Gitcoin en Español y con sazón

I’ve seen a few suggestions related to support and community tools in other languages here , here and here

Translation tools have improved tremendously and will continue to get better with AI, but one thing we’re not able to replace is Sazón and vibras. Vibes is one of the reasons many of us stick around between grant rounds and stay active on the social platforms.

Two areas this can benefit the space is using Public Goods as a tool for onboarding when traditional routes aren’t feasible - see #ImpactOnboarding and empowering the buidlers in LatAm to buidl OSS, Eth Infra and DeSci.

Gitcoin can benefit from this by accelerating the use of Gitcoin passport and onboarding communities listed below to Grants Protocol.

Industry Analysis


Other chains sponsoring Spanish speaking communities:



What needs to be true for this to work?
Gitcoin Español requires a dedicated team of contributors that align with Gitcoin values of the and works closely with MMM, DAO Ops, Hackathon, Public Goods and GPC, without creating more work for them.

We have many non English speaking budliers and public goodoooors in LatAm who are unable to break into the industry. I’m hoping “Gitcoin fixes this”.

I’m seeking feedback from other community members, especially spanish speakers. Do you participate in any other communities in multiple languages?
How can this be copy pasta’d in other regions - like India, or Arabic speaking countries?
Should we send it?


Totalmente de acuerdo!! We need to close the gap. In Latam we are 600M people. Most of the news my family and friends find about crypto are related to trading, frauds, or influencers talking non-sense.

We need value-aligned media that spreads the Gitcoin message into Portuñol! -that’s the Portuguese and Spanish convo that any Latino is able to understand no matter if they only speak one of both languages. And that my frens, AI can’t do, at least not yet.

If there’s budget or support from Gitcoin to a Portuñol working group that translates all media to this mixed language it will help bring many people onboard, spreading the values of the gift economy, and of solarpunk / lunarpunk ways of living.

LFG! / Vamos chingao!


If you want to get the best of both worlds, LATAM is the way to go.

Every metric indicates that we need more eyeballs looking at us.



Massive support for Carlos proposal!

LATAM is a blooming web3 ecosystem with a considerable potential to contribute to onboarding the next billion users to crypto. Also a massive potential for impact projects as LATAM population needs special attention in areas like banking inclusion, environmental action, education, health, corruption, etc.

Happy to discuss more and contribute to the process of taking Gitcoin to LATAM!


Esta es una buena iniciativa, hay muchos proyectos en Latam queriendo unirse y desde esta plataforma podemos recibir información en español adecuada y con acciones importantes para conocer de primera mano toda la información en español. Se hace necesaria e importante lograr acciones que permita en español ser parte de todos estos procesos. Muchas gracias.


estoy de acuerdo, hay muchos proyectos con buenas iniciativas y potencial de crecimiento de una comunidad latina


The development of educational communities in blockchain can help foster the formation of human capital specialized in the emerging technology, which is fundamental for the development of innovative solutions and the promotion of financial inclusion in the region. In addition, these communities can foster collaboration and networking, which can contribute to the development of more solid and sustainable projects in the long term.

On the other hand, the market in Latin America has great growth potential. According to MarketsandMarkets’ report on the Blockchain market in Latin America in 2020, the market in the region is expected to reach a value of $8,308 million by 2024, at a compound annual growth rate of 51.7%. This is due to the increasing adoption of blockchain technology in various sectors of the Latin American economy, such as finance, healthcare, and energy.

However, the report also notes that the blockchain market in Latin America faces several challenges, the most important of which is the lack of web3-trained human capital. The development of educational communities in blockchain can contribute to address this challenge, fostering the formation of highly skilled human capital and launching ventures that solve real and latent problems in the Latin American context.

Fostering human capital formation and the development of innovative solutions, collaboration, and networking can have a significant impact on the economic and social development of the region, as well as on its ability to compete in the global market. With this mutual objective, we decided to found Andino in January 2022, a community of web3 developers and creators established in Peru with a great desire to expand the Andean culture in more countries of the region.

With this goal in mind we built different educational programs for our community, Cryptomonday which is focused on people who want to make a career as a developer, English Networking Spaces to provide face to face workshops to practice and learn English very important to be employed worldwide and Community Hackathons to identify the best talent to build high impact web3 projects.

Our vision is to become an important educational stakeholder in the blockchain ecosystem in Peru, continue to provide tools and resources to train future talent that can be employed globally.

We have been carrying out:

  • +70 non-profit face-to-face web3 events in Lima, Peru since 2022.
  • 2 multichain Hackathons where protocols such as Polygon, BNB.Chain, Algorand and Solana were able to participate.
  • Collaborating with more than 3 Peruvian Universities creating blockchain clubs.

Our goal this year is:

  • Perform onboarding to more than 400 software developers and creators in Latam from web2 to we3.
  • Provide workshops on blockchain and web3 in departments in the interior of the country Peru, collaborating with different universities.
  • Conduct a tech talent fair 2023.
  • Conduct the first inter-university blockchain hackathon in Peru.

Thanks Carlos for the visibility of all the LATAM projects and the purpose we are seeking as a community of women!.

In our community we have more than 500 women who seeks to develop their career and get ahead with technology, that is why we are applying with an web3 onboarding project for them and we believe that educating and inserting more women we can create a better future for them.

We invite you all get to know more about us:
twitter e Instagram: @hiwomenbiz

Thanks for your support!
Women Biz community


Huge +1 on expanding Gitcoin’s global reach. If public goods means safe onboarding, we should be at the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to trustworthy vibes everywhere, and not just in North America/Western Europe markets. Was able to connect w/ some web3 community in CDMX earlier this year, and agree there is huge potential in the LatAm market :slight_smile:

Re: Other regions, just got back from Hong Kong and Tokyo last week & am happy to report the web3 markets out there are not only incredibly distinct (ie. China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India) but also filled with talent + hot projects/use cases-- IMO more than the current state of the US market w/ its uncertain regulatory environment. These newer frontiers to us are hungry for Gitcoin’s messaging to guide their industry in the right direction. We’ve already connected with over 50 different new potential partners, grantees, builders, educators, and public good evangelists on this exploratory 10-day trip.

It’s really invaluable when we come into the global market w/ some speaking ability because it shows a high-signal, historically Western web3 leader is legitimizing their existence in this newer, riskier playing field. There is also a significant amount of expression lost in translation when only 1 party speaks the other’s language–if the other party even knows some basic phrases, it helps balance the conversational exchange significantly in both parties’ minds; it builds trust that we’re invested in their market’s success, and not just passing through to capture value (Colonization 3.0).

I think it’s an important strategy to empower team members who have learned the language and culture to publicly represent Gitcoin in those markets, and to set up a smooth pipeline to capture these opportunities effectively so that anyone, anywhere can send a person/project at any stage to Gitcoin & find some use from our product stack.

Just thinking for consistency, I propose a few things: 1) We should also get a better handle on all the GreenPill chapters, and 2) Strategize on countries to prioritize (accessibility + existing partnerships/resources) to begin conversations w/ local GreenPill chapter + value-aligned partners who have event-hosting experience in w/e country, to host Schelling Point conference. IRL activations still remains GOAT’d for brand recognition/hype/content/attracting partners+builders. 3) Let’s think about translation bounties/grants for our community of native speakers who want a chance to work with us while helping bring our message to the masses :smiley:

Thank you so much for bringing this topic up!


There are several reasons to be optimistic about the growth of web3 in Latam. One of the most notable is the increasing use of cryptocurrencies in the region. According to a Statista study, 11% of internet users in Latin America have used a cryptocurrency at least once, and this number is expected to continue to rise.

Growing community of individuals, businesses, and organizations in Latin America are interested in web3 and are working to promote its adoption. This includes initiatives such as the one carried out by our nonprofit organization in Cartagena, which seeks to integrate the crypto community in the city and offer advisory and education services. By providing access to knowledge and resources, these initiatives are helping to bridge the gap between traditional financial systems and the decentralized world of web3.

There is a need for greater infrastructure development to support the growth of web3 in the region. Despite these challenges, the adoption of web3 in Latin America is an ongoing process, and more and more people are joining this promising technology.

There is a growing sense of optimism about the potential for web3 to transform the way we interact with the world around us. With the support of initiatives like our organization in Cartagena, we are confident that the adoption of web3 in Latin America will continue to grow and thrive in the years to come.


Very much in agreement with Carlos’ proposal. I am Cristobal Pereira, and I am educating and promoting Crypto since 2015. The fact of explaining, supporting and teaching in Spanish, our native language, allows many more people to get into this technology. There are already more than 30 mm of cryptocurrency users in Latam, but more than 2/3 of them don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies (analysis made by us in Colledge). We are precisely presenting a project in this Gitcoin Beta round to open a research area in Colledge and in this way we will not only bring basic content but also advanced content in Spanish, tutorials, guides, etc. Bringing the knowledge of the world to LatAm in Spanish is fundamental!


Completely agree, it is essential to provide support and promote the inclusion of non-English speaking buidlers and people who are making public goods possible in LatAm in the industry. Linguistic and cultural diversity is a valuable asset to the community, and during DEVCON, I had the opportunity to lead part of the Community HUB for Eth Latam and had a talk with one of the organizers, where we expressed that building a diverse community from language and culture is fundamental. Building community is like weaving a beautiful tapestry, and the more diversity you have, the more colors it will be composed of, and the more beautiful it will look; I think it is necessary to ensure that all interested parties have equal opportunities to participate and contribute to the space. I am excited to see how these types of proposals are being considered to address this challenge, and I hope that other projects and organizations will follow their example in promoting diversity and inclusion in these new eras.


¡Gracias por esta propuesta! Sin duda la comunidad de habla hispana va en constante crecimiento y es importante generar un espacio donde todos nos podamos sentir seguros e incluidos. :seedling::seedling:

Cosas como cerrar la brecha del idioma, generar nodos de aprendizaje comuntiario en español, y apoyar diseño, implementación y crecimiento de más proyectos dedicados a solventar problemas locales con una perspectica enfocada no solo en la tecnología sino en usabilidad cotidiana, is definitely the way to go to guarantee mainstream adoption :fire::fire::fire::fire:


Soy Rossmarie, Co-lider de Mujeres en Crypto, considero que LATAM esta en auge dadas las condiciones económicas de la región, que permiten adopción mas rápida que en otras geografías, donde la economía es más estables, también hay muchísimo talento para crear nuevas ideas y es una gran oportunidad para educar, acompañar, fomentar la independencia financiera y la equidad en el ecosistema.

Me parece muy valiosa la iniciativa de Gitcoin para dar apoyo a todos los proyectos de la región. Te agradezco, Carlos por acompañar a los proyectos uno a uno para darles visibilidad. Creo que todos debemos apoyarnos.

Les cuento un poco de Mujeres en Crypto (MEC), somos una comunidad de mujeres, para mujeres, que tiene como objetivo el incremento de la participación y liderazgo femenino en web3. Tenemos presencia en LATAM y España.
Empezamos en febrero 2022, el crecimiento fue totalmente orgánico, actualmente realizamos varias actividades para la comunidad, totalmente gratuitas: eventos presenciales con ponentes destacadas y espacio de networking, tenemos un programa de mentorías con diversidad de profesionales y temáticas, club de ingles, ya que consideramos que es fundamental para ser parte del ecosistema, club de lectura, workshops on line y presenciales, aportando herramientas, para desarrollar conocimientos relacionados a web3 y un boot de proyectos donde damos a conocer, una vez por mes, proyectos de fundadoras mujeres de nuestra comunidad para darles visibilidad.
+5100 en Twitter
+1790 en Telegram
+1200 en IG

  • 430 en LinkedIn

There is a real need for support and community tools in languages other than English, especially for the Spanish-speaking community. While translation tools have improved, these cannot replace the unique culture and vibe of a community.

Inclusion and diversity are necessary in a space predominantly dominated by English-speaking communities. Gitcoin can be a greater conduit for bringing in more non-English speaking developers and public good contributors, something that can only be beneficial to the ecosystem.

In conclusion, I fully support this proposal and urge Gitcoin and the community as a whole to support it as well. In doing so, we can unlock untapped potential and build a more vibrant, diverse & robust ecosystem.

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Hello, I’m Lara Gülbüke Kınay

I would like to learn by becoming a committed contributor to the Giitcoin LatAm community and hopefully apply the framework to my region which is Turkey.

I think it’s a great opportunity for me and my community to better collaboration and coordination around what we want to achieve.

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Great initiative keep the good work