[PROPOSAL] - Integrate dCompass within dGitcoin to build dQuests & dKnowledge

Hey everyone,

Thanks a lot for your feedback and interest in Discovery!

We’d like to move forward by creating a vote on Snapshot in the following days that will contain an updated and simplified version for the proposal and budget request that you can find below.

Notes and history:


This proposal offers integration of dCompass to the Decentralize Gitcoin Workstream also know as dGitcoin.

dCompass’ primary mission will be to onboard, guide and educate users about:

  • the Gitcoin ecosystem

  • sustainable open source software & trustworthy Web3 protocols and tools

  • decentralization & governance

  • DeFi & NFTs

Our workstream will be responsible for decentralizing and improving the Gitcoin Quests, which will become dQuests, as well as the Gitcoin Knowledge Base, which will become dKnowledge.

  • dKnowledge will contain educational information and FAQs about the Gitcoin ecosystem, Web3 projects, and technologies.

The content within the Knowledge Base will be used to populate quest preparation materials.

  • dQuests will display the content from dKnowledge in a more engaging way and it will reward users for validating their learnings and actions.

    Built on a decentralized infrastructure, dQuests is a gamified platform where users will be able to progress through various types of quests—like quizzes, code challenges, and on-chain transactions—gaining the ability to verify their diverse skillsets .

    see initial prototype - HackFS Hackathon Finale live demo

    • By successfully completing a quest, users will be able to:

      • earn XPs and increase their ranking

      • mint Quest & Badge NFTs with a random rarity

      • and grow their Dynamic Skill Tree NFT by validating their learnings and actions through on-chain micro-credentials.


As the Gitcoin DAO expands, we believe there are 3 main problems that need to be solved:

  • Aggregating ever-growing but scattered information

  • Retaining users and community members/contributors

  • DAO project management, contributor management, and intuitive onboarding

Once the changes are implemented:

  • Contributors will be motivated to perform certain tasks on the Gitcoin Knowledge Base, such as:

    • suggest edits

    • suggest translations,

    • update information, etc.

  • The implementation of Quest, Badge, and Skill Tree NFTs will add an incentive layer for platform users and DAO contributors to engage with the ecosystem.

  • Platform users can be onboarded to the GitcoinDAO and to Web3 projects easily with verified skills and interests.

  • Platform users can trade their quests & badge NFTs.



Our short-term roadmap (which is what the current funding’s for) is the following:

Q4 2021 Roadmap

To see the broader roadmaps refer to the pages below:
dQuests Roadmap
dKnowledge Roadmap

Maintenance and Upgrade Plan:
Our team will update any library that we use on a continual basis. We will provide maintenance for the overall availability and security of the dApp. This will include bug fixes, monitoring, upgrades to major versions of tools such as Chainlink v2, new web3.storage releases, et al. We will also be looking for ways to enhance our existing features.

What do you need from Gitcoin and when?

We are requesting a total of 26145 GTC for Q4, allocated gradually upon milestone completion, to see the budget and range of activities in detail refer below:
Q4 2021 Budget Request


FOR - If you vote “yes”, the dCompass Workstream will be created within the Decentralize Gitcoin Workstream, and the proposed budget above will be allocated to the multisig of the dCompass Workstream.

AGAINST - If you vote “no”, the dCompass Workstream won’t be created, and the requested budget won’t be allocated.


Super stoked for this project! Self-lead learning and education pathways that recognise and reward learning about the DAO, while also motivating people to build the knowledge base. A high impact piece of the onboarding puzzle and imo (bias) an essential tool in the Ambassador toolkit. I look forward to playing!


I will be voting yes to this proposal for two reasons.

Huxwell has been a top contributor to the DAO and made a very impressive hackathon entry to get this going. He took that build and combined it with the effort the FDD User Support group on building out an open source knowledgebase using sourcecred. This is the next step in that process. We should set a precedent that those who give first and contribute are given the autonomy to guide a project.

The second reason is because the system is needed. Gitcoin’s current Knowledgebase is on HappyFox, a closed source ticket management system. While the ticketing system might be best with a paid SaaS solution, it is hard for me to think that an open source knowledge base wouldn’t be better.

This also connects to the DAO experience. By connecting the knowledge to Quests, it allows any squad to have a decentralized verification that a contributor has done the proper training to participate at a high level.

This is an excellent proposal. Huxwell understands complexity and his instincts for DAO culture and operational execution are second to none. I’m here to see what people like him can do when our community unlocks the potential talent they have.


Great work by the way @Huxwell

I will be voting “Yes” as well on this proposal, I think @Huxwell has been a fervent contributor since he joined GitcoinDAO and this proposal is aiming at the current mission that we are all or almost working on witch is to decentralize Gitcoin or partially and make it open-accessible-sustainable to everyone who want to participate.



I would love to vote “Yes” for this initiative (even to contribute towards it : p) because I feel such initiatives are going to lay the ground for the “education on web3” platforms. It also makes me happy that the learning can be self-paced and can possibly rely on both incentivized and non-incentivized mechanisms as needed. Also, it holds true to the multi-faced nature of DAOs where one “combined” action is leading to multiple outputs of onboarding, contribution and contributor management, learning, a compilation of info and view-points from multiple actors, honestly once successfully implemented, many more processes can be experimented with a similar framework. I think the plug-and-play contribution opportunity will also pull in more diverse and niche participation.
GitcoinDAO can really make use of such an initiative, imo, it will increase participation as well as improve the efficiency of “work done” in general.


For this part, definitely I will vote yes.
I hope the open ticketing system would be available very soon.


I’m supportive of this initiative and am excited to welcome the dCompass team to the Decentralize Gitcoin workstream. I think that we can help to get them going very quickly and share knowledge and resources which will be mutually beneficial! Some great things will come out of this initiative.


Yes I am also supportive of this proposal. Count me in and count on the support of the FDD Policy Group to help achieve your vision Huxwell.


I too am supportive of creating a complete experience around Quests and knowledge. Happy to provide product support to see this vision come to life.

I’m sure there’s alot of Gitcoin Quests feedback that we can dig up that may provide user fodder and experiences that help to build this narrative.


Hi there! There is some feedback that we can probably dig in from the GitHub the big ‘gitcoin quests’ feedback thread

And see the “Other Quests Treads” at the end of the post on GitHub, it might be a great place to start to collect feedback!


Thanks for your amazing support everyone!

The proposal has been published on Snapshot and we need your help!
Every vote counts, no matter the amount! Get your voice heard by
voting on Snapshot here :partying_face:


We are super excited to the idea of joining the Decentralize Gitcoin workstream! We have a lot to learn from them. And also a lot of knowledge & resources to share.

Please check out the dGitcoin budget request


I like the ideas behind dCompass and gamification around incentivizing contributions and the budget seems logical.

As I have mentioned in other proposals I would really love to be able to see dollar amounts instead of GTC, as this is meant to be money to spend within 3 months from now.

Regardless I will be voting yes.


I would love to support this not only by voting, but by actually contributing to the dCompass Worksteam :slight_smile:


I would like to contribute too and have applied.

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December 2021 update:

  • Our proposal is live for voting on Tally.

  • We are looking for new contributors, learn more here: December 2021; Who's hiring? - #3 by Huxwell

  • Gitcoin Knowledge Base v1 will be released next week under a Gitcoin repo and domain. It will contain the FAQs as well as the code of conduct & policy. A sourcecred instance will watch that new repo to reward contributions to the new Knowledge Base.

  • dCompass now allows users to submit a project for review. Reviewers are able to approve or reject it. If approved, an NFT gets minted for each contributor. The next step is to work on the course & quest creation in conjuction with creating the “get started with FDD” handbook.

  • GR12, Gitcoin building dGitcoin round: here’s our grant
    if you’d like to contribute to dCompass.

Thanks for your support! :octopus: :computer: :rocket:


Congrats Hux! This is passed on Tally. LFG!


Thank you for your amazing support Joe!
This wouldn’t have been possible without you.


Hey everyone, after 3 months of hard work from the dCompass and Gitcoin contributors we have some updates to share.

Q4 2021 retrospective

Contributors: 5 full-time & 6 part-time
Funds spent: 11 859 GTC
Funds carrying over the next quarter: 14 286 GTC
Have the actions of the workstream brought back value into the DAO/treasury?
Not yet but we do expect to generate value and revenue by the end of Season 13.
Milestone 1 & 2 achievements - [v] = success [x] = failure
[v] Enable user to create a new project
[v] Enable project owner to create a pathway and/or a quest (bonus: anyone can submit a pathway or a quest and project owners can approve or reject those)
[v] Build Github action for uploading files to Filecoin and IPFS (kudos to @kammerdiener that fixed a blocking issue with the Github action)
[v] Enable image upload using Web3.storage & NFT.storage
[v] Control access of access, approvers and minting of NFTs
[v] Keep track of pending eligible addresses for future minting
[v] Use identity-link services to link Github account to DID & Ethereum Address (bonus: Twitter account linking)
[x] Will track contributors activity using a sourcecred instance for the Knowledge Base
The sourcecred integration with the Github repo was a failure because not all contributors would commit directly to the Knowledge Base. An alternative would be to handle some part of the compensations based on a #did-a-thing channel on Discord where contributors can post their work and others react with emojis.
For now we’re compensating contributors based on human evaluation but we’re always willing to experiment new compensation frameworks.
A great product person recently joined us for Q1 and we will work with contributors to create, document and evaluate tasks. Based on the evaluation of the task we’ll assign it a weight and a budget which could lead to a more meritocratic compensation system.

[x] Gitcoin Gitbook Knowledge Base v1

Some clarification on dKnowledge, I was naive and did make a mistake thinking that we could have an open source web3 knowledge base with that much information and different stakeholders in such a short timeframe.
It would be more reasonable to keep the Gitcoin Knowledge Base as a project internal to Gitcoin (support + core/knowledgable members).
So dKnowledge is more shifting towards a squad of digital/crypto native content writers and translators that can create handbooks, tooling guides and onboarding steps
GitBook still needs to replace the current Gitcoin support page but the current state of the Gitbook is that we have all the previous FAQs on there, available in English, Chinese and French.
In addition to that, the dKnowledge squad is working on handbooks to facilitate onboarding in the Gitcoin DAO and its tools and workstreams.

January 2022 update

  • Last friday we’ve deployed our staging app https://dcompass-staging.herokuapp.com/ (it works better on the devs computer but there’s a demo video coming soon)
    We’re still actively working on it but it can be used to dogfood the product and hopefully to demo an alpha release for Schelling Point.
    All the projects, pathways, guides etc are there for testing purposes and we do not claim to be partners of any brand that is present on the platform.
    If you run into any problem or have suggestions, please create an issue on Github Issues · Discovery-Labs/dCompass · GitHub
  • Work in progress and focus for Q1 2022 is mainly around pricing for projects, pathway/quest completion and reward allocation & distribution.
  • We’re still actively looking for devs and UX/UI designers.

Thanks for your support! :octopus: :computer: :rocket:


Shout out to this team of buidlers for hitting the bulk of deliverables despite being seriously under resourced. Super proud of what you have achieved and delivered. Your success will gather talent to your team. Onwards and upwards :heart: :partying_face: