Built multiple language community

don’t divide people by language, because we can use translate tools

I think having a conversation about how to maximize the ability for non-English speakers to participate is a great idea. I personally feel like translation tools are not yet at the point where they allow two people without a common language to comfortably converse, especially if the languages are very different (eg Chinese and English), but do not have definitive knowledge on the subject.

Do you think have separate language communities with “ambassadors” that can speak multiple languages bridging the gap makes for a more comfortable experience, or using tools, even if the translation can be less than 100%?


Thanks for your reply. Yes, I agree that only language tools can not make an over 60% correct/comfortable conversation. Maybe language tools plus an “ambassadors” could be a good solution now. An “ambassadors” could help the conversation when people cannot help each other totally.

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Interesting idea. I would love for a community for Arabic speakers.

I agree with @wschwab that translation tools are not developed enough. I think if you do not divide based on language, it will kind of be chaotic. I like the idea of language communities with ambassadors that can speak multiple languages.