- The Next Chapter

Where has been

v1 - 2022

For the last 18 months, I’ve been producing the Greenpill podcast, a podcast dedicated to regen web3. Thanks to the generous partnership of Bankless, we have an audience between 2k-8k (depending on the episode) per episode. This has been a great resource to create little pockets of common knowledge about technical concepts like Cluster Mapping, coordination mechanisms, sybil resistence, but also advance cultural movements like solarpunk, DAOs, network states, web3 in the global source, etc. We’ve had industry luminaries like Vitalik Buterin, Karl Floersch, Nadia Asparouhova, and others on the pod (sometimes multiple times). I’ve done 155 episodes together, to see the different categories of podcasts we’ve done click here.

v2 - 2023

6 months ago we launched Greenpill v2 AKA, which using the Greenpill podcast as an attractor, launched what we call a “CoordiNation across Nations & Cultures. CoordiNation (noun): a network-society that exports regenerative digital infrastructure to the world.”. We now have recruited @sejalrekhan as community manager/operational lead, and we now now have 13 active chapters in places as diverse as NYC, Denver, Nigeria, Turkey, China, India who run local meetups and build momentum regenerating local communities. My vision is that each local community member has the global context of regen web3 & the mechanics/software that can be used AND ALSO has the legitimacy/networks/relationships in the local community. This feels like a very powerful combination for local bottoms up movement building. Using this network, combining with Gitcoin’s tools, we could bootstrap a network of better impact funding.

Where is going

v3 - 2024

I wanted to give some updates about changes in the network for Q4 2023 and 2024.

  1. We will be spinning the podcast out of Bankless at the end of October. I’m super thankful to Bankless for getting us started, and I’m proud of the 150 eps we’ve done together. And very thankful they will be letting us take the audience with us. I’ve hired an independent podcast editor to continue producing/distributing the podcast, and plan to continue producing it independently. But I don’t have the cycles to keep producing it 2x/week, so I’m thinking about moving to dropping 5-10 episodes per quarter all at once, allowing people to binge listen when they’re dropped.
  2. I’ve been busy with my return to Gitcoin, and have been fairly absentee in the discord / community lately. I want to own this. I think there is an opportunity for me to pass the torch to people who are stepping up in the community to lead the network. (meta point: its cool that im leaning in at Greenpill when leaning out at Gitcoin, and visa versa when I lean in at Gitcoin I lean out at Both networks are ebbing and flowing together hehe )
  3. To the end of elevating other members of the network, we’ve got some really exciting opportunities for members of the or GItcoin who want to step in.
    • There are many opportunities to join/lead local chapters. Checkout the the Greenpill Discord to learn more.
    • We’ll be running a Gitcoin round for Greenpill soon. Join #greenpill-qf-round on the Greenpill Discord to learn more.
    • We’ll be onboarding greenpill citizens to run QF rounds for Gitcoin. Join #greenpill-v2-round-operators on the Greenpill Discord to learn more.
    • We’ll be writing “local regen guides” to cross pollinate regen thinking/skills across chapters. The goal is to get these done before ETHDenver 2024. Join #greenpill-local-regen-guides on the Greenpill Discord to learn more.
    • I’m considering decentralizing my podcast hosting duties, which will allow us to produce interesting content from more corners of the regen web3 ecosystem. And also take the burden of podcast production off of me. Join #greenpill-decentralizing-podcast on the Greenpill Discord to learn more.
    • Many thanks to @sejalrekhan who has been helping with the transition. If you have cycles/skills/resources to help Greenpill out, say hi to her and me on the discord!

Here is a visual of what this evolution looks like.

Any questions/comments/feedback lmk


Thank you Kevin and Sejal for setting up the foundation for this next chapter of GreenPill!

I love the idea of expanding GPN and creating more connection hubs for cross-pollination. Even skillset/thinking-wise there are many different entry points for people to get involved. We want people to be able to contribute in their zones of least resistance/zone of expertise.

For the podcast, it would be cool to have some sub-podcasts (maybe also a cluster of 5-10 episodes each) that are regional-based. What is the GPN LATAM community up to? These can also be recorded in Spanish/other languages to help reach more people. Izzy with GP Nigeria and his team are doing some cool things, having a handful of episodes on their vision, what’s working etc. would be interesting for anyone to listen to, but also impactful locally in reaching a larger ‘at home’ audience.

Excited for this next chapter.


I am so excited! We need to be prepared for what is coming. There are many interesting initiatives in our network. :ocean::sparkles:

It’s fantastic to see your enthusiasm for the regenerative cryptoecosystem. We must keep up the great work!

Gradually, we are thriving; every lesson and action counts!