Multi-language version


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indonesian sir, i thinks in my country best for profit and promotion

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I will go for hindi language… But are we rewarded for doing this

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cannot agree more…
maybe it’s good for the commumnity to grow

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depend for who is most popular Gitcoin right now

agree. It would be good if Spanish is considered.

Need Portuguese language? :portugal: I’m here :+1:

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I think internationalization is a great roadmap item to put out there from the community.

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Agree!!! We have to identify methods in order to overcome language barrier. A user-friendly and multilingual support platform should be developed, which could then better facilitate the governance process and discussion.

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There’s been some conversation about this in this thread too. Taking from there, I think the optimal structure would involve two things:

  • Forums/channels/resources for additional languages
  • a role (“Ambassadors”) who can connect the communities. This allows ideas, opinions, and sentiments to flow between the communities. Maybe this would be a bountied job? I’m not sure, it does sound like a fair amount of work.

The reasoning behind the second is simple: if we have say, Chinese channels, but the English-speaking channels are completely siloed off, then the Chinese channels lose out on announcements and news in the English (the team is all English-speaking afaik), and the English channels lose out on being able to accommodate the needs and sentiments of the Chinese-speaking channels. (And more, these are just examples.)


Great idea, I could help with some spanish translations so if you guys want to make some translations I could help you

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Multilingual communities are very necessary so that people can communicate with everyone in their native language and in English. I hope the project grows faster


hello admin. I come from Vietnam. very happy to know about Gitcoin’s project :grinning:

It will eventually be achieved as the community grows and more proposal are sent in for such

Nice suggestion we will work on that but idk
If the chinese government will ban it or not

excellent I can help in the Spanish language

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The suggestion is very good and many of us thinking the same on the language proposal.
I see the volunteers want to help Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish and that’s so grateful.

Every member’s voice in community is important to Gitcoin.

Great idea, the Chinese community will be stronger and I will support and participate in it.

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