[PROPOSAL] - Integrate dCompass within dGitcoin to build dQuests & dKnowledge

The update is quite comprehensive, Hux! Kudos to the team :slight_smile:

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Hey Huxwell - I appreciate the update. Im having a hard time understanding the site. There are Projects, Quests and Badges.

Are Projects going to be a collection of Quests? ie, if I want to learn more about a Project, I can go to that project, then discover their quests? Did I have the intention of Project correct?`

More specifically, does this solve one of the identified problems?

I was also surprised by the fee to post a project. Why have you decided to charge people to post projects?

One of the customary actions for all things being built by the Gitcoin Community is to use some call out that it is being built by the Gitcoin Community. I wonder if you are trying to keep this independent or affirm you are part of Gitcoin through this work?


Yes, you got the idea! I invite you to watch this recent demo to understand the structure dCompass - YouTube but those are the 3 main entities:

  • Project

  • Pathway (collection of quests within a project)

  • Quest (challenge within a pathway)

Yes, I do think that it would help a lot of people to understand what a project is about by having fun instead of being overwhelmed.

The pricing page is still a work in progress but the idea behind this is to make sure people aren’t spamming project submissions because each project goes through a review process before being “published” on the dApp.

It is also a way of creating revenue without extracting value from the end user.

I will change the footer to reflect that it’s built by the Gitcoin Community and I can affirm we’re part of Gitcoin through this work.

However, when the project will be mature enough, we plan to create Discovery DAO.
The responsibilities of that DAO will be to maintain and govern the dCompass project.


I appreciate your candor. Thanks for this update.

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