Introducing Alloscan

Introducing Alloscan

Now that our team (@thelostone-mc @jaxcoder @0xZakk @0xKurt ) is closing in on the launch of Allo v2, we are turning our attention to seeding an ecosystem of user-facing applications on top of the new protocol. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Alloscan, the first app built on top of Allo v2. Much as Etherscan has become a core app for Ethereum, we see Alloscan as a foundational tool for exploring how communities are funding their ecosystems on the protocol. This post will give you some background on how we built Alloscan, as well as share a demo and overview of its key features.

Two Weeks to Ship: the Shape Up Method and Alloscan

Alloscan went from brief to production in two weeks, using the Shape Up methodology from BaseCamp. This marked the first time our Allo team embarked on a Shape Up adventure, and it definitely will not be the last.

For those unfamiliar with Shape Up, it’s a development approach that emphasizes focused, time-bound development cycles. The key insight is to have a fixed problem and time, but variable scope. This enables you to set an “appetite” for how much you’re willing to invest in a problem, and then tailor your solution to fit. This enabled us to rapidly move from problem to product.

Unveiling Alloscan: A Demo

Before we dive into the specifics, we invite you to:

Key Features of Alloscan

  • Cross-Chain Transaction Browsing: Alloscan empowers users to browse all transactions happening on Allo Protocol across different chains. Get real-time insights into the movements and activities within the Allo ecosystem.
  • Profile Exploration: Delve into the profiles on Allo and uncover the pools that each profile has created. Gain a deeper understanding of the creators and their contributions to the Allo ecosystem.
  • Pool Discovery: Alloscan allows you to explore the pools created on Allo and access top-level details for each one. Dive into the heart of Allo Protocol’s liquidity and discover the pools that align with your interests.

Join Us

Alloscan is just the beginning of our effort to make Allo v2 more tangible for end users. We will build additional features for Alloscan, and we want your input to make it even better. Your suggestions and ideas will be the guiding force behind the product’s evolution. Thanks for checking this out!


This is cool! Fun seeing results of the ShapeUp methodology :slight_smile:

For the roadmap: I would love a feature that allows me to see all the rounds that a project has participated in across chains. I would also like to lookup an address and see whether it is associated with a project and, if so, what rounds and chains.


Multi-chain rounds can be annoying to track, so I think this is a great idea.

One idea is that it could be nice if there was a way to select subset of data (filters) and with one click download that as a flat .csv file or something like that.

Another is that I would like to know gas-cost of each transaction.


I do love the ShapeUp methodology. It’s good to see some results with it here. Looking forward to seeing the next steps.


This is a great way to seamlessly explore through the ecosystem regardless of the chain. I can’t wait to experience the final product! @nategosselin


We would like to know more about allo protocol. Is there a discord server?

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Great work @nategosselin @0xZakk @jaxcoder @thelostone-mc @0xKurt ! Impressive for a 2-week ShapeUp sprint.

Would be great to have the ability to sort and search. +1 to DistributedDoge suggestion of .csv download.

Allo is a Gitcoin product, so you are already in the discord. GrantsStack is built on top of the Allo protocol. v2 of the Allo just finished an audit and will be released soon.


Thank you for the kind words everyone!

And thank you for the feature ideas @ccerv1 @DistributedDoge @jon-spark-eco

@FractalVisions +1 to what Jon said. You can also check out the Allo docs and follow the protocol on Twitter.