I Intend to Return To Gitcoin

(Note: This thread assumes you’re familiar with my history with Gitcoin. But for those of you who arent, I’m Kevin Owocki, co-founder of Gitcoin and was active in the project 2017-2022 until Passing the Torch)

Last week I announced that Supermodular would now become Buildbox and I would be leaving the company. Details on that here.

So what’s next?

I intend to work on Gitcoin.

Not forever, and not in the role I was in in the past. I am still figuring out in what form I can contribute productively to Gitcoin at this stage.

I will be having conversations with people who work in, around what needs to be done and where I can help out with various people associated with the DAO.

I count these groups as the primary Constituents of the DAO

  • Contributors
  • Users
  • Stewards
  • Partners
  • Developers
  • Really anyone who cares about Gitcoin and has skin in the game to show it.

Over the last few months, I have heard variously from different people who think that things are going great for Gitcoin, and also from people who think they are going poorly. There are those who think that the market has passed Gitcoin by, and also those who think that there are new stronger foundations for the future.

I have heard various takes on me possibly returning from “Kevin we really need you back.” and “A founder leaving can be hard.” to “Kevin you’re a bull in a china shop.” or “Kevin needs to decentralize his delegations” or “become more conscious in leadership”.

There are people who think that Allo is the next hot thing for Gitcoin, who think Passport is the next hot thing for Gitcoin, who think PGN is the next hot thing, and who think Grants Stack is the next hot thing.

I am hoping that through synthesis between these varying groups, I can find a way to provide value to the DAO. Perhaps I could be a network catalyst insofar as I’d providing synthesis between different groups.

I’d also be interested in helping documenting/articulate the path forwards for the DAO bottoms-up by working with these varied stakeholders.

I’ll be figuring it out over the coming weeks.

If you have feedback or want to chat, DM me on discord Owocki#1337 or telegram owocki.


Welcome back, fren! <3 Looking forward to seeing how things evolve with you back in the fold.


I am really excited to have your energy and focus back with Gitcoin. It’s going to be great.

Looking forward to lots of ways to collab. :saluting_face:


WOW :100::100::100:

Reminds me of Steve Jobs returning to Apple…

Some suggestions:

  • Leadership with vision: Chief Visionary Officer
  • Face of the brand
  • Attending all the podcasts

Let’s play a bigger game:

  • Trojan horse into crypto, end user does not need to know there is blockchain on the backend
  • $100m from OpenPhilanthropy (more money to give than committed funders and reputable projects)

DAO can surely delegate responsibility in certain areas:


Welcome back ser :saluting_face:

Even more excited about the future of Gitcoin!


Took you long enough !
Welcome back. :smiley:


Epic news!
Can’t wait to see the impact you make with the Gitcoin team Kevin. With a strong vision uniting everyone, the DAO still be unstoppable! :saluting_face:


Super excited to hear this news and have you back @owocki! :star_struck:


Even though I haven’t been involved in the DAO I’m super excited to see you back here @owocki, it’ll be great to see other voices taking feedback from the community and making it visible to the team.


I’m excited to get to work with you on Gitcoin Passport! Welcome back!


Welcome back @owocki! Looking forward to what unfolds as you return. Excited to have you back on board!


Rather than who thinks what, would prefer what you think, specially when its a co-founder. I bet your thoughts about coming days would be more interesting
than he or she.


hey hey hey … welcome back to the quadratic lands. great news for gitcoin. yolo.


Keep on growing…! :herb: Gitcoin has taught us so much about blockchain technology. From the old school Kudos all the way up until now with the grant stack.


Welcome back! Looking forward to working together.


I think you can help in keeping Gitcoins brand values and integrity intact, the current core didn’t even care to think Shell would damage the Gitcoin brand. And after all the backlash they still did not listen to the community, and Shell is still in…

Also a bit suspicious the Shell decision happened right after you left, I’m sure a corporate :male_detective: would bring some interesting results.

Anyway point is we don’t need wallstreet business mentality in here, we need people who build a better world.


Epic news!!! Welcome back, mate !


Great to have you back Kevin. Looking forward to all the great collab.


Looking forward to collaborate with you! There is a lot of work to be done in LATAM and lots of opportunities to explore also in APAC :smiley:

Bienvenido de regreso compadre!

Looking forward to fund common goods through native protocols, loved the HYPERCERT proposal. See ya soon to make this work see mainnet.


You seem to be very important for Gitcoin following the comments below, so , its good to see you back.

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