Workstream Suggestion: multiple language support

Currently there are 5 posts and 2 votes (on snapshots) about multiple language in discussion, please see the reference.

There is one workstream of Decentralize Gitcoin, I believe multiple language should be part of decentralization.

If we care about multiple language support, maybe we could gather the feedback from the community, (or a poll) and then make decision to support what language first.



  1. Add Quest for non-English-speaking user
  2. Multi-language support

Thanks for organizing all these threads Bob, I’d personally love to see more multi-language support. Based on the threads, I do think Mandarin makes the most sense to start.


Yes its nice idea to create multiple language

Looking at what this platform stands for, I would say that this is a nice idea…multi language forum will aid help to unanswered questions…and make this community more friendly. :black_heart:

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I totally support your idea. Let’s move to make this change.