, and improving our scoring algorithm to distinguish real humans versus bots and Sybils. New this month:

Fill out this form to get help protecting your project with Gitcoin Passport today.

Everything Else

  • We received funding from Octant’s Epoch Zero grant distribution program
  • Check out Fantom’s first Vault Round on Grants Stack!
  • PGN has over $500K in TVL making it among the top 25 L2s
  • We are one of the sponsors of the Permissionless II Hackathon, powered by Buidlbox! We will also have two challenges in this in-person hackathon. Register here, and keep an eye out for information on our community call next week, where we’ll be joined by the Buidlbox team to discuss it in more detail.

Heads Up: What’s Next

Schelling Point Sessions are BACK!

  • After the success of this newly introduced format in Paris during EthCC week, we’re heading to Berlin Blockchain Week to partner with Other Internet and Radworks for participatory sessions focused on web3 work and DAOs: contribution, governance, leadership and life cycles. In town on September 13? RSVP here!

Schelling Point is also testing out a new format–Schelling Point .edu, a partnership with academic institutions. RSVP for our first event happening in Singapore on September 11 here

Team Gitcoin :leaves:


love this :slight_smile: thank you Mathilda!


didn’t realize forum updates could have a glow up. :nail_care:t5: I love this so much.


Thank you very much for the update.

We are looking forward to keep supporting projects in emerging markets for GG19.

Lets keep on working in making impact on as many regions as possible.

Keep on going Gitcoiners!


Really appreciating for adding CyberConnect to stamps :love_you_gesture:


What an amazing month to be a part of Gitcoin…
Out of any other space in Web3 this has made our onchain summer for 2023. We can’t wait for the rest of the year with all the amazing souls who are building towards this incredible vision to help support others through public goods.

We are all on a mission to create impact around the world :world_map:…!

Gitcoin passport is one of our favorite features and we really love seeing this ecosystem grow ever since we joined back in 2021.