Gitcoin en Español y con sazón

I’ve seen a few suggestions related to support and community tools in other languages here , here and here

Translation tools have improved tremendously and will continue to get better with AI, but one thing we’re not able to replace is Sazón and vibras. Vibes is one of the reasons many of us stick around between grant rounds and stay active on the social platforms.

Two areas this can benefit the space is using Public Goods as a tool for onboarding when traditional routes aren’t feasible - see #ImpactOnboarding and empowering the buidlers in LatAm to buidl OSS, Eth Infra and DeSci.

Gitcoin can benefit from this by accelerating the use of Gitcoin passport and onboarding communities listed below to Grants Protocol.

Industry Analysis


Other chains sponsoring Spanish speaking communities:



What needs to be true for this to work?
Gitcoin Español requires a dedicated team of contributors that align with Gitcoin values of the and works closely with MMM, DAO Ops, Hackathon, Public Goods and GPC, without creating more work for them.

We have many non English speaking budliers and public goodoooors in LatAm who are unable to break into the industry. I’m hoping “Gitcoin fixes this”.

I’m seeking feedback from other community members, especially spanish speakers. Do you participate in any other communities in multiple languages?
How can this be copy pasta’d in other regions - like India, or Arabic speaking countries?
Should we send it?

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