Gitcoin Digest #19 2023

:fire: Hot Topics (Ecosystem Headlines):

Matching results from GG18 are live! – GG19 Opens NOV 15th

  • This round achieved a new high with $680k crowdfunded from 328k contributions, showing a 12% increase from the Beta round and a 65% increase from the Alpha round. – making it the biggest ever on the new decentralized tech stack. Check out the detailed updates posted by @umarkhaneth

A way to reduce the governance burden through AI digests of proposals?

  • One common pattern in DAOs is that they are impacted by excessive governance burden, which comes from the need to moderate online forums (like this one), consume proposals easily (getting to the point), differentiating proposals (the good from the bad). Would you like Gitcoin to implement the visual solution for governance burden that @skyfoxx is proposing?

Governing Allo v2

Allo S19 Progress Update

  • We are rapidly approaching the next budgeting cycle, take a moment to catch up on what the Allo team has been up to this season. @nategosselin has shared a comprehensive overview on key milestones and Goal Scoring, hoping that it can be a useful reference for community members as you review our upcoming S20 budget.

Better Impact Funding: Gitcoin :handshake: Green Pill Network

  • @owocki proposes an MVP of “Better Impact Funding” enabled by integrating multiple regenerative communities, describing how to achieve & Gitcoin-alignment through HyperCerts based impact funding and Gitcoin QF Street Teams :seedling:

Setting Guardrails and Best Practices for Partnerships

Embracing decentralized integrity: from Founder to Contributor in a new cycle

  • Asking “What is Gitcoin’s endgame?” means asking “what is the realistic vision, strategy, and roadmap going forward?” @Owocki is still figuring out how to contribute productively to Gitcoin and will be having conversations with various people associated with the DAO, around what needs to be done and where he can help out. Reach out if you have any feedback :handshake:


Get the full lowdown on what September held for Gitcoin by checking out the X thread or this gov post :love_letter: by @MathildaDV


:compass: Weekly Workstream Update

Here are key highlights from the weekly workstream update - (video on Gitcoin Transparency)

What’s new?

V2 documentation (WIP) is available here :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Introducing AlloScan! The first app built on top of Allo v2, going from sketch to product in only 2 weeks by leveraging the ShapeUp Methodology. This tool enables users to browse transactions, profiles, and pools, akin to Etherscan but for Allo v2. Check out the demo loom here and find more details in the introduction posted by @nategosselin

  • Partnership with Spec to integrate web3 data with Postgres.

Product Roadmap Updates


    • Alloscan (repo)
    • Allo SDK (repo)

    • Impact Stream – QV Round in Togo (built on top of Allo v2, using Privy for user onboarding)
    • V2 Audit: Over 1k individual submissions in our audit contest
    • Auditor will need extra time to judge / dedupe results

    • Microgrants! S20 GCP Proposal
    • Integration partnerships: Octant, Questbook

What’s new?

Release Notes are here :slightly_smiling_face:

  • New chains deployed – Arbitrum and Polygon :hugs:more coming soon!

  • Direct Grants are being merged to main

  • Indexer investments – invest in reliability and ease of deploying

  • Explorer redesign – development for matching estimates has kicked off

Milestones + Metrics

  • QF Self-Service continues to pick up traction!

  • Wrapped up Fantom

  • Arbitrum donations in progress

  • Citizens Round applications are under review

  • 2 customers (SpaceID, DIMO) committed to using in Oct, ~30k monthly grants spend

What’s new?

Checkout the roadmap here and the new brand identity here :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Onchain Passport – 10 ETH in initial onchain minting fees moving to the DAO treasury.

  • New Branding – UI/UX improvements 50% complete. Redesign of the Passport branding and dashboard for improved usability and visual clarity, ensuring alignment with the mission and vision while presenting a compelling identity.

  • Historical Scores Planning – Strategically planning to capture historical scores for analysis, offering insights into Passport usage patterns over time.

  • Challenges & Research – Revamping Identity Staking Stamp and UX. Backporting cluster matching & squelching dat.

  • New Case Study on ShapeShift – Read the recent blog post by @rohit to understand how we can support incentive campaigns.

  • New Release Notes are available here

  • PGN key updates – Stable coins deployed last week, USDC in progress. Re-engagement campaign on PGN to bootstrap adoption ahead of GG19.

  • GG18 – $300k+ financial impact of Post Round Analysis.

  • Upgrading Quadratic Funding to Cluster-Matching – The first big mechanism upgrade that makes sybil attacks more expensive and rewards cooperation across social distance.

  • Sybil Detection remains critical to keep improving, the goal is to turn off post round squelching and rely on passport + better QF mechanisms.


:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

  • Snapshot polls GTC Stewards. Tally performs on-chain actions.
  • Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, are approved on Snapshot before moving on to Tally.

:bar_chart: Active Proposals:

  • Ratify the Results of GG18 and Formally Request the Community Multisig Holders to Payout Matching Allocations (Go vote on Snapshot before OCT 3)

  • @rohit requests feedback on his working prototype for Grantee Discovery Using LLM-Enabled Conversations. The prototype allows users to ask questions, propose work descriptions, and seek assistance for GG participation. The tool is designed to maintain fairness, avoid biases, and not manipulate users’ grantee preferences by focusing on enhancing interactions, memory capabilities, guiding users to reliable sources, and capturing feedback.

:date: Upcoming events

Marquee event attendance

Gitcoin Community Call – foregone the week following GG18’s conclusion (w/c Aug 28th). Weekly discussions due to recommence on w/c Sept 4th, taking place every Wednesday @ 12 pm ET.

Catch up on recordings of recent conversations here:

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