September 2021; whos hiring?

Hey workstream leads, do you have any positions open? Please list them below so that community members know about them!


Hey! Right now a lot of the leads are working through applications coming through the Typeform here. If anyone wants to get involved please fill this out as a first step!

A list of some of the open roles taking shape can also be found here:


Hey everyone!

We got a few open spots left for the FDD (Fraud Detection & Defense) Workstream!

:japanese_ogre: Anti-Sybil: Model Training —> Open

:open_file_folder: Data & DevOps: Documentation & Analytics —> Open
:open_file_folder: Data & DevOps: Reporting & Analytics —> Open
:open_file_folder: Data & DevOps: Data Operations —> Open

:bar_chart: Evaluation Squads: Grants Disputes —> Open
:bar_chart: Evaluation Squads: User Disputes —> Open

:closed_book: Research & Policy: —> Open

All Open Position here:
DAOstreams Open Position

If you don’t see anything that fit what you are looking for, you can still apply and get in touch with us.

You can reply here or Direct Message me, I’m also available on Discord sirlupinwatson#0381


I am sure for new contributors who can visit first, and fill in the application as following:

Once you complete the application, there would be mentor to help you onboard.

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Thanks. The typeform is a good generalized onboarding tool.

Maybe it isfor someone whos already interested in GitcoinDAO, but not when were trying to do outbound.

When I sent this thread to some senior engineer / CTO friends I know their feedback was “why am I filling out this typeform? can you tell me what positions are open?” tho.


All the openings are available after filling out the typeform. Everyone who is onboarded gets the comment access to start conversations with the leads about that specific stream and not get spammed by anyone on the internet.

We will look into how to open this up better to the web as a whole!

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Hi Kevin,

I believe that besides general onboarding process, we could have more onboarding ways.

Like what you say, maybe just invite the senior people from your friends and introduce them to the workstream coordinators. And then onboarding.


December Post is here.

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