December 2021; Who's hiring?

Hey workstream leads, do you have any positions open? Please list them below so that community members know about them!

@DisruptionJoe @ceresstation @kyle @phutchins @fred @krrisis @kyle


Moonshot Collective is looking for

  1. Product Managers
  2. Software Engineers who know React
  3. Project Managers

Join the telegram and say hi in channel to get involved.


dCompass is looking for the following roles so if you’re interested in gamification and Web3 education apply here!

UI/UX designers:

  • Create wireframes
  • Use, create and update Figma Components
  • Provide feedback on UX/UI during workshops with developers


  • Develop, ship, and maintain a dApp using Web3 technologies
  • Work with designers to transform ideas and designs into modern, clean code.
  • Be an autonomous individual with a proactive attitude and receptiveness to feedback.
  • React, NextJS, ethers.js, TypeScript, Charka-UI

Back-end/Solidity or full-stack:

  • Develop, ship, and maintain a suite of dApps using Web3 technologies
  • Design, code, test and deploy smart contracts
  • Review code written by other team members
  • Hardhat, ethers, IPFS, Filecoin, Ceramic, TypeScript, NestJS

Scrum master/PM

  • Experience with agile methodologies and project management tools.
  • Sprint planning, poker planning, retrospective, etc

Those are the roles we are looking for in the short term but don’t be scared if you don’t find your title in the list, you can still apply!


We need some passionate Gitcoin users in User Support team. As candidate you must:

  1. has passion with Gitcoin
  2. be kind
  3. familiar with Gitcoin product

We need people in different timezones:

  • 2-3 in Asia Pacific
  • 2-3 in US timezone

you can ping me in Discord.


The Decentralize Gitcoin workstream is currently looking to fill a number of roles.


  • Project Manager - Ensure that the team is connecting with the right people, priorities are correct, and that things are getting done
  • Admin - Assist with payments, services, scheduling, tools, interviews, etc…
  • UX Designer / Expert


  • Product Manager - Help shape the future of the dGrants product and keep priorities clear
  • Senior Developer - Solidity Expert | with other relevant experience
  • Senior Developer - Backend (strong with testing)

Sybil Score Aggregator

  • Senior Developer (backend) - Web3 / Identity / Crypto
  • Senior Developer (full stack) - Web3 Design

If you or someone you know is interested, you shoot me a note at Please make sure to include something around why you think that you would be a good fit for the role and your relevant experience.


FDD is looking for:

  1. Project Managers - Notion Expertise
  2. Ph.D. Researchers
  3. Mathematicians

Sign up at Say hi to @disruptionjoe#6464 in Discord


MMM is looking for

:card_file_box: Meta Manager- maintain project records (experience with Notion is a plus!), facilitate communication between contributors & other workstreams, assist with payments, meeting scheduling & agendas

Head to and click “ Apply to the MMM Workstream” to get started and reach out to us in Discord:
:cowboy_hat_face: Fred.#5650
:cowboy_hat_face: brittneyscott#7539